nicole is really crazy

I was rewatching episode 1x08 of Wynonna Earp the other day and something struck me as sort of odd about this scene:

It just seems sort of strange to me that Nedley knows about Nicole’s cat? Like ok, he’s her boss, but she’s fairly new in town and there’s a difference between knowing that someone is married, has kids, etc and knowing that they have a pet.

So my headcanon is that because Nicole has been half in love with Waverly since the moment she set eyes on her and because she can’t exactly talk about her crush at work (among other things, it seems like she isn’t out yet at the station), whenever she wants to talk about Waverly, she talks about her cat instead.

This results in two things: 1) Her crush is kept secret and 2) Everyone in the sheriff’s department now knows WAY TOO MUCH about Nicole’s cat because Nicole wants to talk about Waverly all the freaking time. What the cat looks like, how Nicole switched her to a different type of cat food two weeks ago, how she dragged in a mouse the other day, how she almost jumped out of the second story window in order to pounce on a bird this morning…

Sometimes it gets annoying, but mostly it just sort of becomes an inside joke at the police station, to the point where now instead of saying “Goodbye” or “Goodnight” when Nicole finishes her shift, most of the deputies will call after her, “Don’t forget to give the cat my love!” And they get the cat a present on Nicole’s birthday (they get Nicole a cake too though, she’s won them over and got them all in her pocket at that point).

So when Nedley says he’ll make sure the cat gets fed, it’s him being considerate, sure, but it’s also his attempt at a little bit of humor in what is fast becoming a fairly dire situation.