Even during the worst episodes of Sleepy Hollow, even when the writing was abysmal, the storylines ridiculous and the direction clearly heading straight to the hell the Witnesses were trying to prevent from being raised on Earth, Nicole Beharie was the episode’s saving grace.

Any scene she was in, she captivated, elevated and improved the moment. Thank you Miss Beharie for making even the darkest moments full of light. 

Nicole Beharie Goes Nude for Allure

How do you stay in shape for Sleepy Hollow?
“I run; I do a lot of dance classes; I swim; I really love lifting weights. I’ll make myself do something every day, even when my heart’s not in it.”

What was the best part of the shoot?
“I just turned 30, and I was really nervous [about posing]… But I wanted to celebrate and accept my body in an artistic way.”

Do you have a favorite body part?
“I love my bum. I have a good bum.”