Can I do Femme Fashion Friday today? Because I really like my outfit.

From top to bottom:

Sunglasses: Thrift store.

Cardigan: I got it at Crossroads trading, but it’s from F21 Men

Pink Shirt: Goodwill

Skirt: Crossroads, not sure of the brand.

Socks: (these are the only think I’ve actually bought new recently) American Apparel. (I sort of actually hate AA but I like these socks.)

So the main thing I hate in regards to general fitness discourse is that losing weight is so often conflated with morality.

Fuck that.

I mean if working out feels good to you in that moment then that is good, like if laying in the couch feels good then do that. It’s good too, I promise.

So far today I've accomplished:
  • booked an appointment for a hair cut next weekend (i have a weird thing where i never have my hair cut professionally because it’s scary/makes me feel anxious and also expensive but i have the money now and i deserve it so i’m pushing myself to go get it done)
  • ordered pink hair chalks for etsy (bc my work is probably not chill with full time pink hair)
  • checked my bank account (i’m cool for now)
  • did the dishes from an amazing breakfast made for me
  • bathed the puppy (my boyfriend mostly did that but I helped)
  • did my makeup
  • edited my tumblr tags 
  • engaged in vanity as self care

and now I’m reading and fucking around on the internet at the Berkeley Public Library so I’m gonna go find a cool book to read.

I’ve had some times this week where I really felt like I wasn’t worth doing all these sorts of thing, so having a day like this is so fulfilling.

This is my girlfriend’s idea of taking a photo for an outfit post…

It’s close enough. :) I really love these pants! I got them at Ross for $20, which is pricey for Ross but whatevs. Right now they’re literally the only jeans I own.

So when I first took this picture I thought it was really ugly, so I decided I have to post it because it’s okay to be “ugly” sometimes. This is what I look like with no makeup and my head turned to the side laughing, and that’s okay.

I like to go to the gym at lunch because I enjoy moving by body and lifting weights, and I was planning on going today, but my boss just came by, slammed her hand on my desk and said “fitness club at noon!” without my having expressed any interest in going today, and for some reason this really rubbed me the wrong way. She and another coworker who go every day are actively trying to lose weight and I just really don’t want to be a part of their “mandatory daily exercise” club. I want to be in the “happy fat girl wobbling all over your gym” club.

Also I generally just don’t like working out with most people.

Closed-minded people are always saying that the internet quells creativity,
but I am so grateful for the many ideas I can find here for my fashion, makeup, hair, home decorating, cooking and a million other things. I think my life would be much less interesting without all the inspiration I find on tumblr and other places.

Is anyone else super sensitive to caffeine? I drank a cup of green tea around 8pm and could not sleep before about 1am.

So in the meantime I watched all my favorite lipsyncs for your life*. Two of the best in my opinion are from season 3 – Delta Work and Manila Luzon lip syncing to “Macarthur Park,” and then of course the super sexy one between Carmen and Raja. I have an inexplicable crush on Carmen. I think it’s because I’m attracted to people who know they’re the shit and own it.

Also I never watched drag race until Tati came to stay with me in December, so thank you. :)

*mandatory note saying that while Drag Race is super fun it’s also super problematic, so watch it critically, please.

It’s really nice for me to combine productive time and self care time. Like right now I’m smoking a lil bowl in the sunshine while folding a giant pile of clothes and also watching problematic reality tv.