nicoleciaramella  asked:

I WILL SHOOT ANYTHING DIGIMON?! It is practically my #1 forever and always. So YES.

;;;;A;;;; My Ken (firewolf826 - Erin) and I are planning to FINALLY do their winter outfits and we really wanted to take pics at Rockefeller Center (since Davis ends up in NY during that Digital World tour arc) and get photos by the tree and like we’re shopping AND JUST REALLY CUTE CHRISTMAS GAY BOYFRIEND PHOTOS. I will just die and I will be totally honored if you would shoot us! (We’re also doing their soccer uniforms Sunday of ANext, just saying I don’t know if you’re going). But ahhhhh I had no clue you were such a Digimon fan I am going to screech at you when I see you next. I’m so sorry.