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PSA!! PSA!! for all those newer to the fandom and who dont know about this, the people at Wynonna Earp created a tumblr diary for Nicole!! It’s amazing to read how her crush on waverly progressed and she also posts screenshots of their chats and her suspicions about the supernatural in purgatory (back in season 1) the password is S3J-A0E ENJOY!!! (also im really late to this i didnt know about this at all until now HAHA)

I keep seeing posts that says that Waverly shouldn’t have been so harsh to Nicole because of one minor fight. Listen here kids, Waverly’s anger wasn’t just about their fight. Okay? Waverly’s anger was also about the fact that she was possessed by a demon for a good part of the show and finding out that she’s not an actual blood Earp ( she will always be an Earp no matter what). She took it out on Nicole because Nicole was there and she made a mistake in the last episode. What? You’ve never taken your anger out on someone? If you haven’t, good on you but I bet a lot of you have. Seriously, it’s part of being human. Part of being so upset about something, so emotional in that moment in time that you take it out on the first person that just pisses you off even if they didn’t even do anything wrong.

I know I’ve done that. I try not to but there are times when it’s too much and I have to somehow let it out and I happen to take it out on the first person I see. I regret it immediately afterwards. And you can see that Waverly regrets her actions right after. Who are you to judge a person for doing something that you’ve probably done yourself?

Is it excusable? No.

No one should do that. Waverly shouldn’t have done it either but it’s human nature and it happens. That’s probably why Nicole was still happy and hopeful thinking that it was Waverly at the end of the episode because she understood what Waverly was going through. She understood because she has probably done the same exact thing before.

Now, on to the cheating.

Cheating is a horrible thing. Cheating is unjustifiable. Cheating is inexcusable. I hate cheating.

Now that being said, on the flip side: There is a difference between someone cheating with no remorse or regret and they pin the blame on their significant other for why they cheated and someone cheating because they were literally put through the ringer and going through an emotional roller coaster and got somewhat drunk and kissed the first person that comforted them and then immediately realizing that they’ve done fucked up.

And when I said that I hated cheating, the first part was what I meant. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the second part is something you shouldn’t do but it isn’t out of spite or maliciousness. I know how horrible cheating can be, I was cheated on and my mom cheated on my dad multiple times (and it wasn’t the nice slightly better type of cheating either) and I still haven’t really forgiven her for it.

But what Waverly did was not out of negative intentions, it was out of confusion and being emotionally drained and just needing someone by your side.

Is it justified? No.

Is it excusable? No.

Is it still a shitty thing to do? One hundred percent.

Nicole definitely deserves better than that.

But what Waverly did was understandable. I mean, seriously, the things that she has gone through during this entire season, I’m surprised she somehow waited until now to break down and fuck up in the process. I don’t care if you say this was out of character or say that it isn’t character development I’m going to say: It is. This was character development. This was a part of her character that we thought we would never see and I think that’s amazing because it really hits close to reality. Sometimes people do things that you would never think that they would do in a million years in real life. There are more to people than what you think. They do things that surprises you. They have flaws that you would never think of. Now is it a good part of her character development? Not really but it’s a flaw.

Waverly has flaws. Waverly can make mistakes. Waverly is not perfect.

Same goes for Nicole.

Read it. Take it in. Acknowledge it.

Sometimes, we put characters (and people) and shows on this perfect pedestal and idolize them and suddenly when they show a flaw, we freak out and start to hate them for it. Then we start to play the blame game. Start to blame the producers, showrunners, and directors for writing them this way. And going back to taking our anger out on other people thing, we start to take our anger out of the actresses/actors and the people behind the show for doing this to the character/show.

We start to cross that line between fiction and reality.

I really don’t want Earpers to do this. I know there are still a lot of Earpers who understand the situation. This post are for those who don’t. For those who are considering of not watching the show anymore of because of a flaw. Take a moment. We all need one. And think about it. If you still feel the need to stop watching the show then do so, it’s your choice, but don’t you dare try to make this fandom into something toxic and negative because that is not what it is.

Everyone is so unforgiving sometimes. Seriously, we ask for character development and angst and equality and when they give it to us, we just freak the fuck out and try to set what we love on fire just because we didn’t agree with the end product.

Also, cheating is not an LGBTQ+ trope. Love triangles is not an LGBTQ+ trope (I don’t think there’s going to a love triangle anyways, we already have one on the show and it seems Rosita doesn’t seem like she wants to get in the way of wayhaught). These are things that constantly happen to heterosexual relationships on any type of media. And honestly, we got the better end of the deal with the cheating. Because it could have been so much worse. It could have been something that really ended the relationship for good. Waverly could have continued after that kiss, but she didn’t. She realized she fucked up and then immediately stopped it from continuing. It sucked that it even happened in the first place but we should thank our lucky stars that she didn’t have sex with Rosita and ended the relationship right there.

Anyways, this rant has gone on too far and honestly, I don’t even think I even made sense and said what I really wanted to say and I probably sounded really pretentious and high and mighty and seemed like I never do anything wrong but I do. I really do. I do the same things sometimes but I’m getting tired of all the negativity that is trying to seep itself into the Earper fandom. So I’m going to stop the post right here.

Point blank: Waverly fucked up but what matters in the end is whether or not she fights for Nicole’s forgiveness and I think she will. It looks like she will.

I have faith in this relationship and I have faith in this show and Emily Andras. So let’s all be a little rational about this and realize this was just a plot point and we’re all going to move on after this.

