My heart never broke when I was 15 years old & I never had to watch the boy I love, love someone else. My heart broke when I watched my mother try to hold herself up on her own two feet as she had to tell her 14 year old daughter that her daddy wasn’t here anymore. My heart broke when I picked my sister up off the ground after she collapse walking into our fathers funeral. & I think another piece of me broke tonight when I woke up from a dream about you with the worst knot in my stomach & tears running down my face.
—  I could of died happy last night in my sleep dreaming about you

It’s the most terrifying thing when the sound of someone’s voice only remains in your head. & I’m scared to death I’ll forget it one day. That I’ll meet so many other people that I won’t remember what it sounded like the last time you told me you loved me. Or the way it felt the last time you hugged me & gave me a kiss on the forehead. But I’ll never forget how empty I felt when I realized you weren’t coming back.