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Drove All Night

So I was inspired to write this after watching the Voice in which Celine Dion was coaching some singers to perform her version of Drove All Night that’s been redone like a thousand times.

Waverly and Nicole are in a long distance relationship, but Nicole feels like surprising Waverly. If the title didn’t tell you exactly what happened… the below gif has nothing to do with the fic, I just think I’ll use it as often as possible

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“Wynonna….” Waverly whined in frustration. “I have to go.” Looking at her wristwatch, she could feel each second that bled away with her sister’s asinine…

“But… you’re the only one that pours my shots the way I like them.” Wynonna gave her a pleading look until she received the snap of a towel to the back of her head. “Hey!”

“Leave your sister alone, Wynonna.” Gus slipped behind the bar, grabbing a few empty pint glasses. “She’s got a date.”

“It’s not a date.” Waverly protested, unable to hide her smile as she untied her apron. “It’s just a call.”

“A pre-scheduled call that happens every Friday.” Gus pointed out as she filled a glass with beer.

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Hey, You. - Chris x MC Fanfic

[A little note: Why didn’t we get more time to bond with Chris’ siblings and why did we only meet one? These are the questions I ask myself when PB doesn’t give me enough to splurge my ideas. I’m indulging into a little fantasy where we get to see a little more of AJ’s perspective after meeting MC. Unfortunately we don’t really know much about her. But I think AJ’s adorable, especially how protective she is over her brother.]

[Summary: AJ isn’t quite sure what to make of Chris’ new girlfriend. The girl he’s spoken about all summer, the girl that’s taking her big brother away from her. And now she’s come face to face with the infamous girl that’s stolen her brother’s heart.]

Cherryfield Maine has always been known for it’s heat. Our summers are long and humid; with temperatures going up to as far as eighty, and winters that never feel long enough. By the time summer rolls around again, most of us don’t even remember what winter feels like.

My sweaty palms seem to echo that sentiment as I wipe them on my overalls. The heat is really bad today. More so than yesterday. There hasn’t been one day this entire week when it’s not. But today I don’t mind; I don’t mind because I know it’s the last day I’ll see Chris.

I drop another lobster by the net under my feet. They snap at me but otherwise are harmless in their tied up state. I drag my feet a little, taking unnecessary stops where possible. I don’t want him to go. 

He knows the game I’m playing but doesn’t complain that I’m too slow. He just grins at me, and wipes the sweat off his brow. 

Today’s Chris’ last day on the job. We’re at the docks, and like most of how we spend the summer – we’ve been taking care of boats and making sure the dock is always ready to go no matter the hour, and stocking up on seafood for local places.

I won’t ever admit it to him, but I like it when it’s just the two of us. Not when Kyle’s here, or even when mom comes by – just us, talking about the open ocean and dumb seafood stuff during our breaks.

That’s all about to change though. I can feel the tide coming even before it happens. The waves crashing to break all the happiness we’ve shared since he’s been back.

They arrive at the docks sometime in the afternoon. There’s three of them - dressed like they’re ready to go camping. None of them really catch my attention except for her. She’s the one that he keeps talking about. 

She’s his girlfriend. 

She’s got dark hair; hair that’s longer than mine and purple streaks - (the streaks are kind of cool). She wears them like she doesn’t care what other people’ll think. She’s all legs, really tall. Well, not as tall as my brother – no one’s taller than him. Still she’s tall enough that I’ve got to crane my neck upwards to get a good look of her face in this heat.

They’re all smiling when they spot us. They’re probably really happy to see Chris, so their eyes don’t linger on me. And hers linger on him for far too long before they start walking toward us.

Chris doesn’t see them. Not yet. He’s too busy catching the last lobster; so he misses the sound of their footsteps. I don’t want to say anything. In fact, I kind of wish they’d leave. I’m not ready to meet them, knowing that if I do that’ll be the last time I’ll see him for the rest of the summer. I’m not ready for stupid summer goodbyes.

Then he adjusts and I watch uneasily how much they seem to stare at each other. You’d think they haven’t seen each other  in forever the way they’re looking at each other. Long stares that’s starting to make me feel like a third wheel. I shift uncomfortably on my feet as he gets up to greet them.

“Look who’s hard at work.” She’s grinning from ear to ear before they hug each other. And they hug…. And they hug for a really long time. I fold my arms and tap my feet impatiently until they let go.

Once they do, Chris exchanges nods with the other two people right behind her. They’re both sort of tall too, and one of them’s wearing this weird ice cream shirt that suddenly makes me remember I haven’t eaten lunch. “You guys made it! That was faster than I thought.” He checks his watch absently, “I guess time really flew by huh?”

“Not soon enough.” She says, her eyes flitting back to him. “I’ve missed you.” She says the words softly like she doesn’t want the rest of us to hear, but I hear it. Then she’s looks back at her other friends, “I guess we could’ve coordinated better. We didn’t mean to interrupt.” She smiles sheepishly. And then her eyes look at me.

She’s pretty. Really pretty. The kind of pretty that I didn’t think my brother liked. Not girl-next-door-pretty. But tv-show pretty. Except without the make-up. Hey, you. Don’t take my brother away. I say silently. I hope the dismissive glance I give her finishes the words I won’t say out loud.

“No worries, we were just finishing up anyway.” Chris prompts me, “Right?” When I don’t respond he pokes my sides.

