nicole walker

person: so, are you religious?

me: yes, actually, i pray for the wicked on the weekend.

the lyrics for high hopes are literally “stay up👆on that✋grind😩💯💦let h8rs🤘be motivators🤑💰💸🙌started from the bottom👇now we here🤙👑👄💋”

The Hiatus

Tyler: So I was thinking we should just take this really long break

Josh: And then what?

Tyler: *shrugs*

There are two types of people

#1: “what a beautiful wedding” says the bridesmaid to the waiter

#2: “what a beautiful wedding” says the bridesmaid to oh yes but what a shame

i need bands like early Panic more than i can EXPLAIN. i need angsty teens in full faces of stage makeup. i need erratic movements and voice cracks and passion. i need gaudy outfits and overblown spectacles that are almost disgusting to look at and listen to!