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Prompt: “I miss the days when you were cute and innocent.“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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All Dean sees before him is god damn pink. How did he get here? Why is he here? This isn’t good. And he doesn’t fucking like it one bit. He’s not ready for this shit. He’ll never be ready for this shit. It’s inevitable but Dean isn’t prepared enough for this right now. 

“Can we move this along, sweetheart? I’m hungry.” Dean whines, heavily pacing in front of his daughter’s dressing room.

“Don’t rush me, dad! You don’t like anything that I pick!” Nicole huffs throwing on another dress.

“Pick something appropriate and we’ll be fine.” Dean groans rubbing his temples.

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Dean Winchester’s eclectic taste in music, as shown in his (non-classic rock/heavy metal) FBI aliases

My whole thought process here started today with the famous Aaron scene, and the alias Dean uses while he shows his badge to his “gay thing”.

Yes, Marc Bolan was an openly bisexual celebrity (referenced here by BEN EDLUND, similar to 10x22, where ANDREW DABB references Freddy Mercury - another bisexual man - as one of the other aliases Dean chooses for himself). 

This is a telling reference in itself in the context of this scene, but as a huge T. Rex/Marc Bolan fan myself, this scene got me super excited also besides that. Like, super SUPER excited. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE IT MAKES TEXTUAL THE FACT THAT DEAN IS A GLAM ROCK FAN. Like, classic glam rock. Silk shirts, high heels, glitter eye-shadow glam-rock-fan. A one step away from David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” glam-rock-fan. 

He is a fan of THIS:

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He is enough of a fan to take Marc Bolan’s name as his alias while he usually chooses aliases based on classic hard rock musician’s/heavy metal band members that he likes/identifies with.


Out of curiosity (and procrastination, because of course I should be doing something else right now) I checked the list of the music aliases Dean uses over the years (I assume that these aliases are Dean’s ideas since he is the brother more interested in music, after all.) As a result, I spent a great evening with a whole spectrum of music genres, based on Dean Winchester’s amazing and broad AF music taste.

It’s true that most of the aliases Dean chooses are heavy metal and classic rock bands (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Kiss, Ted Nudgent, Styx, Rush, Warrant, Poison, Guns and Roses…)(I don’t blame him, these are great bands).


There are exclusively six writers who gave Dean a much more eclectic taste in music during the last seven seasons:

  • Andrew Dabb
  • Robert Berens
  • Ben Edlund
  • Robbie Thompson
  • and a writing duo Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (season 10/11)

So, let’s look at what genres/bands broadens Dean’s iPod album collection, shall we?


Yes, Dean was sneering at Vince Vincente and his spiked codpiece (and a rainbow wig that I am completely sure Dean imagined, because even google can’t find me one band who used that as a prop), but that was all Performing!Dean talking, obviously. How do we know? Because as far as real-life parallels to the fictional band Ladyheart go, this is what Dean hates so much:

Yes, Dean is completely disgusted by leather pants, huge wigs and studded codpieces, here visualized by Mötley Crüe. Dean said so IN TEXT.

(I am pretty sure Ladyheart is supposed to be Mötley Crüe since their next album was to be named “Theatre of Mercy” - mirroring Mötley Crüe’s album “Theatre of Pain”. Also, “Rock Never Dies” was written by ROBERT BERENS, who named another one of his episodes “Girls, Girls, Girls” - after a Mötley Crüe  song and album.)

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And yet, in episode 8.02. “What’s up, Tiger Mommy?” (written by ANDREW DABB), Dean introduces himself and Sam as Agents Neil and Sixx, two members of MÖTLEY CRÜE. Which means Dean is a Mötley Crüe fan, and he doesn’t seem to mind huge wigs and studded codpieces that much in their case. (Bam, LAWYERED!)

The name LADYHEART (called into existence by my above mentioned personal god Bobo Berens) reminds me of the British band LADYTRON (playing synth pop/new wave/electronic combo), and named after the super famous ROXY MUSIC synth pop/glam rock song.

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So, yeah, Dean is a fan of studded codpieces, big wigs and hair metal. He is also a fan of a long list of different music genres (real Dean behind the cut):

2) 90′S GRUNGE

In episode 10x13 “Halt and Catch Fire” (written by ERIC CHARMELO & NICOLE SNYDER), Sam and Dean use aliases “Grohl and Cobain”, as in DAVE GROHL and KURT COBAIN from NIRVANA.

