Can I do Femme Fashion Friday today? Because I really like my outfit.

From top to bottom:

Sunglasses: Thrift store.

Cardigan: I got it at Crossroads trading, but it’s from F21 Men

Pink Shirt: Goodwill

Skirt: Crossroads, not sure of the brand.

Socks: (these are the only think I’ve actually bought new recently) American Apparel. (I sort of actually hate AA but I like these socks.)

So the main thing I hate in regards to general fitness discourse is that losing weight is so often conflated with morality.

Fuck that.

I mean if working out feels good to you in that moment then that is good, like if laying in the couch feels good then do that. It’s good too, I promise.

To my fellow femmes,

You are good enough, and femme enough, just as you are. Sometimes I feel like I’m not “really femme” because my nails are usually bare and I can’t figure out victory rolls to save my life, but then I remind myself that that really doesn’t matter. Sometimes you’re too tired or too tender and you can’t do the makeup or clothes thing, and that’s more than okay. If you feel femme then you are femme, don’t worry about the aesthetic details. Femme isn’t just big hair and glitter, it’s whatever you want and whatever you need it to be.

So I joined this femme anti racist group on facebook and it seems like it’s so centered around white people’s feelings and experiences around being anti racist and idk how to pose the question to the group like, “how can we decentralize white people’s experience?”

What do you all think? I need to just say that, don’t I?

I’ve known so many women over time who value boys so highly. Like, not just masculinity but actual human boy people. As in “it’s so nice I have so many guy friends,” or, “I’m so excited to see those boys.” I never had too many male friends, but I also didn’t value my girl friends enough in hs. I am so thankful now I had such a close circle of female friends all throughout my life, like het-sematary (who I met in 5th grade!) Women’s friendships, and femme friendships of any gender are so important to me and I can’t imagine it any differently.

Because I work at a college I’m allowed to take a few classes for free, but I still had to “apply” to come back to school, and they never told me I was accepted, I just started receiving the emails that students get so I went and checked online and here it is, I am registered! I’m super happy though slightly annoyed they didn’t even send back an “ok, you’re chill.”

I’m so excited, though, to be back in a classroom learning the kind of the things I want to.