I scowl before slapping his hands away then turn my gaze back to the rest of his friends. Suddenly I feel like the outsider looking in; they’re all talking about how their summers have been and all I’ve got are boring stories about being home. I take a couple steps back, until I’m almost behind Chris.

“Anyway, it’s great to see you guys.” Chris adds. Suddenly he seems to remember I’m here again. “Guys, this is my little sister Jo-”

Chris,” My scowl deepens. “I already told you – it’s AJ now.” I insist glaring up at him. Ever since he’s been back, I’ve told him more than a hundred times that I don’t go by Jo anymore. Jo isn’t cool, AJ is. AJ gets people to notice. AJ gets people to treat me like everyone else, and not just some little girl.

Chris laughs and pats the top of my head. Its what mom does whenever she thinks she knows best and I move away from his hand by the third time he pats me. “My little sister everyone.” He winks at them, “Who’s recently decided to go by AJ. She’s been helping me with my summer job.”

Zack snorts, “Looks like an arm workout to me.” He’s eyeing the amount of seafood we’ve caught with a wry expression.

I nod and feel a growing sense of accomplishment. It’s an important job, one that I take seriously, maybe even more than Chris does. I feel proud of myself for being able to keep up with him.  And I like using my hands to do something. Books that aren’t comics bore me, and I’m not interested in the same things Kyle is.  Chris is way more fun than he is anyway. Kyle gets annoying after awhile because he thinks he’s a-know-it-all.

The girl in front of us extends a hand. “Hey, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Micah -”

“I know who you are.” I interrupt quickly. She’s all he’s been talking about since he’s been home. Of course I know who she is. I fold my arms again, “You’re her.” I say the last bit with as much venom as I can muster.

I don’t shake her hand until Chris nudges me. “AJ, we talked about this.”

“I mean hi, I guess.” I mumble, adjusting the top of my cap nervously. Why am I so nervous? I don’t care if she doesn’t like me. This time, I’m scowling at myself. I’m nervous in a way that has nothing to do with the heat. I don’t want to talk to her anymore. I hug myself and don’t meet her gaze.

Except she just keeps talking.

I’m irritated that she isn’t taking the hint. She just keeps smiling at me, even though I’m only responding with one-word answers as Chris shows the rest of their friends around.

“So how well do you know my brother, anyway?” I interrupt finally. I jut my chin out and eye her suspiciously. “Do you know the important stuff?” I demand, shifting my feet. “Like what his secret talent is?” No one knows that outside of our family. I smirk triumphantly at her, hoping that my question will her crack her confidence.

Her eyes widen in surprise and I feel a surge of satisfaction that I’ve caught her off-guard. “Uh, am I taking a test?”

I roll my eyes, “Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know.” What kinda girlfriend is she anyway? 

She looks lost in thought for a moment while I shift on my feet again. I’m starting to get this funny feeling that she’s toying with me until she bends down to where we’re nearly eye level. “Piece of cake! Chris’ secret talent is floral arrangements.” She winks, “I’m hoping he’ll make me a bouquet one of these days. Maybe for a surprise gift on my birthday.”

“Oh, you do know!” I blink at her in surprise as she grins. “Wow, I guess you and Chris share everything.” I lower my gaze and bite my bottom lip. I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I’m used to Chris sharing everything with me. I guess he doesn’t need to anymore now that he’s got her.

“Oh, not everything. We didn’t get to talk a lot about you, AJ. And I know how much you, Kyle and your mom means to him.” She touches my shoulder and the little gesture startles me.

I glance up to see her doing that smiling thing again. It’s hard to hate someone when they’re being so nice. “Well there’s not much to tell,” I mutter, suddenly feeling shy again. “It’s not like we’d have anything in common anyway.” I make a face at her.

“Oh you’d be surprised.”



I think for a moment, trying to come up with something I can’t see her enjoying. She doesn’t look like the type to like superheroes. “I bet you’ve never even read a comic.”

“I used to read a lot of x-men as a kid. Although I don’t know if that really counts since I don’t have the time anymore.”

I stare at her - mouth nearly agape, until she laughs. Nicole never liked comics.“Do you like Storm? She’s so cool. One of my favorite X-mens of all time.” I don’t notice that we’re starting to lag behind the rest of them. Because unlike Nicole, she doesn’t brush me aside to get to my brother.

She keeps in step with me as we start chatting about our different fan favorites. She laughs at something funny I say, and I find myself smiling up at her in return. Maybe she isn’t so bad after all.

Hey you, take care of my brother okay? I say silently.

I think there’s this unspoken promise between us that she will.

I have heard so many people say that, in Supergirl, we don’t have any focus on Maggie because she’s just Alex’s significat other, and Alex is just Kara’s sister. So, I wanted to compare it to one of my favorite shows, with which Supergirl has a lot in commen: Wynonna Earp.

They both have two badass main female characters: 

Who have an equally badass gay sister:

Who is dating a clueless cop that later finds out the truth (the Earp curse being real/Kara being Supergirl):

But, the difference is that Wynonna Earp gives each one of their characters so much screentime that we get backstories for them even with less episodes. We’ve learn so much about Nicole in season two while all we know about Maggie is that she was kicked out of her house.