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3) BRITISH 1970′S/1980′S PUNK ROCK

In episode 11x13 “Love Hurts” (also written by ERIC CHARMELO & NICOLE SNYDER) Dean uses alias “agent Weller”, as in PAUL WELLER from the classic British punk rock band THE JAM.

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In episode 10x19 “The Werther Project” (written by ROBERT BERENS) Dean pretends to be a Neighbourhood Watch member by the name of Dwight Twilley.

DWIGHT TWILLEY is a power pop singer from the 1980s.

5) POP ROCK/ART POP/BLUES ROCK (with female vocals)

In episode 9x14 “Captives” (written by ROBERT BERENS), Sam and Dean take aliases of “agents Nicks and McVie”.

STEVIE NICKS and CHRISTINE MCVIE are members of the legendary soft rock/art pop/blues band FLEETWOOD MAC. THEY ARE ALSO BOTH FEMALES!!!

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6) POST PUNK/INDIE ROCK (with female vocals)

In episode 10x14 “The Executioner’s Song” (written again by ROBERT BERENS) Sam and Dean take names “Moore and Ranaldo”.

THURSTON MOORE and LEE RANALDO are members of the legendary indie rock band SONIC YOUTH, with famous vocals of KIM GORDON.


In episode 8x17 “Goodbye Stranger” (written by the one and only ROBBIE THOMPSON), Sam and Dean use names “agents Tandy and Lynne”.

RICHARD TANDY and JEFF LYNDE are members of ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, a band that combines pop-rock, synth pop, electronic music and elements of disco.

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In the episode 5x14, “My Bloody Valentine” (written by BEN EDLUND), Dean uses names “agents Cliff and Marley”, as in JIMMY CLIFF and BOB MARLEY - famous reggae musicians.

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In episode 8x08, “Hunteri Heroici” (written by ANDREW DABB), Team Free Will pose as agents “Nash, Crosby, and Stills”.

DAVID CROSBY, STEPHEN STILLS, GRAHAM NASH (and occasionally NEIL YOUNG) were a folk-rock supergroup started in 1968.


In episode 11x04 “Baby” (written by ROBBIE THOMPSON), Dean uses name “agent Walsh” as in JOE WALSH from THE EAGLES, a soft rock band of “Hotel California” fame.

Dean’s taste in music, reflected here in the names of musicians he chooses as his personas, alongside his most favourite rockstars, shows how broad Dean is in his tastes - Dean practically is a fan of anything that sounds good to him, regardless of genre (as shown with his liking for Taylor Swift and Broadway musicals, for example). It’s a shame that this wonderful music taste is still hidden in the subtext, and all I can do is hope that our new Dean will be allowed to play some of his favourite bands in his car next season, especially since both Dabb and Berens seem to be the keepers of Dean’s super eclectic, infinite playlist. Please Dabb, make it happen!

Angelina’s Best of May

This month was a little rough on me work wise, so if I missed something, I am so sorry! As I get busier at work, this may evolve into something else, but we will see what happens (I am open to suggestions via ask).  Thank you to all the amazing writings that grace us each and every day with their talents! 

Feel free to tag me in your works, but please be aware that I do not rec everything I read and sometimes the tags just don’t work.  I am trying something a little new this month and that is a spotlight, meaning if I could only rec one or two fics this month for y’all to read, what would it be - catch it at the end.  Sorry this got a little long! Not really sorry ;)



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              *****SPOTLIGHT: If I could rec only ONE fic this month…******

The Spark Next Door @iwantthedean (Jensen x Reader) 

If you follow her and have read anything Nicole has written, you already know she has a beautiful gift for fluff, among other things. Although I love 99.99% of what she has written, this piece really took me back to why I fell in love with her writing in the first place and is probably the best piece I have read all year. Do yourself a favor and go read it. If you are not following her, do that too; stalk her master list (totally worth calling in sick for!) and let yourself get pulled into the world she creates through her words. 

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~yeah, I know, I couldn’t decide one just one!

