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I WILL SHOOT ANYTHING DIGIMON?! It is practically my #1 forever and always. So YES.

;;;;A;;;; My Ken (firewolf826 - Erin) and I are planning to FINALLY do their winter outfits and we really wanted to take pics at Rockefeller Center (since Davis ends up in NY during that Digital World tour arc) and get photos by the tree and like we’re shopping AND JUST REALLY CUTE CHRISTMAS GAY BOYFRIEND PHOTOS. I will just die and I will be totally honored if you would shoot us! (We’re also doing their soccer uniforms Sunday of ANext, just saying I don’t know if you’re going). But ahhhhh I had no clue you were such a Digimon fan I am going to screech at you when I see you next. I’m so sorry.

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This time around it wasn’t anything in particular. Just the general BS. And I’m so done with all this “my group is the best”, “they’re Gods” and also all that anti stuff. Can’t people just be happy that music exists. That so much diversity exists. Something doesn’t have to be “The Best” for one to love it, just like there is no “The Worst” in music (excluding racist, misogynistic etc.). As long there is someone who enjoys something, there is no reason to be against its existence.

And all that entitlement. Oh God. Just because you’re fan of a certain group doesn’t make you a better or even superior human being. There isn’t anything you’ve actually done for this. You’ve spent money? Fine, it’s your choice and it’s your fun

Everything is so cult-like and brainwashed. Just like Twitter’s TT. I can’t put it into words how tired I’m of “RIHANNA IS THE TRUE QUEEN”, “Lady Gaga is better than ..” etc. SO WHAT. All of it is fucking subjective. Why can you only enjoy it while putting something else down. Why fight. No one is gaining anything with this, least your stars. It’s only for yourself and to once again feel entitlement. Are there no other ways to feel satisfied with yourself.

But as I said, there was no real trigger this time. Maybe all that DBSK/JYJ BS that I’m so incredibly tired of.

/messy ranting

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Don't apologize because I will be sure to SCREAM RIGHT BACK IN YOUR FACE SHIT. I would love to shoot that!!! I always thought about making more Ken outfits because once I was Kaiser although IT WAS PRETTY BAD LOL. I am also going to ANEXT!

HAHAHA OKAY GOOD. I was just rolling around working on cosplay this weekend and watching Digimon. IM AN ADULT.

The winter shoot is a bit of a ways off, so I won’t hassle you about that. But if you could shoot our soccer uniforms at ANext, that would be marvelous *___*

I checked out your costume, it’s really good! His Kaiser outfit isn’t exactly the easiest thing though. That armor and bodysuit… yeah I don’t envy that. Ken is so adorable once he’s not, y’know, a mind-controlled crazy douchebag. Even though that side of him was really interesting to watch too.