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It’s done! I really hope you guys like it! I’m super proud of how it turned out. The song was just so fitting for these two. Please let me know what you think! 

Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith

I hope we get Drunk!Nicole spilling all her feelings about Waverly to Wynonna. And Wynonna just realizing that Waverly has something with Nicole that she never had growing up. Someone who is there at night to make sure she is ok, to show her that someone is thinking about her, someone is willing to stand beside Waverly instead of behind/in front of her. I want Wynonna realizing that what Nicole and Waverly have is the real deal. That no matter what, Nicole would never abandon Waverly like she once did while they were growing up. She is going to realize that Nicole is it for Waverly, when Drunk!Nicole pledges to stand with both girls and to fight until the end. Wynonna is gonna realize that she doesn’t just have Waverly to rely on anymore, she has Nicole now too.

Can we take a moment...

And think about how amazing Nicole Haught is? Really, this girl can notice when her girlfriend tastes different due to demonic possession. What’s even more amazing than that, though, is that she doesn’t tell Waverly that she tastes like ‘her Waverly again’ until 2x06. After the demon has been excised from her and it’s been at least 24 hours since Waverly barfed it up.

Which means that when Nicole kissed Waverly after she threw up her demonic roommate, Nicole got a taste of aaaalllll that.

And chose not to mention it.

Because she didn’t give a flying fuck that her girlfriend’s mouth tasted like the remains of demonic vomit.

Relationship goals, right there.

💥Wynonna Earp💥

The weekly wait for each episode is sooo long already and now I’m dreading how painful the wait for Season 3 is going to be..😢😅

Ok so I’m going to need all Earpers to get in touch so we can talk about the show all year round to get us by. 😂😉

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fic: if we never take the first step (let’s get a move on)

Wynonna Earp. Waverly/Nicole with a big side of Wynonna/Nicole. 8k. 

Waverly hums happily. “I love—” there’s a tiny pause and Waverly’s breath hitches in her throat, “this.”

“Yeah,” she agrees finally, pressing a kiss to Waverly’s hair and trying not to think about the pause and the way it makes something in her stomach flip over. “Me too.”

Or, five times Waverly Earp doesn’t say I love you, and one time she does.


Woooooo wynonna earp is trending guys!!!!! Yes I love this show its glorious as hell. Kudos to Emily Andras!