Into The Mystic (series - link to masterlist) @tankcupcakes (Dean x Evelyn OC)

My dear @tankcupcakes has written much Supernatural Fanfiction, but her first series, Thunder Road, blew me away. I have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with this amazing woman outside of Tumblr and was humbled (and very giddy) when she asked for some feedback for the sequel, Into The Mystic. If I thought Thunder Road was good, this sequel is fucking amazing! I absolutely cannot wait for more chapters. If you are not following this gem, go do it; she is totally worth it. If you have not read Thunder Road and Into The Mystic, what are you doing with your time? I know there are a ton of blogs out there for you to follow and before you know it, you are following more than 300 blogs, but add @tankcupcakes to your list; you won’t regret it!

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How come you don't like Taylor Nicole Dean?

I don’t dislike her as a person and I actually really used to love her youtube channel. It was my favorite, I’d stay up to watch her uploads fresh off the press.  But she pretty quickly got pretty problematic.  

I think it’s because there is a lot of pressure on pet tubers.  Your fans want to know more and more and want you to get more and more, which makes impulse purchases and the addiction of buying animals all that stronger.  So I’ll keep this list short and sweet.

  • Supports Brian Byrzack (or however you spell it.  look up his tag you’ll see whats wrong with him)
  • Impulse purchases animals
  • Owns animals for less than a few days or only one day, does a bit of google research and makes entire videos about the animal care (which would be okay but she portrays herself as the know all end all)
  • Her hedgehogs are in too small of enclosures 
  • Cheese needs a tank of at least 250 gallons and is still only in a 150.  
  • Her fish tanks are overstocked in general
  • Betta sororities are generally a terrible idea, especially when given so little plant/hide cover
  • She bought one snake, and then impulse bought another within one month and yet another shortly after that
  • Ive heard her snake habitats aren’t great?
  • Handles her reptiles immediately after purchase and doesn’t give them the week to two weeks they need to adjust
  • Impulse bought a leopard gecko
  • Did i mention she impulse purchases animals all the time
  • There was the seahorse disaster where she nearly killed them because she didn’t have the time to be able to handle all the delicate care needed
  • Generally is taking on too much of a load but isn’t anywhere near stopping because her new pet videos get the most views

“Youtube is my job, taking care of my animals is my job, it’s okay for me to have this many animals”

This is her argument, and the argument of many of her fans.  But everyone has a limit to what they can handle and I worry she is taking on too much.  Not mentioning it is severely irresponsible or her to purchase animals of this quantity when she knows full well she is moving.  I will not be surprised when some fish (and hopefully nothing other than fish) don’t make the journey because of it.

anonymous asked:

tbh I think you don't like Taylor Nicole Dean because she's a better youtuber and has more subs than you.

Hey anon! I decided to dig through my tnd critical tag and discover exactly why I have issue with TND. Lets start off with the FAQ question!

“I rarely have an opinion on any other blogs or channels as a person.” As I have never met TND I cannot say if I like or dislike her as a person, because I don’t know how different her online persona is from how she truly is. Awesome, glad we sorted that part out.

Here’s a post I reblogged about her.

All of those are concerns with how she cares for her animals, and the breeders she chooses to support. Nothing there about sub count, that’s weird.

The rest of the posts in that tag are about the RES she bought.

Looks like my only issue here is that she gave money to someone breaking the law, had no plan for keeping those turtles longterm if need be, and was breaking the law herself by rehoming them. There’s nothing there about me being jealous. Am I just not reading my own posts right? Does this even say what I think it says? Am I even talking about turtles? Help me, anon!

Anyways, my YouTube channel is not an actual thing I put much effort into. I occasionally make videos for this blog to show my animals or little clips like when someone asked if Sparky tolerates being booped on the head. It keeps the videos I make in one place so my readers don’t have to dig through my blog to find them. I don’t care about sub count, and for that matter I don’t care about my number of followers on here, because this is what I enjoy doing and enjoy talking about. Sure, as I gained followers I needed to think more about the persona I’m projecting and the mood I’m bringing to this space, but that’s normal, and I’m also cleaning this blog up to put it on my resumé, but I’d be doing that whether I had 1 or 10,000 followers.

Some advice, dear anon? Please don’t project onto other people. If you dislike the quality of the videos you produce or you are upset you don’t have manny subscribers, consider if you actually enjoy what you are doing or if you are only doing it for the satisfaction of being popular.

