nicole hack

*oh wow its a Drabble on the edit I did not too long ago today. also I suck at writings at times, so I apologize that this is less then good. any who the new agents are 
@dontshootmespence = nicole
@bookofreid = Brenda
@just-a-random-fandom-24 = Lo
And me as Cheynne which is my actual name I found everyone else’s so I hope I got it right, any way um yeah this was the premise of the dream I had so I just had to write it out, um yeah enjoy….*

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Spencer sat in the conference room, his eyes taking in the photos of the four woman on the screen, fresh out of the academy, they couldn’t be any older then 22, shaking his head he stared at Emily as she got ready to speak to them. 

“Okay, with Luke and tara being pulled away for a case, as well as Hotch being gone, the higher ups, decided to give us some agents they feel would do well with our system of operations, now I know, new people are never fun, for any of us, but we have no choice in this matter, and from records of the agents, they may just fit. Now then, first is Nicole, a…hacking master, she was able to break the main system of the academy, able to cause a mass panic in under five minutes, while locked inside her dorm she managed to release all animals from 6 local shelters….at once. She was scouted and on agreeing to use her skills for us and no jail time, she is now your sort of mentee, Garcia….” Emily looked at the usual peppy woman who in turn scowled, not so nice things playing through her mind.
“Next is Lo…real name Lola, they are skilled in communications, all negotiation tests showed they no how to manipulate and get what they need, but, they would never hurt anyone, shown only when they were attacked, the attacker had four broken ribs, and a fractured eye socket…they walked away with a busted lip and broken knuckles, fighting and words are their specialty. Scoring highest in all tests across the board for fighting, and negotiations.” Clicking the button showed the next agent
“This is Brenda, she is smart, clever, and quick with a gun, she got highest marks on all field tests, able to save almost every civilian in the simulation, and when cornered was able to find a way out, able to profile without knowing who it was, found the real face of major cases we solved, L.D.S.K, the angel maker both real and copy cat, The silencer, the reaper, she was able to profile them, with 99.99 accuracy,” Spencer watched the last photo come up as Emily sighed
“Now, Cheynne, IQ of 180, but she is a fighter not a runner, in any simulation where she was cornered she fought her way out, resulting in mass loss, her temper is a killer in most hostage simulations, but, when it comes to survivors and getting intel on what they remember, she has top marks across the board, she is quick with a gun, but prefers her fists, she’s gentle with those who need it and has more then once…flown off the handle and lost her head when interrogating an unsub. She’s good but…you can see where it could backfire.” Emily looked at everyone,
“They arrive today, we need to show them the ropes, be ready for smart mouths and sharp tongues…” with that the team stood walking out.

 It was a few hours later when Spencer and the rest noticed the four enter, Emily in front of them speaking and pointing out the Bullpen layout, sighing he watched. They looked like the photos he had seen but different somehow, all of them were young faced, but still hardened in a way he had only seen on survivors of harsh realities. Sighing he stood as Emily called everyone to the conference room, Spencer walked past them feeling eyes on him hearing hushed whispers. Inside the girls stood in front of the team
“So, this is the Behavioral analysis unit, Agents Rossi, Jareau, Reid and tech annalist Garcia. And you know me, Emily prentiss. Guys these are our lovely new…agents.” The tension in the rooms thick as the team took In the new members. This was going to be a long process.