nicole tucker

Episode 9 of “What the hell Waves! What are you doing?! Give Nicole a friggin break!”

Once again I won’t be able to cover the immense amount that has happened in this episode, but I’ll give it a go anyway!

First off we have Waverly looking all badass and ready to fight

But loses to one heavily pregnant Wynonna

Who suddenly decides to belly bump her

I don’t know if that’s cute or weird.

Jeremy, Waverly and Dolls are watching cricket before they get called out to investigate.

Since he has wanted to get his hands on Dolls’s…cricket balls…

Dolls, Waverly and Nicole arrive at the scene to find the crispy critter which they think is Twisted Tucker, so they call Tucker’s *sisters* to identify him.

Beth turns up only to pass out (what a wuss) and wakes to see Waverly. Now I don’t know if my eye’s deceive me but it looks like Black Widow Beth is flirting with her! and not only that, but she than makes out that Tucker isn’t really that bad and was just in love with Waverly!

No, it’s not fine, in what universe is it fine?

After being mean to Nicole and a bit of a hypocrite “Yeah, I called an Earp a hypocrite, so shoot me *sees Wynonna with Peacemaker* I don’t mean Literally!”

Waverly mopes at Shorty’s

So she decides to drink with Rosita at a spa

Don’t do it

She did it.

Dolls and Jeremy go back to the second broken seal to see if they can find anymore clues

Welll technically, you did take him in, feed him, look after him and make sure that he didn’t die by his own or someone else’s hand so yeah, you are the daddy

After an awkward dinner in which Wynonna tell Doc that she wants his ring that is the third seal to break is so she can bring the demon who cursed them all back so she can kill him, Doc try’s to leave.

So Wynonna belly bumps him as well.

Upon hearing a creepy sound (that is connected to the even creepier portrait) Wynonna and Doc take action

Lol, ‘decorative pillows’

Yes ma’am.

Waverly decides to develop a “backbone” and sends poor Nicole an absolutely atrocious text, Rosita, I’m with you on this.

Rosita knows she went to far and now so does Waverly. Rosita then explain to her that nothing is perfect, in life you take the bad with the good because it makes it interesting, she uses the champagne as an example, saying that bubbles in the champagne is carbon dioxide and that when you dri-

Bad! Bad Girls! Bad, Bad Girls! Naughty! For Shame! For Shame On You!

Well it’s good to know that you’ve grown a pair, a pair of brains! (Ouch, I think I just out sassed myself)

While Rosita’s go back to their room Waverly soon follows, only to find her on the floor and stabbed by Tucker.

Tucker try’s to convince Waverly that they are the same and that they were meant to be together as family, he also tell her about what has happened to his real sisters. 

I hope you frostbit really hurt, it goes well with your black heart

Waverly convinces Tucker to let her call Wynonna on the pretense that she is going to give them an excuse as to why she will no longer be in Purgatory.

When Tucker goes wants to leave Waverly says she needs to go to her jeep to get clothes, Tucker comments about her Wardrobe getting shorter and is then knocked out by Rosita, Waverly says she thought Rosita was dead

Holy mother of harpies, she’s a Revhead!

While Wynonna and Doc are arguing they don’t notice the creepy doll from the painting behind Wynonna until Doc throws his ring at Wynonna but the doll catches it instead

That would be so funny, if that doll wasn’t so creepy. Doc shoots at the doll but only Peacemaker puts it down.

With the doll dead Doc realises that the ring is bringing all the monsters to them so he agrees with Wynonna, after the child is born, they’ll destroy the ring together.

I sure hope he did.

At Shorty’s, Waverly and ‘Revita’ (see what I did there, clever huh?) discuss what happened and Waves remembers the text that she sent

Yes it was, you should be ashamed of yourself Waverly ‘might be half-rev’ Earp, but like Rosita says, Waverly needs to face up to what has gone on and got to Nicole to apologise, Waverly’s worried that Nicole might not want to see her.

And that is what makes Nicole so special, you can trample all over her and she will take it, she will fight to make sure you stay true to who you are, and if you told her that the only way you’d be happy is if she went away she’d leave, only if you meant it, it’s called respect, it’s called loyalty, it’s called true unconditional love, it’s called Nicole Haught.

She would always open her door for you, no matter what time you turned up at

even if it meant she would face possible death.

You see this cat? You see Nicole’s cat? This is me, this is how I feel right now,

and right now I need the litterbox.

Question: When the Black Widow cast the spell to find out where the third seal was, why did she turn up at Nicole’s home??

 Things i like

*kenny with missing teeth

*noticably chubby clyde

*eric with stretch marks 

*busty bebe

*flat wendy

*craig with braces

*tweek with bags under his eyes

*stan with very very blue eyes

*tall token

*kyle w freckles 

*jimmy with really really messy hair

*really short nicole

*red w body hair

*butters’ hair being shaved on the side

*pale af damian 

*feminine looking pip

*kevin being noticeably half asian 

*bradley w weirdly pink-ish colored eyes

Highlights of this episode:

-Wynonna caring about Nicole bc she knows how much Waverly does
-Waverly being ultra supportive of her big sis
-Wyndolls kiss
-Nicole shooting Tucker and the watching him jump out of a window, presumably acquiring a large number of cuts and hopefully getting shards of glass lodged where the sun don’t shine
-Did I mention Wayhaught?


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I have a thought that Nicole is going to get kidnapped or caught in the crossfire when the gang is going up against the widows. Tucker is going to be a part of that arc too maybe targeting Waverly since Nicole is out of the picture if it happens and it might be why Caverly looks the way she does aiming the shotgun at the widows because she’s been through hell and that kiss we see between Wayhaught is the result of them being reunited 🤔 (I thought about this since they have foreshadowed twice about something happening to nicole)

Episode Four of Wyhat the Hell just happened?!

First of you’ve got miss ‘I need four blankets plus an extra Nicole…I mean blankie’ Waverly walking across the Homestead like it’s a normal summer day.

Even though it’s winter.

Agent Lucado decide to enlist the ‘super bendy’ Waverly as a spy for her to get a briefcase from a sketchy guy in a bar.

“Ok who on earth shot you with a tranquiliser?! was it Wynonna?”

And she not only got into the place she impressed everyone with her amazing singing.(can not believe Nicole didn’t get to see this)

Including Lucado (who now likes her)

We had the horrendous scene where Waverly had her Hand Cut Off!!

But it grew back so no biggie.

Dolls totally torched the son of a revenant who did it to her!!
He’s like a dragon

Or a salamander

Gooverly decides that kissing Wynonna is a good idea.

You better pray that it turns out she’s not you sister otherwise you are in for a lot of therapy…and toothpaste.

On another note, Twisted Tucker finds out that his sisters are tied up with their faces torn from their heads and the ones he is standing with are wearing said faces, have said that there is a “darkness in him” that they “want to nurture it” and they can give him anything he wants.

So what does he do? does he want to help his sisters? or at least stop their suffering?

No, he wants a girl (but which one? Waverly or Nicole?)

Yeah but tacos are tasty!