Sleepy Hollow AU - Reverse

Changed by his service in the British Army and reluctant to face his disappointed father, Ichabod Crane flees to America to recover with his long-time friend Abraham Van Brunt. Abraham is now a successful lawyer with his own firm and a large fortune, a large part of which is funded through embezzling and bribery. While living with Abraham, Ichabod meets his fiancée, the wealthy Katrina Van Tassel, with whom he is immediately enraptured. 

Determined to separate them and marry his fiancée, Abraham’s connections come into use. He buries Ichabod’s name in the mud and forces his relocation to a small dead-end town half-way across the country known as Sleepy Hollow. Guilty and despondent at having torn a relationship apart, Ichabod lives alone, working a 9 to 5 job at the local police department. However, his life is suddenly transformed by the appearance of a strange woman claiming amazing things; as their bond grows stronger, his past comes back to haunt him and his role as Witness is realised.

(Abigail Mills)