nicole bolas


God-Pharaoh Bolas at GP Manila 2017

Aaaaah finally! The costume’s done, I wore it, and it was fun. Hard to move around with the wings but still manageable. 

  • I followed the Bolas silhouette through the end. Long body, short legs, big wings, small head, so no long hair.
  • The wings turned out a little different but I’d rather have fabric moving with the wind than stretched-out membranes, to be honest. I love stuff like that.
  • The contrast of the blue against the gold armor can really make them stand out, especially in the dark.
  • Lots of people took pictures, which was nice.
  • We got a few prints and tokens, plus several cards signed. I actually need the tokens this time.

thewisekitsune  asked:

So all these revelations for the hours has had me thinking. What if nicol Bolas had been planning on using the lazotep on other planes if the planar bridge plan had worked out? Like say with outfitting some phrexyian allies?

The Phyrexian Eldrazi theory just got a new component.

I think this was taken the other day? Yeah? Missing from this were the larger staff and the shoes, plus i haven’t started on the wings and leg armor. There’s still a few spots that need covering. 

Yesterday I made a new head piece with the thicker rubber. Fits snugly on the head more than the first one here. The new, unfinished horns are also significantly larger than the first set.