I don’t care about how many people read or view my blog or who subscribes to me on youtube. I care about my animals, and their welfare, and I want to share it with the world because guess what, my pets are cute! Learning about animals is really fun and interesting! I want to share my passion with others because I enjoy doing it! Followers don’t matter. Followers should never matter.

some tips for when you want to do research on a potential pet:

-ABUSE ANIMAL FORUMS. stalk them, make an account, post a goddamn question thread. people will answer your questions. (fishlore for fish, backyardchickens for poultry, hamsterhideout for hamsters, etc. im sure there are rabbit and rat forums, and i know there are reptile ones)

-stalk animal youtube. please. stormyrabbits, erinsanimals, hoppinghammy, littlelottie’s hartland, steff j, taylor nicole dean,  happy tails, aquapros, solid gold aquatics, tyler rugge,  etc. the list is SO LONG. 

-ASK PEOPLE WHOVE HAD THEM. but be careful, because they may not know the correct way to keep them anyway

-never, EVER, assume you know how to take care of a new animal. even if you had them as a kid. lots of people keep pets very very wrong their whole lives and teach kids the wrong way and theyre shown being taken care of incorrectly on tv and its NORMALIZED. please, please do research. always.


Well, Carmilla is over, and so is this ink series. I’ve been working on it for a year, and now it’s done, but I feel… empty? Carmilla has been my inspiration for almost two years, I’ve grown up as an artist thanks to all these people. There’s so much I want to say about each and every one of them, but I’m no good with words, so I hope that awful lot of drawings inspired by this show says it all for me. These portraits are just a tiny bit of my Carmilla art. Of course I’ll keep making Carmilla fanart though, because there’s still a lot of words that can’t be said, but beg to be painted. Thank you for everything, Carmilla, thank you so much.

Question Time

I got tagged by the lovely @smilingspoiler
Rules: Always post the rules, do all 11 questions by the tagger, write 11 of your own questions, and tag 11 people to answer said questions.

  1. Favourite comic character? I don’t really read comics that much since 3rd grade so maybe Scrooge McDuck? That’s what I used to read in 3rd grade at least
  2. DC or Marvel Comics? Once again I don’t really read comics so since I prefer the Marvel Universe I’ll go with Marvel
  3. Favourite band? Imagine Dragons or The Chainsmokers
  4. Favourite song? Either Believer(by the Imagine Dragons), Crying in the Club (by Camila Cabello), Dream It Possible (by Delacey) or Vagabond (by Misterwives) and yes I’m that basic. Deal with it
  5. Where in the world would you want to visit? Well, it’s a big list but I think the top musts would be Greece, Rome, Angkor Wat, New York, and Macao. I warned you about my basicness
  6. If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day; who would it be? Any of my favourite authors such as Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, P.C. Cast etc to chill and get some tips on writing or any of my favourite YouTubers such as Rachel and Colleen Ballinger, Shane Dawson, Taylor Nicole Dean and The Gabbie Show to chill with or maybe Donald Trump so that I can accidentally chop his covfefe off
  7. Favourite book series? First of all, how dare you make me choose between my children as a respon- Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
  8. Favourite author? Rick Riordan
  9. If you could create a movie based on your favourite book(s); would you do it? Who would you cast? Yes I would and I have no idea who I would cast bc I am in no way updated with modern celebrities
  10. A ring from one of the lantern corps has chosen you; which corps is it? (Like the Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, Blue Lantern Corps, Star Sapphires, Indigo, Orange, etc…) @smilingspoiler Bc of you I just had to spend 15 minutes researching flashlights how dare you? jk it’s always fun to learn smth new Idk maybe the blue or the purple ones
  11. What language do you want to learn? and/or How many languages do you know? Well, I always wanted to learn Greek, Latin, Russian and an Asian language(still trying to figure out which maybe Japanese or Korean). And I speak fluent Portuguese, and English, an okayish Spanish, some really rusty German meaning I can kind of understand it written and sort of speak it but I can’t understand it orally, and I used to be fluent in Italian as well, but it’s been so long since I used it that I can’t remember a word

My Questions:

