anonymous asked:

Why didn't you marry Lestat?

That’s an astonishingly stupid question.

For one thing, we were in our very early twenties, each other’s respective first loves and living wildly unconventional lives.

Also, think for one fucking moment and you might come across another reason or two.

antoineandthepiano  asked:

Send in kinks you think my muse has meme: Something vulgar with a violin no less. [huehuehue]

Naturally. I’ve tried to see how long I can keep enough focus to play while someone has his mouth around my cock more than once. Put my violin on top of someone and told him to stay very still, no matter what, while I played with him. Played the same theme so exclusively when I was in certain moods that even a few notes of it were enough to get him hard and wanting. And more.

anonymous asked:

I want to see you fall in love again.

So you’re a sadist then?

I’ve fallen in love more than once, contrary to popular belief. It’s ultimately not something I could help. We’ll see where it goes from here.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking about how many licks it would take before you finally played a wrong note.

It’s not a science. If either of us is actually keeping count, we’re neither producing good music, nor having good sex.

I’ve challenged myself multiple times. I’ve failed a lot, happily. I’m talented, but so are certain tongues.

violeteyedvampiremolloy  asked:


Three things I’m embarrassed about doing?

1. When I’m drunk, I dance a lot more than I should. Drinking doesn’t improve my dancing, but try telling me that when I’m drunk.

2. I am, as many can attest to, a cynical asshole. I play the violin for myself. But there have been and there are and I suspect there always will be those that I look at or think of and they’ll inspire me. I’m not a romantic, but sometimes I play as if I could be.

3. My memory is entirely too good where music is concerned, good or bad, so sometimes a random word will affect me as if my mind was a jukebox and someone pushed the right button and it takes all my willpower not to suddenly sing, say, ‘Baby One More Time’.

devilsfool  asked:

Psst: Three things that I’ve always wanted to tell you.

  1. You hurt me and I hurt you and I couldn’t tell you who started and I can’t tell you who is hurting worse. It seems as if I’ve yet to find a way to hurt you without hurting myself as well.
  2. I’ve had someone who knows me start texting me when they came to a certain part in your book, because they were worried about me dying. So I’ve never read the thing, but apparently it’s riveting.
  3. What I wanted to do upon leaving Paris was to go to the Auvergne and kill your father. To this day I don’t know why I decided against it.

vampires-in-south-park  asked:

Nicki, you are a tongue lashing asshole and I love you for it, but I find myself deeply saddened still for the distain you show towards Lestat since that ultimate fall out. You will never love him again will you

I have no idea what to make of you giving that much of a fuck. Try to feel deeply saddened by things that are any of your business, this seems a waste of emotion and a good way to get yourself slapped.

No, I won’t ever love Lestat again. I’ve made very clear why, even if that doesn’t seem to keep anyone, him included, from being confused on the matter. Fear not however, I hear everyone else is enamoured with him, you can just concern yourself with them.

talamascan-miller  asked:

❖ + Whom do you love?

That’s pretty damn direct, coming from you.

What does love mean, anyway? Because I’ve said before that I like you, but liking someone wouldn’t hurt like this. No, I’m not jealous. I want you, but now there’s enough about you to repel me. There’s an irony to being wanted by one you want, yet still be unable to have them, but the hell with irony. I can handle that.

I’m not a romantic, I’ve never been. If I think of you in my arms and of what could be, it’s enough to capture my imagination. Not enough to eat me alive.

But maybe I see too clearly or maybe I’m paranoid. I’m watching you head for a cliff and I’ve no way to stop you. That does fucking hurt. That’s enough to make me want to scream and that makes me face demons I’d rather avoid. That’s pain.

So. I love you.


anonymous asked:


  1. David Bowie, on first place as he should be.

In an effort to not be boring and just be attracted to the men I’d kiss, I’ll try to think of others.

See, there are plenty of attractive men. Every fucking vampire has to be beautiful enough someone can spend at least three pages going on and on about it, but it takes a bit more than that to attract me.

2. Daniel Molloy: Because he is clever. Very, very few immortals are. That’s why you wind up having the same conversation over and over again with most of them. He sees things differently and he’s been in some of the dark corners that I’ve been. His presence calms me, although we still barely know one another, but I want to know him better. I even want to be known by him. That’s something special.

3. Louis de Pointe du Lac: I can’t be certain on this one, but he’s the one that makes people spend a minimum of five pages just on his beauty, so I might as well be attracted.

anonymous asked:

Without naming names what is a current sexual fantasy you have about someone?

Handcuffs on his wrists, facing the wall. Still dressed, so I can have my mouth against his neck and feel him up through his jeans, listen to the sounds he makes and feel the vibrations with my lips. I want to be in his mind, to make sure that all there is on his is need and want for me. Shove him on the bed and grab his shoulder to turn him around. His arms trapped under him and me on top, ripping his shirt. I can see his eyes widen even now.

Just a glimpse.

anonymous asked:

Fuck, marry, kill: Armand, Lestat, your Father.

Somehow these options are at once fucked up and pretty easy to answer.

Fuck: Lestat

Marry: Armand. It’d be a marriage of convenience. Mostly convenient for me, since I’m short on rent and he’s loaded. I also assume it’d be in both our interest to continue to see each other as often as we do now. Overall, a good deal. Maybe I should propose.

Kill: My father. Slightly redundant, given he’s been dead for quite some time, but I’m sure I can dig him up somewhere.