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I wanted to write a little post about what would happen if Molly and Sherlock adopted a cat together, and it accidentally turned into this. Enjoy!

 Toby the cat passes away peacefully at the age of 14. Molly is the one who finds him, curled up comfortably in Sherlock’s chair – neither of them are particularly surprised, given his age, but they mourn him as anyone would mourn a lost family member. His ashes are placed in a bright yellow urn on the windowsill, his favourite spot to sit and watch the people in the street, with a photo of the three of them taken by Mrs Hudson the previous Christmas.

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Anything for my babygirl

Title: Anything for my babygirl

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean x Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Sam

Word Count: 1020

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Nicole’s YouAU Challenge ( @iwantthedean ) . I hope I did this right! lol

The reader is almost 6 year’s old. And this is almost everything from Dean’s POV.

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Rob Letterman will be directing the Detective Pikachu Movie

Legendary Entertainment has hired the Goosebumps and Monsters Vs. Aliens director to lead its live-action Pokémon movie, the studio announced Wednesday. He’ll work from a script written by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor) and Alex Hirsch (Galaxy Falls).





I’m a hunter, I’m a killer, but I haven’t any guns
And I may be a sinner, but there’s things that I’ve not done
I know that I’m a monster and that’s what I’ll always be
It’s a shame to think that you would waste your life with me

Revenant!Haught from this fic by @officerhaughtstuff and @skillzyo

raptornauts  asked:

wynonna finding out about waverly and nicole's flirting thing and giving haught the "shovel talk"? and haught's like "i didnt think i was dating waverly?" and wynonna is like "this is prememptive" (idk if this is a prompt or just a cute scene ill let you decide)

Wynonna isn’t blind, nor is she clueless. She’s seen the looks. She’s noticed how her sister glances at Officer Haught before quickly looking away, and she’s definitely noticed the more obvious gazes that last a little longer than necessary… and the little dork smile that always accompanies both. Waverly has never been able to hide her emotions well.

Haught hasn’t exactly been subtle, either.

Great. She’d told Waverly she could do better than Champ, but Wynonna hadn’t thought about her kid sister moving on to someone like that.


Don’t get her wrong – Wynonna has nothing against Haught as a person. From what she’s gathered during their brief interactions, the woman seems nice enough. Certainly better than Champ. But Wynonna doesn’t know her, and that alone makes her wary. She’ll have to find out more about Haught to form an actual opinion on this whole situation. The thought comes with an internal sigh; not only does Wynonna have the Revenants to deal with, but also the awkwardness that comes with a big sister looking out for her little sister in the realm of dating.

Ugh. She so did not sign up for this.

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At the German Embassy, we publish a Word of the Week in our weekly newsletter. This week’s word is….Schreibfaul!

Feeling lazy today? In particular - are you feeling too lazy to respond to e-mails, letters or anything else that requires writing? In that case, you are schreibfaul! So pick up your pen and change the status quo!

Schreibfaul comes from schreiben (“to write”) and faul (“lazy”), and it is an adjective used to describe someone who is too lazy or disinterested in writing anything - especially when it comes to writing letters.

You may have a grandmother who’s a fit old-fashioned and eagerly awaiting a letter from you. She checks her mailbox daily but it’s always empty. And that’s because you’re schreibfaul! So don’t be lazy - find a quiet spot and start writing.

There may be people waiting to hear from you!

Written by Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

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Fanfic: Five Times Walter and Paige Almost Kissed…And One Time They Did.

A six part collaboration between @foxphile (Heidi), @writerfreak001 (Kimberly) and myself (Nicole), written over a period of several weeks. We each “claimed” two episodes, the only restrictions being five had to be from season one, and one had to be Satellite of Love.  Each part is about a time Walter and Paige could have locked lips…then the one time they finally did.  Enjoy!  Reviews/comments/reblogs/tags are welcome and appreciated.

Part one - Pilot (written by Heidi)

Part two - Dominoes (written by Kimberly)

Part three - Charades (written by Nicole)

Part four - Love Boat (written by Kimberly)

Part five - Young Hearts Spark Fire (written by Heidi)

Part six - Satellite of Love (written by Nicole)

Read on AO3 here.

We all have challenges in our jobs. We all have to deal with difficult and demanding people with competing interest.

But at least in my job, I’m evaluated on the actual results I achieve. No one really cares what my hardships are. They care what I put out.

Why should TV writers be held to a different standard?

high hopes ~ chapter v

Hello, lovelies! Here is the fifth chapter in our lil saga - you all ready to see more of Grace? I love writing this with Nicole, wow, we are having a blast. See her blog next week ~ carrotskoalasandbooze ~ at 8 pm EST for chapter 6. 

prologue. ch. i. ch. ii. ch. iii. ch. iv.


If the stuffy man who handed her a diploma when she graduated from college had told her that this – grabbing shitty Starbucks coffee and tripping over the angry businessman in Penn Station, before having it burst all over her front – would be the life of a PR assistant, Grace would have shoved it back in his face and ran straight for the hills. Even if the backwoods of her dumpy little school WERE filled with skunks.

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Labyrinth sequel: Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman is writing screenplay |

Updated and expanded thoughts on this:

1. According to EW (see the link), the film is going to be a sequel, not a reboot. That’s preferable to me, so I’m rather comforted.

2. The screenplay is due to be written by Nicole Perlman. I’m encouraged that they have a female screenwriter on board, and Nicole has a good pedigree - she’s the lady responsible for the script behind Guardians of the Galaxy, which was rather smashing.

3. Lisa Henson, Jim’s daughter, is in as a producer - I’ve also heard rumours that she might direct, though they’re unsubstantiated and would be very surprising since Lisa has never directed before.

4. I really don’t think anyone should panic just yet. The Jim Henson Company is the unchallenged champion of having ‘in development’ projects that never happen. While this project has clearly been in development for several months (at least), I’d be surprised if it actually moved forward and got made. We’ll see.

5. Even if this does happen, I don’t think we should freak out or boycott it. This is not a big, evil Hollywood studio trying to take Labyrinth away from us. This is Henson Company proposing a sequel that builds on what the first film achieved. It could never be what the first film was, and I wouldn’t want it to be - if it does happen, it should be in the same spirit while being its own beast. It should introduce new characters, environments and scenarios, while acknowledging the ones that went before. There will never be another David Bowie, so I sincerely hope they don’t try to find someone in the same mould. I’d actually prefer the sequel to not be a musical, since any musical numbers would be compared to Bowie’s songs and would be crushed under the weight of the comparison.

6. Whatever happens, no one is taking the original away. I hate it when people cry ‘OMG they’re raping my childhood’ - that’s just silly. The movie you grew up with and still love is going nowhere, and will always remain. If it’s successful, the new film will make a whole new generation aware of the original. If it’s a miserable failure, it will make the original film shine even more brightly.

In short, keep calm and carry on.