Nicolas Feldmeyer

Swiss architect-cum-artist Nicolas Feldmeyer re-landscapes existing buildings with diametrically aesthetic materials, working into the details of structure to create unexpected spaces and surprising elisions in form. As you see here, he wrapped the columns of University College London’s impressive portico in a meticulous wide weave.


London-based artist Nicolas Feldmeyer employs existing architecture to create new spaces through the integration of contrasting materials. His latest work is ‘Untitled (Woven Portico)’, a site-specific installation in which he has woven mesh between the columns of the portico of the central building at the University of College (UCL) in London. The strips of translucent material envelope the massive structure’s porch, enveloping the open space, offering a play of light and shadow from within.

London-based artist/architect Nicolas Feldmeyer employs existing architecture to create new spaces. In his latest work Untitled (woven portico), he has used the columns of a portico as the uprights to weave a translucent mesh between them creating a temporary barrier, filtering diffused views across central London.

The installation is at University College London’s (UCL) main campus building until 15 June 2012. Photography by Nick Rochowski.