• Technus: You are not going to win this time, Danny Phantom!
  • Danny: An interesting theory. Let me propose an alternate one: I am going to win this time.
  • Technus: Ah, but...
  • Danny: And this is a theory I have built up from the following postulates: one- I win every time; two- this is a time; three- I will win this time.


|•BlockXCooper- Cooper by @sl-nobody & Block by @alelinx-eli

|•BucketXGeiser- Geiser by @mikiiblu & Bucket by @v5dn

|•Nicotter(?- Glitter by @kateflame0 & Nicolai by me @nezumioni

|•NightSiri- Sirius by @oblivion-times & Nightshade by @mikiiblu

|•Glaku- Gleam by me @nezumioni & Akumu by @coffee-stars