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Do you have any ideas for why everyone would be trying to get out of a seemingly perfect town?

  • it’s controlling them
  • it’s being controlled by an evil force
  • stepford wives situation
  • it’s too perfect and they want an adventure
  • it’s got a dark secret
  • nobody ever comes or goes 
  • they feel like they’re stagnating and need a change
  • they can’t get out but they’re trying anyways
  • everything is perfect during the day but everyone has terrible nightmares


Bad Moon Rising - Wayhaught Halloween One Shot

Summary: Nicole thought getting bit by a perp wasn’t a huge deal. Little did she know it would turn her into a thing of nightmares. Nicole is a B-movie werewolf. One Shot. Despite the description, there is fluff.

Notes: Happy Halloween! The best holiday of the year. I wanted to write something a little spooky for the season and I love me some movie monsters. Plus I was inspired by ScaryKrystal’s amazing artwork here and this cover by Rasputina.

Read it here or on AO3.

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Someone wanted an image with pitch and elsa,

"What I want is a Pitch BlackxElsa from Frozen. I wanted it dark like you works of ‘ending’ and 'fear’ but in a twisted romantic tragic way, like phantom of the opera and its music. I am not sure how I can explain, because it is a overwhelming passion when he missed his daughter that I also wanted the same feeling(if not slightly more) for his wife, because I definitely want those pith haters to feel his sorrow. The wikipedia calls her Lady Pitchiner, so if the books don’t have a name for her we can say her name is Elizabeth, which is similar to Elsa.
I definitely want the good pitch to acknowledge Elsa as an exact resemblance of his dead wife. Not "you remind me of my wife”, but rather “I missed you so much” A feeling of passionate denial stalker, but also someone who’s mind is obviously turned distorted.

And that i tried, and Elsa having… ice down her back.

Edit: changed her face a bit.

[x] // @ask-fruity

“Nightmares?” Nicole fell silent for a moment, thinking.

“You should prolly try and take a break from work, relax, hang out with friends, do something to take your mind off these nightmares, then try to sleep. Try to get a day off of work. It’s not good for your heath if you’re workin’ in the condition, hun.” She eventually said, patting the cup on the shoulders.

“The nightmares won’t last forever, trust me, they’ll go away.”