So whenever someone else tells me that Maggie can’t have a backstory because she’s just Alex’s girlfriend, I’m gonna recommend Wynonna Earp to them, so they can see a show doing their characters justice.


After lunch, Nico, Zeke and Ivory sit by a fire pit, enjoying the San Myshuno sunshine and the cawing of gulls overhead. They talked quietly of Niara and Jarrod, Nicole, the twins and the future.

 It was very peaceful by the waterfront. Nico grudgingly admits  Zeke had chosen a perfect family home for his daughter. 

Remy still didn’t care for Ivory and it was hard for him to hide his dislike of her so he didn’t join the adult’s conversation. The children gravitated to him, and followed him everywhere, so he wasn’t able to speak with the adults even if he wanted to. He didn’t mind it though. He liked kids. He liked how open and honest and innocent they were.

Remy sighs: Okay, Keyon and I have been watching you two hula hoop forever. Neither one of you are dropping the hoop. And you both twirl exactly the same. So how are we supposed to pick a winner?

Keyon: Yeah, how? This is getting boring.

Remy: Very boring. Matter of fact? Nicole, you win.

Nicole: Hooray! Yay me!

Vivi indignant: What? Why does she win?

Remy grins: Because she’s my niece, and my favorite. Who’se your winner, Keyon?

Keyon laughs: You win for me, Vivi, because you’re my sister! So there. Competition over!

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here's your chance to spread some love! tag your top ten mutuals and name a few things you adore about them! 💓✨

I don’t have ten… but I do have some!

@ellieljade - she is my soulmate. I’ve waxed poetic on her before, but truly. She is my soulmate. She’s become one of my dearest and closest friends. I can tell her anything, whether it’s something serious or something utterly stupid. She listens to me when I need to rant and exchanges ideas with me all day long (when we’re both awake. Stupid time zone differences). She also supplies me with that smut that’s finger licking good. I didn’t even like Tumblr till I got to know her and then we decided to delve into this site to first exchange hundreds (literally hundreds) of pictures of BTS and then it progressed into writing. She’s my biggest fan and supporter. She’s also my neediest reader, too. Yeah, I said it, Nicole. Fite me. I love her so very much. I love being her friend. I love that she got drunk enough one night to suggest a group chat which I felt brave enough to join. My life would be completely and utterly different without her in it. 

@jeonjagiya - Iris is one of my favorites. Our friendship came around through Nicole, actually, and we’ve become pretty damn close. She’s a great listener, giving advice freely but also carrying a fucking huge amount of snark that makes me giggle. She has a way with words that can pull the reader in and practically place them in the scene and it’s simply because she puts so much of herself into writing. I love the way her mind works when she’s working on a fic. If she gets messed up writing it, then we as the readers are bound to suffer. She’s super sweet, deals with assholes all day, and makes me laugh over and over again with her rants.

@btssmutgalore - yet another friendship ultimately brought around by Nicole. Dee is, without a single doubt, one of the most sincerely nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Seriously. She’s so kind, always encouraging, and is an absolute delight to chat with. She’s determined to bring Taehyung up on my list, though, so she consistently bombards me with pictures of him. I’m suffering y’all. The way she writes is also phenomenal AND she does so in a second language. She’s so disciplined to have mastered English the way she has and write so freely in it. I’m seriously in awe of her. AND she was pumping out fics left and right on top of being in full-time grad school. Y’all. This woman is amazing. 

@war-of-hormoan - Rams is one of my newest mutuals and friends. I met her through Iris. :) She’s an absolute sweetheart with a mutual love for coffee. She understands how live giving the drink is, so I love her for it. She’s another one of these amazing writers who is able to pop out deliciousness in such a short amount of time. I love the way her mind works, especially when she’ll pop into the chat all, “So, I have another idea…”. It’s hilarious. She’s seriously talented, y’all. I’m excited to continue getting to know her. :)

This turned into a long post, buuuuut. Ah well~.

Obstacles 14 (ROMAN Reigns)

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Warnings: NONE


Y/N looked around anxiously as the cool breeze blew her hair into her face.

She then checked the time on her phone.

2:30 pm.

“Fuck.” She mumbled to herself. “I can’t believe she lied.” Y/N continued getting up to get her things.

After the little bit of information she got out of Nicole, I decided it was best of they met up in person to talk.

She wanted this chick to look her in the eyes when she explained what even scheme her and Finn tried to carry out.

And naturally, I chose a public, and busy place.

Namely, Starbucks.

Who knows what she could be planning?

Shit, she could have Finn lurking in some bush ready to knock my ass out and hold me hostage.

The plus to meeting her, was that it was one of my favorite places.

But it looks like this was just a waste of my time.


“Excuse me, but is your name Y/N?” A female spoke after tapping me on my back after I walked away from my seat.

I turned around, facing the woman, immediately recognizing her as Nicole.

From the pictures that were splashed across every headline and social media after the scandal broke.

Her face was burned in my memories to say the least.

But I gotta admit, she was prettier in person.

Her long, strawberry blonde hair falling just below her shoulders, a figure for for a model, and the height to go along with it.

If I wasn’t confident in my looks, I might have been jealous.

“Uh, yeah… Nicole right…?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry I’m late. You know how that 2 o'clock traffic can be.” She laughed trying to ease whatever tension, that was building between us.

I mean, I didn’t feel it.

But who’s to say she didn’t?

