I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for KARA all these years. I would tell you to stay, not to go, but you have to live your life, I understand and respect that. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday today just filled with peace, harmony and happiness that’s the best birthday of his life. Thank you.  Know that any decision you make, we’re with you. We’re with you until the end. Love you so much. Kamilias with Jung Nicole.

                    #NicoleBirthday #니콜23번째생일

I finally saw star wars

1. Knowing basically all the spoilers did not diminish my enjoyment at all
2. Lil roly-poly droid is my fav and I wish I could speak beep-boop
3. John Boyega’s a babe, I hope he and his pilot boyfriend are very happy together
4. Rey is the hero of my childhood dreams 💜💜💜 she deserves a worthy love interest, I recommend Jasika Nicole
5. Would read fanfic of Han mentoring Rey in the ways of space piracy, A+ 10/10
6. General Carrie Fisher 💜💜💜 pls be my grandmother
7. Empire’s still scariest when it’s faceless, Snooki the Hologram and Adam from Girls both made me lol
8. Adam from Girls is pathetic and laughable and a v apt villain for our abortion-clinic-bombing, black-church-shooting era. OF COURSE he thinks the universe owes him something because of who his granddaddy was. OF COURSE he doesn’t listen to a woman and a black man.
9. Overt Nazi imagery of stormtroopers still serves to occlude the inherent fascism of the Force & the Jedis
10. Luke Skywalker really did turn into Slavoj Žižek, & if God loves me at all he’ll sound like him too
Good work team, I enjoyed myself a lot and would Star War again.