I’ve been doing some [very pleasant] research.

Of around 30 lesbian/bi/queer pairings who have kissed on Australian scripted drama since 1974, Libby Tanner, Tammy MacIntosh, Claudia Karvan and Nicole de Silva were part of 16 of them!

Libby Tanner alone had kissed 7 different women on television

Nicole de Silva kissed = 5

Tammy = 2

Claudia = 2


Just started watching this Aussie show called Wentworth which is basically set in a female prison called Wentworth and is kinda like Bad Girls if anyone knows what that is. I’m on season 1 episode 8 and it’s such a good show. I was weary when I first started because Australia tend not to make great TV in general but I highly recommend this show to anyone.