nicole franzel


one of the best bb moments ever


“In society, we’re just not prepared for a woman to play like a man. If you look at all past winners who are female…they want to vote for the girl next door. They don’t want that sly woman who lied and calculated and backstabbed people. They’ll give it to a man because that’s what society is prepared for. Why’d they give it to Lisa? She was the girl next door.” — Danielle Reyes

Natalie: *standing in front of the memory wall talking to Jozea* I kissed two people on the lips. I kissed James on the lips…

James, Day, and Nicole: *overhears the conversation on the Skybridge*

Da’Vonne: You little dog….

Nicole: You kissed her on the lips?

James: No! She didn’t kiss me. She’s lying.

Da’Vonne: That would be crazy if she’s down there telling a lie cuz she doesn’t know he’s up here.