water upon my thirsty soul
the alkaline that drapes my skin
in silken desires
the tears becoming the sweat
of tantalizing dreams
… the key
gateway into universes
where the spirals
of nothing paralyzing
I have hushed myself
upon the greatest mountain
the tone of loves
soothing peace
and I glide into the meadows
a free bird upon the
wind swept plains
of serenity



Give me your heart as though a pen and write me the story of you.
Let me read. All of you.
To consume your pages burning like fire.
To feel the words of your thoughts flow through my veins.

Show me your world, open your hands, let me see the palms that have created.
Let me look into the eyes that have absorbed.
Let me stand close to your heart that beats, and feel your air as you breathe.
And then, when the waves have calmed and the story has been told-
Let me feel your passion.