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Watch it.

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I read a fic on Waverly gets turned into a kitten, so my prompt to you would be WayHaught gets turned into animals and someone from the Gang has to take care of them while the others are hunting down the demon or witch. Or Jeremy and Nicole being geeks about comics? Waverly would totally listen in and be happy that her girlfriend can nerd. Of course, there's so many things you can do with WynHaught brotp. 😂 Especially if they get into trouble and charm their way out of it as the Dimpled Duo!

Ok, there was a lot in this prompt so I picked out a few things and went with it! I hope you like it, if you’d like to see the other stuff that didn’t get put in go into a fic just leave me another ask!

Now…time for actual puppy!nicole

Wynonna Earp- Wayhaught

It was an accident really. Jeremy had just been experimenting again and accidentally said a spell wrong. Nicole had been in the room because they were doing their weekly comic book reading and unfortunately for her she was the closest thing for the spell to grab onto. Jeremy looked over at what had been the tall ginger sheriff…in her spot was golden—er not so golden, retriever puppy. Its fur was the color of Nicole’s hair.

“Ah oh oh my god. Nicole? Sheriff Haught? Oh boy”

Jeremy had started to panic. He didn’t know how it happened, and he sure as hell didn’t know how to reverse it.

“Uhhh ok, ok. Sheriff haught? Can you hear me, do you understand me? Bark if you can understand me.”

Nothing. Just a wagging tail and a tongue sticking out at him.


He scooped Nicole up in one of his hands and took out his cell phone with the other. This would be an interesting call.

“Hey, Waverly!”

“Jeremy, hey what’s up? Do you guys want hot cocoa again?”

“No, well yes but not the reason I called. You know how you and Nicole have been talking about getting a dog?”

“Yeah, oh my gosh did you guys find one!!!!”



“I may have turned Nicole…into..one”

“I’m on my way.”

It took all of ten minutes for Waverly to drive to the station. It wasn’t even a surprise when stuff like this happened anymore.


“Ahh I’m here- were in here”

Waverly entered the BBD office.

“You turned my girlfriend into a dog.”

Jeremy spun around.

“I’m sooo sorry”

Nicole wiggled out of Jeremy’s arms and jumped onto the nearby desk. She trotted over so that she was in front of waverly, her tail wagging as fast as ever.

“Aw she likes you”, Jeremy stated


“Ok ok right I’m sorry. I’ll work on the spell”

Waverly picked her water bottle sized girl friend-puppy up and sat on the couch they had put in last month. Nicole curled herself into Waverly’s lap, soon enough there were little puppy snores coming from the small retriever.

“Dammit Nic, you’re cute even as a puppy”

Suddenly the door burst open


It was Wynonna


“I’m SoooOOOoorry”

Waverly turned her attention to her sister.

“She’s right here but she just fell asleep ok”

“Oh my god. Tatter haught is a puppy. This is so great. Think of all the dog puns.”


“Sorry, but I mean come on”

“Ok yes she’s cute but I would LIKE my girlfriend back”

Waverly turned to Jeremy. He seemed just as lost as before. He still didn’t even know how he managed it in the first place. Puppy Nicole had woken up shortly after Wynonna came in. As she and Waverly we’re talking Nicole started licking Waverly’s hand.

“Your girlfriend wants you to let her ;)”, wynonna pointed out

“She loves it when I play with her hair…fur now I guess”

Waverly began stroking Nicole’s ears, soon she was asleep again…until Jeremy started screaming

“Ok I figured it out. So the spell was labeled wrong, ok obviously. But I found the reversal”


“There isn’t one”


“It wares off I promise. In three hours, and it’s been almost two.”

Wynonna begins, “ that’s good enough waves why don’t it just take her to the homestead”

“Fine, I’ll see you guys later. Jeremy, I would maybe not be here when Nicole wakes up?”

“Got it. Going to buy ‘I’m sorry I turned you into a dog’ candy”


Waverly took her puppy back to the homestead. She laid down on her bed, puppy Nicole resting on her chest. In an hour she woke up to a loud thud. Her *very naked* girl friend was now on the floor questioning how she even go there. Boy did Waverly have a story for her…but first, why waste a perfectly good opportunity when one of them was already naked…needless to say Nicole didn’t question it.

are you gonna be my girl? - Chapter 1 - GWritesNovels - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Wynonna Earp (TV)
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Characters: Nicole Haught, Waverly Earp, Wynonna Earp, Rosita Bustillos, Gus McCready, Champ Hardy
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Motorcycles, Alternate Universe - Teenagers, Teenage Rebellion, Rebellious!Nicole, Church Girl!Waverly, Pining, Nicole is precious, She just wants to impress Waves so much, Fluff, SO MUCH FLUFF

In which sixteen-year-old Nicole Haught meets fifteen-year-old Waverly Earp and immediately knows that she has to impress her.

{Or in which the first ever Purgatory gay motorcycle group forms over the fact that a girl looked at the flustered redhead.}

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Nicole is having an unsually slow day at the station. She gets a call from Waverly: "Hey babe, you totally won't believe what just happened" then a loud crash and the phone goes dead.

Ah, you got me there anon. What does Nicole do next? 

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