“It’s okay.” I replied. “At least I know you didn’t actually stand me up.”

“No, of course not.” She said shaking her head. “Like I said, i really want to get this weight of my shoulders and if that means telling you everything. I’m ready to do that.”

And I’m ready to hear it, I said in my mind.

“Lets go find a table.”


Both me and Nicole took a sip of our drinks in silence.

Mines, a mocha frappuccino and hers a tevana.

How accurate of her to order tea.

“Okay…” I heard her began to talk snapping me away from my thoughts. “I don’t know how to began, or even say this but. What you think happened didn’t…”

I nodded staying silent.

Only talking I wanna hear right now, is hers.

“…See, I kinda go way back with Finn, but out of the blue, I get this call. From Finn, of course. And he tells me that he’s got a way that I could make some serious cash.”

She paused to take another sip. “And I just went for it. I was just in, as shameful as that is to say…”

Yeah it is shameful, I thought. Just agreeing to something just cause cash is mentioned.

“…He wanted me to drug Roman, slip something in his drink and you know. Have sex with him then post the pictures online for you to find out. He even gave me Roman’s room key, that he somehow got a hold of.”

I frowned making a disgusted face.

What kind of fucked up plan did they come up with?

Like this shit’s all over the place.

“But the point is I couldn’t do it. So I faked the whole thing, but told Finn I did do it, just so he could wire the money to me. And a couple days ago I saw a missed call from his second number so when I called him, he joked like is it twins? Or something and that’s when I realized he thought I was supposed to get pregnant. So I told him the truth.”

I swear, if I don’t have a headache before, I do now.

“So, let me see if I’m comprehending.” I said. “You have a history with Finn. He came up with the plan and you went along with it for the money. And on top of that Finn maybe, expected you to get pregnant from all of this. Did i miss anything?”

Nicole shook her head.

“And why the fuck would you agree to so some shit like this for money? Are you some kind of escort or..?”

“No, I’m not, okay?” Nicole spat sounding offended. “I’m a decent person, I was just caught up in his mess. And I needed the money for my sick dad.”

I rolled my eyes. “So now were lying on dads here? Did Finn send your here to mess with me?”

“I’m not lying Y/N. I wouldn’t do that, like I said it was fucked up and I went along with it but I did it for a good reason. I’m sorry I cause you hurt in the process but–”

Is this woman forreal?

“You’re damn right you’re sorry.” I whisper yelled. “You caused so much shit in my marriage. So much shit with my husband. And now you tell me it was a lie? That I’ve been holding false shit over his head, throwing it at him our of spite?” I say back in my seat. “How the hell am I gonna look when I have to be the one to tell him he didn’t fuck up after all?”

Nicole sighed. “I don’t know. Honestly Y/N, I don’t. I just wanted you to know you have a good husband, you just had a fucked up person who wanted you and tried to go to extremes for you to want him in your life.” She said as she got up and left.

I too got up and headed out to my car.

Nicole’s story was spotty.

But it seemed true, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

I bit my lip thinking of things I’ve said to Roman out of anger for what I thought happened.

How I kicked him out of our home, me trying my best to keep him out of my life.

The things that Roman was forced to miss out on during my pregnancy because of a huge lie.

And that’s not even all of it.

We missed out on important things we should’ve been witnessing together.

All cause of someone wanting me?

I felt tears come to my eyes.

I pushed him away, told him I hated looking at him.

I missed out on a year I should’ve spent loving him, cause of some false accusations.

Time I can’t get back.

“I am so sorry Roman.” I said out loud, but to myself. “I’m so sorry.”


The story was purposely spotty so that the Reader’s reactions to some things would make sense lol hope no ones confused tho


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Expose Mike and coffee girl. expose Beverly. Expose Stanley

Nicole is my favorite non Loser. She is so lovely. She really wants to dye her hair purple but her boss is ajackass and wont let eher. She always gives me one size alrger and she always asks about mike and she isreally cute and nice and she asks about mike alot that i think she is usingme to get info but i do not mind. 

mike is sp pure but he has a different song for each animal on hisfarm when they get upset and sometimes hellface time me and put the cows and chieckens on and i love it so much because he is so careful with them and loves hem so much and he will fing to them over facetime? purest person every, mike is

beverly owns a skateboard abut annot use it. she loves the stars and hates the cold and he steals bens clothes without tellinghim and lets himlook for them andfeels guilty about it and she once cried because she was drunk and thought i was ben and was very sad when i wasnt 

stan is not nearly as tough as he acts and keeps verything he is evr given and everything has a palce, even people and he is so nie and soft but will fucking beat you u p with words if you cross him but heloves so fucking hard and he is forever my favorite clean friend. and he loves bill so much and that means os much to me? like bill is foreve my first bff an d stan is perect for him and it makes my heart happpy 

- eddie

You can’t really blame Nicole. It’s not her fault demon possession just HAPPENS to look like her girlfriend’s favorite character 

For @ElyzaClarke on twitter. She asked for Waverly being a huge clexa shipper, and THAT’S NOT EXACTALY WHAT YOU ASKED FOR, I’M SORRY, but this idea stuck in my head. I may do a proper one later if I have time.

Doodle requests are closed, atm. I have lots to do and I’m moving back to Brazil at the end of the month! Probably will open them again once I get there!

If you repost on twitter please tag me! I’m @cahlac over there! Or just RT the original post!