PS: Don’t take it out on the actresses/Emily/the show for what the characters did.

i’m so glad wayhaught had the scene™ but it just shows the lack of representation on tv, straight people get to do things like that all the time on tv and fans are so calm about it but we, the gays, don’t get treated like that on tv so we’re all giddy and excited and screaming from rooftops bc we’re happy to finally see healthy representation

hey new rule

if you dont need to take medication, painkillers, medicinal weed, or have any form of surgery to be able to function with your illness,

you dont get an opinion on it or the people who need it.

you dont get to talk about how bad pills are, and wont help or how yoga would help so much more than them

you dont get to talk about how people woth medical weed “just want to get high” or “well it upsets me that i know a druggie”

you dont get to talk about how “oh you dony need that surgery” or “is it really necessary?”

like no, sorry, you dont get an opinion about what being sick and having to take pills and have surgery to fucking live if you dont know what its like.

abled people shouldnt have the right to choose whether or not a sick person is in agonizing pain or not, whether they can fucking live their life or not.


Destiel Reverse Bang 2016

my art master post for Paradise Birds fashion designer au! Fic is written by this cutie @dr-johnwatson​ who was super fun to work with and love to death <3

Fic Title : Paradise Birds
Author: thestarsarefalling aka @dr-johnwatson

Rating: NC-17 (Explicit)

Word Count: ~39001
Warnings: Sexual Content, Traumatic Experience, PTSD

Summary: Castiel Novak is a successful fashion designer specializing in haute couture. When he decides to start a bespoke menswear line, it’s suggested he hire a spokes-model in order to win the industry over with his eccentric designs. When Castiel chooses male model Dean Winchester to represent the brand, he gets a little more than Dean’s good looks.

Fic Link: AO3

*able-bodied voice* oh!! hi!!! my. name. is. brenda. and i just wanna say that u r such an inspiration!! to ME!!! and as some1 with a crippled handicapped disabled dog with a disability, I totally get what ur going through!!1 and I just hav 2 ask… hav u tried yoga???? or maybe shoving kale up your ass and going vegan??? cuz… that worked for my aunt who was overweight and im just saying maybe ya know maybe u should

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” -G.D. Anderson

In honor of International Women’s Day, here are some of my favorite female authors. Always keep fighting for equality. Demand respect. Never back down.

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Even the smallest bit of positivity can make the biggest difference.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Things that need answering on the season finale of Wynonna Earp:

(please feel free to comment or add more)

-what specifically did Waverly’s DNA results say?

-are we ever going to see/hear more about their mother?

-why was Bobo the only one to resurrect when Wynonna died?

-where did Gus go?

-what happened to Champ?

-Will Mercedes get her face back?

-are we ever going to address the Tucker abduction thing? And is he dead dead now?

-what was with the weird demon antique guy and the doll painting?

-what happened to BBD? 

-will we get any backstory on Dolls? why is he a lizardman who breaths fire? what happened in Afghanistan? how does he know Mictshin?

-where did the Order come from and what else have they been up to?

-will we get more info on Nicole’s wife? Or her experience with boy-men in the past? 

-all of the Wayhaught drama resolution? (Nicole reading Waverly’s mail and hiding the results; Waverly kissing Rosita; that whole wife thing; etc.)

-what’s up with all of the rings that the widows have? 

-is widow Mercedes decaying just because she was shot by peacemaker? 

-where did this spa come from? 

-what freaked Wynonna out about her ultrasound? 

-was Mictshin trying to jump to Nicole when they were at the high school 

-what were the other two seals supposed to be? 

-will Mercede’s condos ever be built?

Is anyone else waiting for a text conversation between Nicole and Waverly on that Purgatory site? Something along the lines of:

Nicole: I’m so sorry, can we please talk?

Nicole: Waves please talk to me. I’m sorry.

Nicole: Can you find a way to forgive me? I’m sorry.

Waverly: Dear control freak. I will talk to you when I want to talk to you. Until then, have a nice life hurting the people you love.

Nicole: Waves, please.

Waverly: Hey, are you up?

Nicole: Yeah.

Waverly: Can I come over? I’m sorry about that text, I was angry and drunk. Not the best of combinations.

Nicole: Of course. My door is always open to you.

Waverly: I’ll be over soon.

Nicole: ☺️

Is Nicole a werewolf?

I’m going to go ahead and say I hope she’s not.  Here’s my two cents on debunking some of the arguments used to support the theory (in no particular order):

1) Willingness to accept supernatural explanations for Purgatory:  If I were in her shoes and had seen/experienced the things she has, I’d totally be on board, too–and I’m not a werewolf.

2) Apparently quick to heal:  Granted, some recovery time seems pretty quick, but it’s a TV show.  Plus, my mom also kicked ass rebounding from some really nasty chemo treatments–and she’s not a werewolf.

3) Perceptive as hell:  Picking out the ringtone of a loved one from the other room and hearing boots clunking down the old-ass wooden floors in the hall of the homestead do not call for supernatural senses (Waverly was a little distracted). My kids’ godparents are both police officers who are perceptive as hell–and they’re not werewolves.

4) Wanting to be included with the “pack”:  Well, most of us want to be included in some way, don’t we?  Particularly in something special or something that our loved ones are doing–and we’re not werewolves.

[Wait a minute…maybe some of us are]

Ultimately, I really hope Nicole is just a strong, confident, loving, HEALTHY gay character who’s trying to build a relationship with Waverly.  We have enough supernatural complications with the Goo, so there’s no need to add more. At least the Goo is an external influence.  In the end, I really want Nicole and Waverly to be two normal human beings doing normal gay things…to include a lot of nuzzling of one’s girlfriend.

That being said, if Nicole does end up being a werewolf, you’ll find me flying the Werewolf Pride flag for her all day long.  She can join my pack any day. And I’ll enjoy the writing, the acting, and the whole story just as much.