nicole mooney

Black women kicking ass on TV tonight....

Can we just take a moment please and think about what is going down tonight. This night, November 17, 2014.

Jada Pinkett Smith will be keeping up as the cunning and fierce Fish Mooney on Gotham at 8pm.

Nicole Beharie as the dedicated and chosen Witness Abbie Mills will be collectively breaking our hearts with Lyndie Greenwood with an episode based around their mother that will be played by a captivating Aunjanue Ellis on Sleepy Hollow at 9pm.

Then Alfre Woodard premieres on State of Affairs as the President. Yes, you read that right. Alfre Woodard will be playing Madame President on the new show State of Affairs on NBC tonight at 10pm.

Yep, it is going down tonight on primetime tv. Watch all these shows. Tell your friends to watch all these shows. Support black women and let the industry know they are needed on tv, every day and every week. Representation matters!