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Sleepy Hollow: And the fuckery continues

I seriously need professional who are PAID to cover entertainment in general and Sleepy Hollow specifically to talk about the fact that this is NOT how you write the entire season when you know your lead actress (who is extremely popular) is leaving. The interviews with Clifton Campbell that I have read barely try to ask him why he decided to have a season barely focusing of the emotional journey of the character and instead made all storylines that should have been about her, about someone else. Had she died in the mid season finale, it would have been worse. Way fucking worse.

This season should have focused on her MORE and built up to a satisfying ending. The PTB should have made people aware that this was her last season. This was disgusting and I want someone to do their damn job and care about the injustice and the waste the showrunners’ AND the network’s attitude engendered. This is completely unacceptable.

I want accountability, I want explanations that aren’t throwing Nicole under the bus for wanting to leave after being treated like shit for an entire season.

An actress giving them the heads up means that the writers should have PREPARED. Their failure to do their goddamn job is the reason for the fans’ outrage. The spin to make Nicole the bad guy is disgusting and is the final nail in the coffin. If that’s how they treat her departure, I shudder to think how they treated her when she was under their influence. Absolutely disgusting, despicable and reprehensible.

Addendum: Thank you zap2it, vulture and screenspy especially ( for stating what a wasteful and completely avoidable mistake this was.