nicolas de tavernost


Sweater as a scarf

That awfully clichéd preppy statement, some men just won’t let it die. Beloved by cartoonists and satirists the world over, because of instant recognizability. Note how a.o. Diego Della Valle, Nicolas de Tavernost, Vittorio Sgarbi and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo do the-sweater-draped-over-shoulders even with a jacket on. 


Yuppie scum monday

Foul-weather-international-prep-outerwear edition. A bon chic bon genre alternative to the good ol’ Chesterfield overcoat to wear with your conservative business dress, the down filled parka combines two crucial preppy (read: WASP or in the case of the French aristocratic TV mogul Nicolas de Tavernost; BCBG/ Europrep) concepts: nochalance & layering. From the Official Preppy Handbook: “ Nonchalance. While preppies take pride in their social position, they are loathe to flaunt it to the world. Understatement is key. They know they have wealth and power, so why show it off? Mummy may have inherited a king’s ransom in sables, but (he) prefers to wear (his) four-year old ski parka.” And on “Layering: adding or subtracting a layer or two or three can take you from yacht club to board room; from desk to date. Layering means a tweed jacket over a Norwegian sweater over an oxford cloth shirt over a Lacoste. And a down parka over everything. (…)”