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So I believe that hands on classes are the BEST way to learn. BUT! Do not forget that everybody learns differently. What I’m kinda hearing from you is that your trying to please everybody in that class. I once took a college course last summer on audio engineering. Instead of having us reading and learning from a standard text book, the teacher showed us what to do, had weekly quizzes, and made the class an enjoyable experience for everybody. He brought us into the recording studio and each week we learned something completely new but using the things from the previous week. My suggestion? Less lectures more hands on. In one semester I believe we had a total of 6 lectures for 1/3 of the class time. Space them out. Nobody actually likes to sit and listen to a person talk for a 4 hour class. Also I would bring up that they should only be there if they truely want to. My teacher did this and one of the kids never came back to class after that because he realized he actually didn’t want to be there.  – Nicole

So now what we/I do for "school?"

Oh gosh my life’s been crazy lately. I guess everyone’s going back to school soon–something I’ve never done haha. People don’t get that. They think that I’m following the same arbitrary yearly schedule that all kids have in normal schools, but I’m not! I’m just learning whenever, so that doesn’t stop just because it’s summer. 

Anyway the Zed Omega kids are now supposed to be learning stuff by themselves, not going back to school. I really really hope this goes well for them. I mean I hope that they figure out if high school is right for them, or if homeschooling/unschooling/self-directed study is going to be better. 

At the same time, I want to figure out what I should do! They all say that school is so bad, it almost makes me want to go there and try it. I’m kind of contradictory like that…yeah I know. 

Well I’ll keep y'all posted on what I’m doing and stuff…it’s not all that interesting, but maybe it’ll help me keep track of what it is I do! Maybe I’ll start to see a pattern of things that I’m drawn to…

So I thought I’d share this with you guys first before I tell anybody anything else. I have decided to go back to A school. Not the one I was going to before but a different one. I don’t know which yet. I have decided that I am going to start looking into music colleges and become a music producer. It took a lot of thought and hard consideration but this is what I have decided and hopefully you will all accept my decision. I don’t know what I am going to do about my mom yet though. I want to make things right but I think that will take time.  – Nicole

mcnugget-queen asked:

Is high school really that bad in America, like the cliques and bullying and stuff?

Well it depends on who you are in school. If your popular it’s not that bad because you don’t really have people bullying you for who you are. You get judged no matter who you are. They teachers don’t really care about you except for a small handful. There’s more cons to the schools then pros. We need to reassess the school system.  – Nicole



Oops! forgot to you show you this before lol

I Visited my old school and asked a kid what he likes dislikes and would change about high school. – Nicole



Well this is my last post. It’s been great learning and growing with all of you. Thank you for staying in tune. - Nicole

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The Zed Omegas made this Teaser from when we visited the High School For Recording Arts because the Bullying Video was too Long lol! These Kids told us What was What and little Nicole took their comments like a Pro. :-)

Check this vid, then watch the whole thing at  our YouTube Channel: It’s long, but everyone makes a lot of good points that you won’t want to miss. Do it!


PS Oh yeah did I mention the students at HSRA told us their stories too that day? Yeahhhh you want to see those


After we heard their stories, the kids at the High School for Recording Arts had some choice words for Nicole and Xavier about whether we Zed Omegas should go back to school…

(This is the first of 2 vids… The second is about bullying! Stay tuned…)


Well I think we need it easier to switch teachers if need be. Some teachers don’t fit all students learning style. Students need to also be willing to try with the teachers to learn. I think students don’t realize that it’s not always the teachers fault. Teachers on the other hand need to realize it’s not always the students fault. Some teachers just do stuff that don’t click with the students and that’s fine. Teacher’s also need to realize that students are people too and need to treat them as such. I don’t think students should be treated like inmates in a prison! Not all teens are bad. Also they should lets us use our electronics. Not every teacher knows everything. That’s what google is for so instead of letting us answer our own question they leave us in the dark and never find an answer. Also some classes that aren’t even relevant to our society should be cut. Saving money from classes that aren’t relevant would introduce more classes that teach skills used today  – Nicole

So this an email I received the other day and it kinda got me mad.

“Hi Nicole, I’ve been kinda keeping up with a lot of your posts and I wanted to tell you something that happened today. So I had been sick for 3 days and as a result missed 3 days of school. Well when I got back my math teacher gave me my homework, a note packet and said get it done. Never told me what to do or how to do it. How am I supposed to do 6 sheets of math that I have no clue how to do. Well yesterday he asked me if I was ready to take a quiz. I still really didn’t know what to do but he gave me the quiz anyways. I raised my hand after the quiz was passed out and said I’m not prepared I still don’t know what to do (keep in mind that I have 2 ap classes that I still have homework in). He told me that it was my fault for not coming in after or before school (like I said I have ap classes that what I was doing after school) and asking questions (by the time I was finished writing everything he’s doing down he would have moved on so there wasn’t a chance to ask questions). He than told me to work through it. I had no clue what to do so I couldn’t do it. I had to turn in a blank quiz. I got a zero and he said I couldn’t retake it. My mom is now mad at me for him being a bad teacher.”

WOW!!!!! That’s awful he shouldn’t have even asked if you were ready if he was going to give you the quiz anyways. Go tell your counselor and they can help. AS for your teacher ya I’d consider him a really bad teacher. He doesn’t sound like he even likes kids!  – Nicole


After we watched THIS video of some kids from this Somali charter school talking about high school, we filmed our responses. Aaaand maybe we also got a little silly towards the end… :)

This from Kyle makes me a few things.

1.) Angry that the people are going to be my teachers and my future kids teachers don’t even want to be teachers. I could tell that some of my teachers hate kids. THAT’S ALL THEY DO ALL DAY! IF YOU DON’T LIKE KIDS DO NOT BECOME A TEACHER! Simple as that. I always got so frustrated with my teachers because they wouldn’t want to help they would just teach for about 20 mins and then give us homework and ignore us until the bell rang. 

2nd it gives me a huge explanation on why some of my old teachers are teachers.

Thank you for being so honest with us and I hope we have more teachers like you in our schools! Teachers like the one you sound like your about to be is the reason I would think about going back.  – Nicole

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My response to Anonymous “What would make school worth your while?” FINALLY figured out how to load these on here. Love my new computer but wow it was confusing lol 

So yeah this is my opinion. Kinda sad huh?  Nicole