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DISCLAIMER: There is indeed a curse in the film, but it was directed at Nicolas Romanov. Rasputin said to him: “Mark my words; you and your family will die within a fortnight. I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov reign forever.” 

Then magic and the revolution happens, the royal family falls and Rasputin dies. But since Anastasia cheated death, Rasputin cannot rest in peace and is doomed to an existence in limbo. He feels the consequences of his curse, but Anastasia is in no way affected by it throughout the film. 

Yes, she looses her grandmother and suffers from hallucinations and amnesia for 10 years, but these things are not connected to the curse from the beginning of the film. 

Anastasia - “Let me go! Please!”
Rasputin - “You will never escape me child. Never!”

So - back to my random thoughts on this animated classic from 1997!! The more I think about this, the more frustrated I get. My problem with the magic in this movie would have been SO EASY to fix. The only thing needed would have been a curse cast on Anastasia, something along the lines of: “You shall forever be apart from all your family”

When the curse is first taking effect, that is when Anastasia is separated from her grandmother (instead of grandma just having a weak grip), and then Rasputin´s magic keeps her away from her family. There could have been a short montage her grandmother coming back to look for her granddaughter, but the curse is making it impossible for them to find each other.

Grandmother - “Hold onto my hand!”
Anastasia - “Don´t let go!”

Even Anastasia´s amnesia would have been more intriguing his way; the curse is actively forcing out her memories (instead of being the aftermath of an unrelated accident). But throughout the film the memories are trying to re-surface as best as they can in the form of hallucinations and dreams (cue “Once Upon A December!!”). Imagine the ball-room scene slowly but surely becoming more and more green in color as the curse is doing it´s best to hide the memories of her family. This way it would also make more sense why Anastasia cannot recognize her family (or even herself) when looking at the paintings in the palace (btw, why hasn’t all the shit been stolen during these past 10 years???)

It isn’t until Dimitri comes along and forces Anastasia to meet her grandmother again when the curse is finally broken. All in all: the whole idea of Anastasia being a victim of dark magic would have been more suspenseful from a storytelling POV, but this way we would also have had a much better connection between the main character and the villain. Not only are they both cursed, but now the magic that Rasputin possesses has been affecting Anastasia all this time.

Anastasia - “That face…”

As the movie is now, Anastasia is not in any way aware of Rasputin after she accidentally hits hear head as a child. And when they meet again in the movies climax he is simply the man who swore revenge on her family (and has been trying to kill her during the past couple of days without her having any clue about it)

But THIS WAY he would be 100% responsible for her misery - her memory-loss,  the separation from her grandmother, her hallucinations - Everything would now be connected to Rasputin instead of being mostly based on a series of unfortunate events.

Rasputin - “And me… A rotting corpse… Last seen at a party like this one.”
Anastasia - “A curse!”
Rasputin - “Followed by a tragic night on the ice. Remember?”

Notice how all of these lines of dialog would have been more impactful if Anastasia was cursed too!! :o

The point of all this? 

IDK. It´s 3.30AM and this is what I do when I cannot sleep - Ramble on about animated movies. But admit that this should have been canon. :P


Un vistazo a los últimos dias de la dinastía que gobernó Rusia durante 300 años, los Romanov. Y el último Zar de este imperio: Nicolás II.


Hello my dear friends! I’m very glad to see you again on my channel. Today I would like to introduce you my new video about the Romanov dynasty. It’s not only about the last tsar as its content is dedicated to all 300 years of the last ruling dynasty of the Russian Empire. Hope you like it.

On this Day, December 26 (O.S. 14) during the Decembrist Revolt general Count Mikhail Milorodovich was killed.

Count Mikhail Miloradovich (1771-1825) was notable military commander  and one of the most popular heroes of the 1812 war. He was highly appreciated by Alexander Suvorov with whom he participated in Italian and Swiss campaigns (1799). Being a brilliant tactic in the Patriotic War of 1812 he defeated Davout’s corps at Viazma, after which the marshal was dismissed from commanding the rear guard of the retreating Grande Armée. He was often compared with French marshal Murat, for the similar love to elegance and grand gestures. 

He was a friend of Grand Duke Constantine, the heir to the Russian throne. When Alexander I who had no issue suddenly died in Taganrog in 1825, everybody expected his younger brother to ascend the throne. Miloradovich was very enthusiastic about that. He did not know that Constantine secretly abdicated in 1823 and tsar Alexander appointed by a secret manifest another brother - Nicholas - to be his heir. Only three persons in the state knew about that, and Miloradovich was not among them. So the succession crisis began. Miloradovich forced Nicholas into pledging allegiance to Constantine, who was then in Warsaw as viceroy of Poland. After the announcement of  the manifest’s terms by last tsar’s confidant Prince Golitsyn  Miloradovich insisted that Constantine was legal heir, Nicholas was aware about the terms and his pledge of allegiance was an abdication in fact. The State Council and imperial guards made an oath to the Constantine. The Count had a plan to keep the true manifest in secret.

But when Constantine received the news, he confirmed his refuse to reign. Several days before the Decembrists revolt Nicholas was warned about the Decembrists intentions. Miloradovich as a Governor of St. Petersburg was to make some preventive actions but he did nothing. On 26 December (O.S. 14)  the Senate and army was to swear  new allegiance to Nicholas. A group of officers, known later as Decembrists, commanding about 2000-3000 men refused to make an oath and proclaimed their loyalty to Constitution. Miloradovich was sent by the new tsar to calm down the troops. He appealed to their common experience in Napoleonic wars. Avoided wounds in more than 50 battles he was fatally shot by  Pyotr Kakhovsky, who was decided by Decembrists to kill Nicholas.

The activity of Miloradovich was rather dubious in that time, also he was known for making intrigues in St. Petersburg. There are even several conspiracy theories about his role in the Revolt and his plans (true head of the Decembrists, plans for dictatorship and so on). 


Hello everyone! I have wanted to create video about Anastasia for few years. My wish was to connect real Romanov tragedy with story from animated film “Anastasia”. And now I have finally done it! In the beginning I could not even imagine that it would be so difficult. I hadn’t got enough material for this video, but now I am almost satisfied with the result. I hope you’ll like it!
Videos used: War and peace, Admiral, The princess diaries, Mathilde, Nicholas and Alexandra, Downton abbey, The lost prince, The Romanovs: An Imperial Family, Rasputin, Russian ark, Romanovs, Grigory R.
All sounds from “Anastasia”


La segunda parte de los últimos dias de la dinastía que gobernó Rusia durante 300 años, los Romanov. Y el último Zar de este imperio: Nicolás II.