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friends don’t treat me like you do

summary: Why had Dan agreed to this? Pretending to be Phil’s boyfriend at his ex’s wedding had seemed like a nice idea at first, a way to meet some of Phil’s old university friends while helping him avoid humiliation, but already Dan’s on edge. 

If Dan allows himself to relax for a day, lets himself watch Phil as much as he wants, touch Phil as much as he wants, carry on their flirtatious banter when normally he’d laugh it off… he’s worried about what Phil might see.

word count: ~3800

a/n: this is my fill for the sfw prompt for day 4 of phanweek, fake dating!

this fic is a couple of firsts for me! it’s my first ‘getting together’ fic, and my first attempt to write from Phil’s perspective (as much as anything is from anyone’s perspective in a third person fic), so i really hope you like it!

title from friends by ed sheeran

also available on AO3

‘Well, don’t you scrub up nicely,’ Phil teases, running his eyes blatantly up and down Dan’s body.

‘Yeah, yeah,’ Dan dismisses, rolling his eyes and trying to pretend Phil’s words don’t actually please him.

‘Can’t I compliment my boyfriend?’ Phil asks lightly, exiting his flat and locking the door behind him.

Dan reaches out to shove him into the wall, but otherwise ignores Phil’s words. They settle into casual conversation on the walk to the train station, but internally Dan is freaking out.

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blvck-kat  asked:

Imagine Bucky buying himself something nice for the first time and he's super happy about it. Maybe like a new pair of shoes or a leather jacket or something 😊

“Okay, seriously, Bucky.  I love you like a brother, but you gotta stop stealing my shoes,” Sam said as he shoved a tattered running sneaker in Bucky’s face. “These were damn near new before you got to them.”

Bucky took the shoe and visually inspected it before tossing it back to Sam.  Aside from some dirt, frayed shoelaces and a hole forming in the sole, they were almost new.  "Looks fine to me.“

“No more raiding my closet, Barnes,” Sam said.  "Not until you get some stuff I can snag from you.  That’s fair, isn’t it?“

"All I have are my combat boots.”

“You stole them from Steve.”

“Whatever.  Anyway, ‘steal’ is a really hurtful word, Sam,” Bucky began with humor dancing in his words. “I like to say I’m…temporarily taking possession with intent to return.  Eventually.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well, go get your own shoes so you won’t have to do whatever it is you just said.  Oh, and put it on Stark’s expense account.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow.  "We can do that?“

"No one said we couldn’t.”  Sam shot Bucky a wink and left the room, busted sneakers in hand.

“Can I keep those, at least?” Bucky asked while Sam was still in earshot.



Since Sam’s closet was off-limits for the time being, Bucky figured he should take his friend’s advice and get his own shoes.  Trouble was that there was such a huge selection in the store he picked and he didn’t feel like going anywhere else.  How was he supposed to pick the perfect pair?  There were some fancy ones that looked more up Stark’s alley, some shoes without laces that looked like he’d fall out of them the first step he took and some strange knee high boots with a terrible tactical advantage.

“Who the hell would wear these?” he said to himself as he held onto a sneaker covered in faux fur for some strange reason.

“Oh, that happens to be one of our best sellers,” a store employee said from behind.  "Would you like to try them on?“

"Looks like they’d attack me in my sleep,” he joked.  "But, I do need some help.“

"Certainly!  What are you looking for?”

“Anything that doesn’t look like this,” he answered, motioning to the furry shoe in his hand.


“How many pairs did you buy?” Sam asked.  He’d entered the room Bucky shared with Steve and walked into a valley of shoe boxes, stumbling over one.  .

“Lost count after 10,” Bucky said, as he stood in the mirror, admiring the pair of very expensive, Italian leather motorcycle boots on his feet. His face broke into a bright smile as he looked back at Sam. “Fucking nice, right?”

“Very nice. Can’t wait to borrow them,” Sam said with a grin. “You know Stark is gonna kill you, right?”

Bucky shrugged and turned back to the mirror. “I can take him.”

Chris Hardwick: “If Morgan went crazy who would be most equipped to take him?”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “If he went crazy!?”


Chris Hardwick: “Again? If He went crazy again…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “The person who could take him down, probably, I was gonna say Michonne or Rick first, but it’s definetly Carol.
The way Carol looked at Father Gabriel….was like whatever…”

Chris Hardwick: “You disagree with…”

Damon Lindelof: “I don’t know….I am shaking in awe of Carol…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Carol is like a mastermind right now, she’s so badass…Can I say that…badass?!”

Chris Hardwick: “Yeah.”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “She’s so badass right now , I am pretty sure she would take him out without even thinking.”

Chris Hardwick: “Thats also her mutant power on the show….locking in…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “But…also doing it.”

Chris Hardwick: “But I also think but Michonne has got such a wisdom about her too without losing…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “If it had to be done and in that moment Michonne could do it, but I think if it was like someone had to make the decision that it’s time for Morgan to go…that would be Carol…”


October 25, 2015 - Talking Dead: “The Morgan Discussion”

*My opinion - Carol and Michonne would do it together!