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Yours by Sarah Ferrick
Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber
Mirror Mirror II edited by Sean T. Collins & Julia Gfrörer featuring work by Lala Albert  Clive Barker  Heather Benjamin  Apolo Cacho  Sean Christensen  Nicole Claveloux  Sean T. Collins  Al Columbia  Dame Darcy  Noel Freibert  Renee French  Meaghan Garvey  Julia Gfrörer  Simon Hanselmann  Claude Paradin  Aidan Koch  Laura Lannes  Céline Loup  Uno Moralez  Mou  Jonny Negron  Chloe Piene  Josh Simmons  Carol Swain Trungles


100 by Nou
Altcomics Magazine 5


Shoutout to women with beautiful thick eyebrows


Some of the actresses of colour suggested by my mutuals for Jyn Erso, following the reveal that there are no WOC in the Rogue One cast. The Star Wars film franchise as a whole so far has been a majority white driven franchise and it needs more actresses of colour in non-CGI main roles.

Zawe Ashton
Sofia Boutella
Doona Bae
Fo Porter
Yasmine Al Massri
Julia Jones
Stephanie Beatriz
Nicole Beharie

  • Kakeki: I love-
  • Everyone else: yes, you love Hideyoshi Nagachkica, we know, you love Hideyoshi Nagachkica so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Hideyoshi Nagachkica, we KNOW , you love Hideyoshi Nagachkica you fucking love Hideyoshi Nagachkica ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE HIDEYOSHI NAGACHIKA. WE GET IT.


a comics and art anthology

edited by Sean T. Collins & Julia Gfrörer

featuring new and unpublished work by Lala Albert, Clive Barker, Heather Benjamin, Apolo Cacho, Sean Christensen, Nicole Claveloux, Al Columbia, Dame Darcy, Noel Freibert, Renee French, Meaghan Garvey, Julia Gfrörer (with Claude Paradin), Simon Hanselmann (with Sean T. Collins), Hellen Jo, Aidan Koch, Laura Lannes, Céline Loup, Uno Moralez, Mou, Jonny Negron, Chloe Piene, Josh Simmons, Carol Swain, Trungles

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My publisher is so close to meeting its kickstarter goals for its current collection. It’s no charity case – you just use it the way you would a webstore, basically. The best way to ensure our book happens is to pay a visit and order yourself some good comics!


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife.

[ pride and prejudice fancast ]requested by rob-anybody

nicole beharie as jane bennet | danielle brooks as elizabeth bennet

aja naomi king as mary bennet | imani hakim as kitty bennet | karidja touré as lydia bennet

vondie curtis-hall as mr bennet | lorraine toussaint as mrs bennet

jon foo as fitzwilliam darcy

rahul kohli as charles bingley | reshma shetty as caroline bingley

yasmine al massri as charlotte lucas | daveed diggs as william collins | ricky whittle as george wickham

daniel wu as colonel fitzwilliam | jessica henwick as georgiana darcy | tsai chin as catherine de bourgh

neverheardofjen  asked:

I'm curious as to what Nicole's opinion of Weird Al and his album "In 3D" is

Nicole hates it. Let me tell you why:

June, 1984
Nicole is sitting at the kitchen table, staring at her math homework and wondering if she can wish it away. She squeezes her eyes tight, counts to three,   but when she opens them again, her homework is still there, and worse - Nathan is pulling open the back screen door. 

Through the screen, she can see his brand new ‘84 Patterson PR-200 dropped carelessly in the driveway. She scowls. She’s still riding his old 1977 Cycle Pro Foiler.

Nathan goes to the refrigerator and pulls out the orange juice, folding back the spout and drinking straight from the carton. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, and burps.


Nathan shrugs. He nods at her math book. “That’s the worst.”

She blinks at him. “What do you want?”

“I’m trying to be nice. Why do I have to want something?” Nathan asks. He pulls out a brown paper-wrapped rectangle from his jeans pocket. “In fact, I got you something.”

Nicole narrows her eyes. Bells and whistles start going off in the back of her head. She stares at him for a minute. “What for?”