A Wayhaught Breakfast
  • Nicole's lips tasted like syrup and coffee, and Waverly couldn't help but grin into the kiss. Her bliss was cut short, however, when she heard Wynonna clearing her throat behind them. Tearing her lips away form her girlfriend's she turned to glare at her sister.
  • "Sorry, it's way too early for that shit guys, I at least need some coffee on my stomach before you two get all mushy on me." Wynonna half apologized, one hand reaching for the coffee pot, the other grabbing a pancake from the stack. She tore off a giant bite of pancake with her teeth and grimaced before spitting it right back out into the trash can.
  • "What the fuck was that?"
  • "A blueberry pancake?" Waverly offered distractedly, eyes never breaking contact with Nicole's.
  • "You know I hate fruit in my pancakes." Wynonna pouted.
  • "Blueberry pancakes are Nicole's favorite."
  • "Blueberry pancakes are Nicole's favorite? Blueberry pancakes are Nicole's favorite? What am I? Chopped liver?"
  • Nicole's thumb reached out to swipe a smudge of syrup from her lips and her brain short circuited as she watched the tip of the redhead's thumb disappear past her lips.
  • "Sure Wynonna, whatever you want."
  • "What the heck?"
  • She turned at that to see Wynonna staring at them, eyes narrowed accusingly.
  • "What?"
  • "I knew letting Haught move in with us would come back to bit me in the ass." The eldest Earp shook her head before taking her coffee and the entire platter of bacon back to the living room.
  • "Wynonna! That's for everybody!" Waverly called after her sister.
  • "You know what I like to eat for breakfast more than blueberry pancakes?" Nicole's whispered voice tickled her ear.
  • "What?"
  • "You."
  • As Nicole's lips once again closed over hers, she forgot all about breakfast.


NAME : Nicole
NICKNAME :   Nikki (only a couple people call me that though) 
FACECLAIM :  i don’t usually use one
PRONOUNS : i prefer they/them but i’m okay with she/her
HEIGHT :   5′ 6″
BIRTHDAY : November 9th
AESTHETIC :  coffee, plaid/flannel shirts, backwards hats, nature, writing, video games
LAST  SONG  YOU  LISTENED  TO :  Hurt by Assembly Required
FAVORITE  MUSE (S)  YOU’VE  WRITTEN : All of my dctv muses honestly. I’ve grown very attached to them.


WHAT  INSPIRED  YOU  TO  TAKE  ON  THIS  MUSE :  Okay, here’s the thing. At first I was sort of indifferent about Eddie then around episode 4 or 5 it hit me and I went “oh my god he’s my favorite now” for literally now particular reason. I’m not kidding when I say that. Like literally over night, my opinion of him did a complete 180 and here we are. I also did a little searching through tumblr and found that there weren’t any active so I decided to make him. 

WHAT  ARE  YOUR  FAVOURITE  ASPECTS  OF  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE : By far, my favorite thing about Eddie is how honest he wants to be Iris after Barry tells him that he’s The Flash and after Joe tells him he can’t tell her. It tears him up and he really wants to but he can’t because it’s not his secret to tell. 

Another favorite thing about Eddie is when he opens up his mouth and manages to raise the awkward from 0% to 100% ( like in this scene ) after digging himself into a hole then he decides to shut up and leave the room.

And I can’t not write about how much he loves Iris. This guy is so caring and so sweet. He’ll do things Iris likes even if he isn’t too excited about them, he’ll compliment her, he’ll tell her how much he cares about her and communication is important to the both of them. And what he says on the video that Barry gives her?? Every time I watch it, it brings me to tears because we get more of a sense of how he feels and he just believes in her so much. He just wants her to be happy and he was happy with her and it kills me because CW decided to kill him and destroy a perfectly good relationship (same with Ronnie too).

WHAT’S  YOUR  BIGGEST  INSPIRATION  WHEN  IT  COMES  TO  WRITING :  Usually I make playlists for all my muses and ships. So music is always a good inspiration. If my writing partner and I have a thread or a plot or a ship that we’re excited about, that always inspires me too. 

Also, ever since I made Eddie, I’ve had so many of my writing partners tell me how much they love him and his character and that just makes me really happy. Like I’m happy writing him and I’m glad that other people really like him as well. It means a lot when I get people telling me how excited they are to write with Eddie and that keeps me pretty inspired.

FAVORITE  TYPES  OF  THREADS :  It’s torn between angst and fluff because who doesn’t love either of those things?? Both in the same thread? Heck yeah! That’s even better. Also, I love plotted verses and threads that my partner and I really talk about and get super into because it gives me that vibe that they’re just as excited about it as I am.

BIGGEST  STRUGGLE  IN  REGARDS  TO  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE : TIME. I’m a full-time university student which means I have homework and other school related obligations. And my major is english so I do a lot of writing and reading for class and sometimes I’m not in much of a mood to write here. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing here and on my other blogs but I do a lot of writing for class too and sometimes it drains me.

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The charm @kilianthewatchdog gave to me is my prise possession. It saved my life, and it makes me happy to know Kilian took time out of his day to make sure I am safe!

My favorite memory is meeting Jeffrey! It was startling at first, but I-I am happy I-I meet him. He is like family to me! 

