it took me a while to come around but Girl Code just got me right in the gut last night. LOVED ITTTT. 

Does anyone have a gif or photoset of Nicole Byer saying “BigGirlCode” from that episode? She was like “ If you got a big ol booty, flaunt it, if you got some big ol t*tties, flaunt it, if you got both, choose one at a time n emphasize it*something funny* then she was like if you got none, and you got a biggg olll belly you better do ur face up real nice, be real nice and be REAL FUNNY” YESSSSSS I NEED IT

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Nicole speaks for us all. 

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Here’s who’s on and what’s happening tonight atmidnightcc!

Tonight’s contestants: @nicolebyer, @jondaly & @DavidKoechner

Craigslist in Portland is exactly what you think craigslist in Portland would be.(via Craigslist)

There’s a Japanese Mayonnaise Museum. Mustard is prob super jealous right now. (via

CNN is confused by 4chan. If they’re confused now, wait till they get hacked, Everyone wants to see CNN nudes. (via youtube)