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June 17, 2017 - MLS - FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC by Vancouver Southsiders
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FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Major League Soccer, BC Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Saturday, June 17th, 2017, Final Score: Vancouver 1 FC Dallas 1 (Photos by Duncan Nicol)

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the class for the series ask ;)

Thanks Taylor~

  • Favorite character: Do you even have to ask? It’s the one and only Duncan Carmello~! 
  • Second favorite character: Richie and Kat are fighting for second place, because one’s a complete wreck and the other one is so sarcastic I could die of happiness. 
  • Least favorite character: Holly, but I still lol’d at her. 
  • The character I’m most like: I’m gonna say a mixture of Duncan and Kat? Sarcastic but well meaning goofball who still lives at home in the hopes of saving up enough money to pay off her impending student loans…
  • Favorite pairing: Duncan/Nicole - I WEPT AT THE LAST EPISODE OKAY. 
  • Least favorite pairing: Duncan/Kat because NO. WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME?
  • Favorite moment: Every time Duncan yelled “MAAAA” and Richie starting without Duncan, which led to him busting the pipe in the wall.
  • Rating out of 10: 10000/10 - like if you love How I Met Your Mother, or even just like it, THIS is the show for you! I laughed so hard I practically cried!
I don’t understand how it’s possible that no one could have imagined this. I saw the movie ‘Outbreak’ nearly two decades ago, and this is exactly how Ebola spread and became a very dramatic national catastrophe. Why weren’t there things in place, because you can’t say we couldn’t imagine this. It was in a Hollywood movie.
—  “View” Co-Host Nicole Wallace weighs in on the U.S. Ebola outbreak