Sport head cannon: Nicole is stronger and faster than the average 15 year old, so she would be very good at most sports… Besides baseball. 

I hate it when I-I am told to get over it. I-It is not that simple. 

Sleep head cannon: Nicole has been having a lot of nightmares recently…

I-I do have a small crush on @roy-the-watchdog

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Tarzan! I-I also like the movie My Cousin Amy! 

Weather head cannon: Nicole lives in the skull ship, which flouts around in space… So Nicole doesn’t have much experience with rain and sunny days

School head cannon: Nicole lacks common sense, but she is very book smart. I believe Nicole would do good in a public school. Nicole’s brother teaches her what she needs to know to be able to help run the skull ship. 

Decided to make a FEH favs collage that I’ve seen everyone doing here. These ten are either ones I use most often or are my favorites, or both. 

- Ayra: One of my most recent heroes and honestly, one that I didn’t think I’d actually manage to get (let alone TWO of her!), especially considering that I’m a F2P player. I still need to give her reposition and a c-skill (and I’m debating whether or not to 5-star my Chrom so I can give her Aether), but she’s already my best offensive sword unit. She also reminds me of my OC, Nicole Sera.

-Cordelia: One of the first 5-stars I ever summoned and also my favorite unit from Awakening. She’s been useful since day 1, and ever since giving her a Firesweep Lance+ she’s only become even more useful. I love her. 

-PA! Azura: Right before I summoned her I literally said “Let’s not summon Azura!” In this case, reverse psychology worked, because she was the exact unit I summoned. What’s more, about a week later I end up summoning two more in a row! She was the only PA! unit I was able to summon, but I don’t regret it, because a free fury boost and a second action per round is incredible. 

-Brave Lyn: Honestly, the main reason she’s here is because I have no other 5-star bow units, which was the exact reason I chose her as my free unit during the CYL banner. She’s been really good (especially on my horse emblem team) and I’m debating whether or not to give her a brave bow (which I probably will eventually). 

-Kagero: There aren’t a whole lot of good dagger units (that aren’t limited units), but Kagero is definitely one of them. I almost overlooked her at first, but when I need someone who can utterly destroy infantry units, I can rely on her.

-Sanaki: I got her from a random summon along with a 5-star Lilina (one of the few times I’ve summoned two 5-stars in one session), and I almost considered using her for triangle adept fodder. I’m glad that I didn’t, because she’s +Atk and completely wrecks axe users (she’s the reason I was able to beat Legion’s Infernal map).

-Robin(M): One of the first units I promoted to a 5-star, Robin has been my anti-archer unit ever since Takumi was prevalent. Now with Brave Lyn all over the place he’s become very useful again. He’s also Cordelia’s husband (as far as my Awakening file goes anyway).

-Nino: This Nino used to be a 3-star, but through love, training, and lots of feathers, I turned her into a green-tome goddess (as some of my college friends call her). She only has neutral IVs, but it’s been enough to help me through a lot of arena battles. 

-Ninian: I was lucky enough to get two Ninians when she was first released. Unfortunately, I didn’t check their IVs when I merged them and ended up fusing into a -spd one. It’s a good thing she’s primarily a dancer, and she’s been a damn useful one at that!

-Sakura: Okay, so she’s not the best healer out there, but I did summon her as a 5-star and she’s come in useful in some scenarios, such as the warriors maps for grinding (god, I miss those maps!).

I wonder how many of the artists whose songs I listen to have a One Song that I just haven’t run across yet.

A One Song is the song that, though it may not end up being my favorite, gets me to check out what else the artist has sung. There appear to be no restrictions on what can be a One Song, not even that I like it or that I end up liking the artist’s work in general. Heck, Megan Nicole’s One Song was someone else’s cover of a song she’d covered.

Name/Alias: The name is Carrie, like Stephen King’s Carrie.

Writer Favorites:

  • Faceclaim: For as long as I have roleplayed I have truly loved Rachel McAdams and Kat Dennings, with time I have grown accustomed to many others. I think I would love to use Ana de Armas and Eiza Gonzales soon! As well as Nicole Kidman and Brie Larson.
  • Muse: Carrie Sutton, no doubt, my oldest muse and also the one that inspired me to get this alias. She was a journalist that fell in the spiderwebs of the mafia for a note’s sake.
  • Character: Amy Elliot-Dunne, Cersei Lannister, Dorian Gray and Jay Gatsby.

Personal Favorites:

  • Subject/Class?: *Phew!* Right now I am mesmerized by Psychology of Design. I will tell you a little story, I am a graphic design major and last semester a friend of mine said he would buy me red velvet cake if I made a report for him. He aced his report, I fell in love with a subject I was not even in yet and got my cake. Win-win right there.
  • Movie/Show?: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Buzzfeed Unsolved.
  • Food/Drink?: Any type of bread (…it’s your homegirl, Jeanie Valjean) and strawberry milkshakes.

If we were to read a headline about you, what would it read?: “Venezuelan Student Raises The Bar By Suggesting To Replace The Word Fiance With Husfriend

What concept has piqued your interest/are you most excited to see?: Ripen. The moment I read the skeleton I felt lightheaded and that is something amazing.

A gif that best describes you:

Just imagine a couple years down the line Nicole proposing to Waverly.

She plans out this huge trip and keeps everything a secret from everyone because she doesn’t want Waverly to find out even the tiniest detail. 