  1. If you wrote a book what genre would it be?
  2. If you could tame any wild animal which would you choose and why?
  3. What hobby would you like to be great at?(cooking, gardening, babysitting, etc)?
  4. What’s something most people find boring, but you really enjoy?
  5. If you could visit one major city in the world which would you visit and why?
  6. Do you plan on living the rest of your life in the same country you were born in?
  7. Besides social media, whats your favorite thing to do on the internet?
  8. Tell us when was the last time you procrastined and why.
  9. What’s your favourite flavour? (ex. salty, sweet, spicy, plain, etc…)
  10. What is the house chore that you dread the most?
  11. Tell us your three best qualities

I tag: @as-sane-as-she-is @boldlykawaiillama @singnomoreneroofficial @hellofromanotherdimension @daydream-of-a-demon @lizziethereader @fizzy12 @nothingbutprogress @twistedan @dicksoda  @biggest-gaudiest-patronuses

You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to

The Lore Library


Welcome to the twenty-first week of The Lore Library! Each week this post will be filled with my favorite fics of the week!

Check out all these incredible fics and these amazing authors and don’t forget to leave them some feedback!!


Pick Your Poison: Mother’s Day by @supernaturalismalife (Jensen x Reader OR Jared x Reader)
Her Favorite Show by @blacktithe7 (Sister!Reader)
First Mother’s Day by @wi-deangirl77 (Dean x Reader OR Sam x Reader)
Feel Again by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Misha x Reader)


If the series doesn’t have a master list I’ll only be linking the most recent part

Fragments by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)
With All My Heart by @torn-and-frayed (Jensen x Reader)
Kill Zone by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Dean x Reader)


I feel like original female characters don’t get nearly enough love. So this list will have a section just for them!

Seven Years Gone (pt 4) by @growningupgeek (Sam x OFC)
Out of the Blue by @iwantthedean (Dean x Nicole)

Want to be on this list? Feel free to tag me in everything you write! (all likes will come from my personal blog, @ashleymalfoy)


I started becoming a fish hobbyist last month when I was hooked up with Taylor Nicole Dean’s animal themed Youtube channel especially when it comes to her 150 gallon saltwater aquarium (wish I have the luxury of space to be able to get one). Well anyway, her enthusiasm in taking care of her animal friends inspired me to start my own aquascape.

Since I am still quite a beginner, I searched on the best fishes for beginners and one of the results is the betta (be-ta, not bey-ta) or commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish which is I think one of the most sought after fish by most. In this post. I will share to you some tips on how to take good care of your fighting fish (if you have one) or if you’ll plan to get one soon, but please before doing so, read this first.

Betta is a tropical fish originally from the land of Siam or Thailand. This fish is known for its wide range of colors and tail patterns (that is further enhanced through breeding). Betta fish is considered as a hardy fish which means that they can survive in unfavorable condition to some extent. Originally, betta fishes are found in rice paddies. Betta’s lifespan can reach upto 2-4 years depending on their living environment.

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Jensen/Dean for Nicole

For @iwantthedean Happy night shift! Here’s a little help to get you through it!!

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anonymous asked:

Have you heard of Taylor Nicole Dean on YouTube? She keeps making care videos on animals she's had for a very short period of time and doing dangerous things with her animals just for views... and she's made videos now with both Prehistoric Pets and Brian Barczyk. She keeps popping up and I honestly have no idea how popular she is, but I'm worried about her becoming yet another popular animals person on YouTube giving out wrong info

I think I may have seen one or two of her videos. I don’t necessarily have a problem with people making care sheets/videos for species they don’t have much experience with IF (and it’s a big if) they are extremely clear that they are merely presenting information gained from researching the species (or from the compiled experiences of others) and not from their own personal experience. I’ve not watched any of her care videos so I don’t know whether she presents a false level of expertise.

I did get the impression from the few videos I watched that she gives a pretty bad example of impulse-buying animals without planning for them beforehand (which is already a big problem in the reptile hobby). And of course I am not a fan of anyone who draws further positive attention to bad examples like Brian and Prehistoric Pets.

Unfortunately it seems that proper husbandry is not as eye-catching and exciting as people doing dangerous stunts with their animals or getting new ones all the time so the bad examples tend to get the most attention. If you’re looking for a better reptile YouTuber to support I would recommend Kamp Kenan. I haven’t watched all of his videos and I’m sure he’s not totally perfect in his representation of good reptile husbandry either, but he is way better than any of the others I’ve come across. His animals are in spacious, naturalistic outdoor enclosures and his channel is much more focused on husbandry information and showcasing reputable facilities rather than attention getting.