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The signs as anime swordsmen

Aries: Mugen

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Taurus: Shiki/il Re

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Gemini: Himura Kenshin

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Cancer: Ichigo Kurosaki

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Leo: Yu Kanda

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Virgo: Nicolas Brown

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Libra: Sakata Gintoki

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Scorpio: Roronoa Zoro

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Sagittarius: Dante

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Capricorn: Afro

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Aquarius: Saito Hajime

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Pisces: Sesshomaru

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On this date in 2003 Kevin Spacey attends the Los Angeles premiere of The Life of David Gale at Universal Studios Hollywood Citywalk Cinemas. February 18, 2003. 

Nicolas Cage was in attendance because he was one of the producers on the film. The role was originally conceived with him as David Gale, but Nicolas thought the role best suited for someone else’s talents and he considered Kevin to be the perfect choice.  Said Laura Linney about working with Kevin: 

“He has one of the fastest minds of anyone I’ve ever met. His wit is just unique so he was terrific to be around.”


Check out my Snoopy pants,guys!oho ho?okay-okay,it was a joke..stupid joke)but actually I would like to show you my last drawings: these are watercolor sketches of my lovely pet Franz,sketches of Mutsuki (I really like how she/he looks in 31.5),Nic and Worick from Gangsta, doodles of Kuroo/Kenma and also pretty villain Harley Quinn. Hope you like this stuff!