First she takes Waverly to parachute out of a plane at fifteen thousand feet even though it scares the living hell out of her but it’s worth it because she had never seen Waverly look so free, so full of life.

Next she takes Waverly to a beach and they swim far, far out into the ocean so that they can’t see the bottom anymore. The water is freezing and Nicole is sure her legs will be sore for a whole mouth but then Waverly kisses her as they’re floating in the middle of the ocean and it’s worth it. 

Then she takes Waverly to eat gooey duck and she could hardly stand to look at it, let alone eat it but Waverly fed it to her and it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it looks. They spend most of the night feeding each other in between soft kisses and whispers of sweet nothings and again it’s worth it. 

Without Nicole by her side, holding her hand the whole way, giving her encouraging smiles and telling her to be brazen Waverly would have been terrified and probably wouldn’t have done any of it. 

When they finally return home to Purgatory after being gone for two weeks, Nicole blindfolds Waverly for one last surprise. She drives them to the station, telling Waverly to stay in the truck and not to peek. She grabs a bag out of the back and rushes inside to set up Waverly’s favorite candles. 

Once everything is ready, Nicole goes to get Waverly and helps her out of the truck, shushing every time she ask a question. She leads her into Nedley’s office, pushing her gently down onto the couch, where Waverly was brazen all those years ago and then kneels in front of it, telling her to take the blindfold off.

“It’s my turn to be brazen,” She smiles, dimples and all opening up a small velvet box, containing a modest diamond ring. “Waverly Earp, will you marry me?” 

i wasn’t ready to have no place for my roots to grow but here i am, some kind of rootless. like a lily pad — sweet water terror no real bloom yet, roots skirting past the backs of minnows or some other finned thing. turns out i gotta move out of my house by the end of january. i think i’ve got something lined up, so i feel okay, at least for the month — sweet sublet at a friend’s. i’m a self-sabotaging fool but we don’t need to talk about it, only that i have created a chaos that i have control over in a swarming chaos that goes on with me, without my say. i’m bitter i’m angry i’m full of some grief that i was not ready for and that was to be left to my own accord and i wasn’t ready for that yet — to have all these unresolved things. to feel so intensely, to feel so intensely… i made a promise to myself to be kind but that’s turning out more difficult than i thought it was going to be because what models does one follow to have compassion? i’m really trying but it’s scaring me. i’ve been making doctors appointments and i laughed when the allergist told me ballpark $400-800 because i cannot afford that but here i am making the appointment anyways! called a therapist specializing in cult recovery & other fun things. am seeing a naturopath the day i get back. i’m, whoo! exhausted. doctors are exhausting. how many times can i explain myself. 

the other day my wallet was stolen the second i stepped foot into midtown which is hilarious because new york knows i have grown too soft, too dreamy-eyed or whatever. all ferns and cedar trees and talking about healing. i forgot to keep an eye on my things, having moved somewhere where people often don’t lock their car doors at nights. i sat on a step in front of some bank and sobbed and lit a cigarette knowing i would regret it because it would cause a flare up but i was sobbing and screaming at the passersby telling them to stop fucking looking at me and putting curses on the motherfucker who stole my wallet calling my father laughing hysterically thinking, “this is it! this is it, isn’t it. this is exactly what needed to fucking happen” all while the days move on the clouds move over us and every minute some boat takes off from a dock nearby to touch the throat of another place, crossing millions of minnows all the while. i feel rootless, something finless and wafting like an oak leaf dropped and sunk into a body of a lake. i won’t say that new york makes me feel like this, but being back here has been reminding me that there is no back here anymore and there are triggers everywhere reminding me of when i was so shapeless and so bound to what other people wanted of me because i had no model of normality and at least thank god for olympia for giving me the freedom of myself. thank god for olympia for showing me boundaries. but god, coming back here. the shapeless metallic city.

i have been sleeping for more days than i’ve been awake since i’ve been back. have been having a flare-up or a strange, lingering sore throat. drank too much the first week. was a day late to have tteokguk. met with shuang who said she loves me and that i am not a bad person. was looking at her too intensely because i don’t know how to have human interactions very well right now. have been meeting with people who have had chances to heal and who tell me, after-the-fact — you just must fall into it shinji. you just must go into that place it hurts and love it. it is yours. “how long did it take you?” “a year.” “how did you do it?” “i let myself go.” something about morgan is the everything of love. we have been writing each other letters all year. we meet at curry in a hurry and sit eating sweets upstairs wrapped in our scarves, and i am comforted at her movements because they bring me back to who i am. remind me of the way my hands move when i am warm and lilting and loving. her presence holding as i could not be in that movement, could do little but wrap my scarf around my body and be ashamed of my oozing, cracked hands and say, “it is hard and i do not know how to do it but i know i will make it through but i haven’t built the boat yet.” and she laughs and she doesn’t say “we are already in the boat!” but i leave feeling as if that were the case. 

tired, i’m tired. i’m staying at my friend’s house. her mother has taken me in as her daughter. this family has treated me so kindly, has given me a room — a futon with sheets over it. a blanket. in my attic i find four boxes of books that i had stored here last year when i moved away, and find my copy of my side of the mountain — my favorite book growing up. about a kid who runs away from home to live in a tree in the catskills, and am comforted in the story — the ease to which you can just catch a falcon, live in a hemlock, make acorn pancakes, pick strawberries in the summer wild. this morning, after having only slept a few hours after getting into an argument with someone i love on the phone, the mother finds me sitting at the dining room table absent-mindedly drawing lines in my notebook and i tell her “nicole i am not doing okay i don’t think” and she asks me what’s wrong and i can’t tell her and start to cry and she stands up and holds me and holds me, and lets me cry. “i know, shinji. that this has been hard for you. you have been trying so well. but you do not need to make yourself so small. you do not need to make yourself disappear. you are not bad. i know that you feel alone and that you feel helpless and like you need to do it on your own, but we all need people. it’s okay to need people. you are human, and you are cared for, and you are going to make it through. breathe.

shinji, just breathe.”

