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So like, I was talking to a friend and we made a joke how instead of Nicol Bolas being the main villain of Amonkhet, it’s Tibalt in a really poor cosplay and has inexplicably been able to make a tennis ball float between his horns. It devolved to the Gatewatch and Furry Friend making it through some crazy fight, bracing to fight bolas, battle weary and ragged they crash into the throne room or whatever, gaze upon Tibalt sitting lazily, as Jace opens his mouth to speak He gets beamed in the face with the tennis ball.

We’ve had other crazy silly lore ideas like this one but I felt this NEEDED sharing with the world.

A Treatise On Old Walker Psychology

Hello everyone. It’s @the-foxwolf. Today I’m going to talk about a subject that’s very important to me. As a psychology major, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Magic’s characters. Over time, I have noticed a trend among Magic’s fandom: People criticize the Old Walkers who survived The Mending without considering their point of view first.

I’ve talked a lot about this subject and I feel it’s time I make an actual article about it. This one is very near and dear to me, so please spread it. Honestly, I think this article is something the Magic fandom as a whole needs to read. Forgive me if that sounds lofty or conceited of me, but I feel like we need to take a breath and think about the people we have fun talking and blogging about. 

This is a long article. Deep and thorough. Please spread the love. I think we could all use a read through.

Gather `Round. It’s Story Telling Time!

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Nicol Bolas barges into Ugins study.

Bolas: Hey, Ugin!

Ugin, startled: Tf are you…

Bolas: I heard you have a group of goody goody planeswalkers!

Ugin: I’m not actually…

Bolas: So I got my own group of walkers! PRESENTING!

Five jackholes then planeswalk in.


Nahiri: I like being evil now, also I was vaguely promised a way to fix my world that I’m sure isn’t a lie.

Tezzeret: I just work here.


Tibalt: I’M HERE TOO GUYS!!!

Bolas: Presenting….THE GATECRASHERS!!!!

Ugin:….Please leave dude….

Amonkhet Gods Speculation Variety Pack

Here’s a smattering of randomly assorted wild speculation and unfounded predictions about the gods of Amonkhet! (Seriously, I don’t have solid evidence for any of these.)

• They will NOT be enchantment creatures
• They will NOT use the Devotion keyword
• They WILL have additional creature types (“Cat God,” “Bird God,” etc)
• They will be artificially created, but NOT artifact creatures (similar to created angels like Avacyn or Akroma)
• They will be legendary creatures
• They will NOT be lords (boosting other creatures by creature type)
• They will be Mythic Rare
• Each will have a weapon with its own card as a legendary artifact equipment
• The legendary equipment will care about the colors of the corresponding god
• None of the gods will be aware of the true nature of Nicol Bolas