nicole where are u

anonymous asked:

Do other people / your friends know you have this blog?

not really because no one would really care? i have exactly (1) friend who loves the sims as much as i do so she knows. when toddlers came out we were actually texting each other screaming about it lmfao. also omg this is funny actually a couple months ago i saw that an online friend from my personal blog was following this blog and i was like :O so i told her it was me and apparently she has a simblr too but SHE WON’T TELL ME WHAT IT IS (@NICOLE WHERE ARE U THO)

I have spent all day watching Monsters University with mayadile and flipgang, and then the rest of the day talking about monster OCs along with royalchai SO HERE ARE OUR LITTLE BABES HANGING OUT AND DOING STUPID STUFF.

Nicole is super addicting to draw