Nathan shrugs again. “I can’t just get you something because you’re my sister?”


She tries to remember the last time they bought each other gifts. It had to be when her dad was still home, when he took them out to the city and gave them money and told them to pick out something nice for each other. Nicole bought Nathan a Micronaut, the Baron Karza one he liked. Nathan got her the Simon game, but Wynonna broke it after she lost too many times in a row.

She looks at the present in his hand. It’s small, rectangular, and looks a lot like a cassette. She keeps looking at it, suspicious, but Nathan just sighs and slides it across the table. Nicole picks it up slowly, peeling back the brown bag wrapping carefully, until she sees the edge of the cassette case.

“It’s a new guy, Weird Al,” Nathan says. “He’s really good. All the kids at school are talking about him. He does this really good version of “Eye of the Tiger” that you’re gonna like,” Nathan promises. “I know how much you dig that song.”

She does. She loves that song. Sometimes, Gus lets them put it on the jukebox as they close up and Waverly sings into the broom handle and Wynonna plays drums on the countertop and something in Nicole’s chest goes soft and loose.

Nicole turns the cassette over in her hands and scans the front. She doesn’t recognize the names of any of the songs - “Eat It” and “I Lost on Jeopardy” and  “King of Suede” - but she does recognize “Theme from Rocky”, even if she doesn’t know what XIII means. 

She looks up at Nathan with wide eyes. “You really got this for me?”

“I mean, you’re not the absolute worst,” Nathan says with a shrug. “And I knew you’d really like this one.”

Nicole looks down at the tape again. It’s not INXS’s The Swing cassette that she wanted, but it seems okay enough. Even if this Weird Al guy looks like someone Dee Snyder would make fun of. 

“Go. I know you want to listen to it.” Nathan opens the refrigerator again.

Nicole grins widely, and slams her math book closed, folding her worksheet inside of it. She darts through the living room and up the stairs, taking them two at a time. She drops her math book on her bed, rolls across it, and lands on her feet in front of her Panasonic RX-5030L boombox. Def Leppard’s Pyromania is in the deck. She takes it out and tucks it carefully into its case, placing it in its spot on the shelf.

She slides In 3D into the deck, side B up, and scans the listing again. The rest of the songs can wait; she wants to hear the Rocky song. She fast forwards through most of it, stopping the tape just as she hears the words “the boy could dance.” It must be luck - “Theme From Rocky XIII” is the next listed track.

The beginning opens the same - the drum beat and the synth. Nicole drops back onto her bed, arms behind her head, and taps her foot against the air to the beat.

Rising up,” she starts to sing. “Back on the streets.”

The Weird Al guys sings something different.

Fat and weak, what a disgrace.”

Nicole sits up. “What?”

Nathan starts laughing from the doorway. She whips her head around to glare at him. He must have followed her up the stairs, and he’s laughing  at hernow, nearly doubled over.

Guess the champ got too lazy. Ain’t gonna fly now, he’s just takin’ up space. Sold his gloves, threw his eggs down the drain,” Weird Al sings.

“No, this is wrong,” Nicole says. She shakes her head. “That’s not how the song goes.”

Nathan is on one knee now, laughing still. Nicole feels a burst of anger in her chest. She listens, horrified, through the next verse, and Nathan just keeps pointing at her and laughing. 

“Your face,” he manages between breaths. 

She pulls back in horror when he starts the bridge. 

Try the rye or the kaiser - they’re on special tonight. If you want, you can have an appetizer. You might like our salami and the liver’s all right, and they’d really go well with the rye, or the kaiser.”

She slams her hand down on the stop button, ejecting the cassette so fast that she’s sure she ripped the tape.

“He-he ruined it,” she hisses. Her hands shake and she thinks, just for a minute, about unspooling the tape and tossing it into the garbage can, but puts it back into its case instead. “This is…” She swallows down the rising tide of anger and tears in her throat. “This is the worst thing to happen to music. Ever.”

Nathan falls on his back and laughs.

On the night before he marries Mercedes, Nathan gives her a new copy of Weird Al’s In 3D and she chucks it at his head.