I’m freeeeee!!!

You know what? Thank you for that horrid finale, Sleepy Hollow. 

It has felt like an abusive relationship for a while, watching one of my favorite TV characters (and the actress) get disrespected in so many ways, but the chemistry/bond/relationship between the leads kept me in your clutches. 

But with your decision to kill off Grace Abigail Mills while undermining everything she was built up to be…

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did you meet your girlfriend on tumblr

Oh wow. After 21 years, it’s going to take some getting used to that word.

Yes! Nicole and I first met on Tumblr. We silently supported each other’s posts by liking/reblogging and would message each other occasionally and then frequently. This was one of my favorite periods; getting to know her intimately, and her me, without hardly knowing what she even looked like, aside from a picture or two. I plucked up the courage to ask her to Skype with me and walked her through setting it back up since she like never used it. By that point, interacting with her was fluid beyond belief. I offhandedly made obscure references to movies she picked up on, I found myself being able to be the witty doofus with her that I so frequently had to keep inside from everyone else, lest I be too annoying. We would Skype frequently, not because we felt like we had to or because it was habit or anything, but because we wanted to. We constantly wanted to be there to support the other, to hear about their day, to offer words of encouragement, and just learn more about them. Sometimes it would be each day, or weeks in between, but the important thing was that we knew we could always rely on the other if we needed them.

She was (is) my best friend, and I’ve never had a best friend. I’ve never had that opportunity to be so inherently and intimately close with someone. To know their heart and they know yours.

Of course, you get that curiosity, no matter how well you know (about) someone, to know how you would interact with them in person. To see if you would be nervous, or awkward, or if things would click and just flow. Nicole felt the same and what kind of best friends have never given their best friend a hug? So after much struggle, debate, and patience, she was able to visit me late July this summer for almost a week. I can say, without a doubt, that was the happiest period of my lifetime. Seeing her on my doorstep, beaming up at me, hearing her squeal in excitement and me pick her up in a grandiose hug. Wow. My heart. She made a place that was struggling to feel like home for me, feel like home. Feel like the comforts and love back in my hometown, and whatever town I may start my life in. We cooked, we laughed, we went on walks, we watched Sherlock, we danced (in the rain), we admired Nature’s beauty, we went on a date; beautiful things with a beautiful person. Even though we were just friends, I admired that woman so much and felt comfortable enough in kissing her. She was my first kiss in my nearly 21 years of life, and it was splendid and I look forward to more from her. We talked about futures and where we, individually, wanted to end up. We talked about futures and where we, together, wanted to end up. I appreciate the fact that we can talk so plainly about important things that others tend to shy away from.

That was, hands down, the happiest week of my life, and I hope to spend thousands more with her.

Meeting Nicole Beharie (read until end)

First of all let me say this. Nicole is more beautiful in real life. How can that be? Ugggh. She walked onto the stage ever so gracefully, but she was so short that I could barely see her even though I was in the very front row right in front of her. She didn’t wear any heels maybe because she said she had just finished filming a scene for episode 9 running around in the woods in the cold hours before. The panel began and she began answering with her nerdy quirkiness. Someone asked what was her favorite stunt to shoot this season, and Me being me I had to answer for her because I already knew the answer. “The water works” I said she turned and squinted/stared at me for what seemed like forever “who ARE you?” She asked with a huge smile on her face. My sister had gotten up to ask a question and when she asked it she started off with “my sister made me get up and ask a question you may see her in the front row with the Same face as me.” Nicole turned and said “you’re twins!” She answered the question and was waiting for the next when we heard this thumping sound. It was this lady next to me punching her chest very hard. Like really hard, And she kept saying “oh my god she’s beautiful” of course Nicole heard it and we exchanged a look of WTF!! And we both began laughing. No one else knew why we were laughing. (I have a fucking insider with Nicole Beharie.) As the panel went on my sister and I being the little sarcastic beings that we are were making remarks on things. Nicole heard us and laughed at them. Later on was the photo op. As we entered the room Nicole gave me a look of recognition and I almsot died. After placing my bag on the table I walked/skipped over to her while saying “nikki!” She responded with “the twinnnnnnnn” I laughed and my sister joined us “the sleepy hollow twins!” She yelled again. My sister gave her a well deserved “yaaaas” and then she gave me a hug and said…..wait for it “I love y'all! You’re funny!!” We said our thank you’s and she began saying “I love y'all. ” Like 2 more times. As we wear taking the picture my sister said something and made her laugh you can kind of see it in the photo. The security rushed us out but Nicole was still talking to us as we walked out. I don’t know what she was saying, but I got my life.