Happy 4/13! I’m so thankful for all the fun memories, friendships and fun shoots/cons I’ve had through these past few years because of Homestuck! I’m not done cosplaying it yet even if I don’t as often but I do really treasure these past times!

Jane Crocker | (1,2,5,6) peachberri / (3,4) sewthoughtful
Roxy Lalonde | mostflogged
Jake Englishkitsunedolly
Dirk Striderlovejoker
Photography |1,6 wisecraxx /2,3 nicoleciaramella /4 omg-dj-judy /5 Lionel Lum


Moon fruit power! I couldn’t ask for a better group of nerds to eat fruit with :)

I made Jupiter and Chibimoon’s dress and Mercury’s patterns

Usagi : bleubelle

Chibiusa : sillywhims

Ami : ryoko-dono

Rei : DJ

Makoto : hailohandmade

Minako : Umister

Haruka : ambrosiakrys

Michiru : cosmicandlove

Photo by nicoleciaramella