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ATTENTION: For all overseas to know, in spite ofthe lies and manipulated information strong network who are handling all our (controlled) media, here in Venezuela is being committing a terrible and brazen slaughter at right choices and decisions of people. Across the country are disappearing, by orders from the government itself, all possible boxes with votes from yesterday, April 14, so it can not be seen an election fraud has happened.

Before counting these votes, the government is planning, today swear the (unconstitutionally elected) interim president Nicolas Maduro as President of the Venezuelan Republic.

Many protests are being developed peacefully right now, at all (or almost all) states of Venezuela, people defending their votes.

Many protests are being developed peacefully and in all (or almost all) the states of Venezuela, people defending their vote. Venezuelans are grieved, hurted, shocked by the brazenness and wickedness of our electoral authorities that have been sold. Please share this information, they want to make Venezuela into another Cuba!, they are taking away electricity, food, and more and more control in the media (internet, telephone, and all networks over the country)

Protest at San Cristobal, at this moment:

Protest at Maracaibo, in front of the CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral - Electoral National Council)



La Troncal, Barinas:

Maracaua, Puerto Ordaz:


and military deployment (This is in front of the University, Rafael Belloso Chacin)


And there are, many cases right now too:

They are taking the boxes by force, since yesterday, BEFORE the process ending:

There is people who had saved some of the boxes, by their own, kidnapped boxes, this one from Puerto Ordaz:

Please, don’t let yourself be fooled, we welcome any assistance from any international body, because here, they use every military component to turn it against the people, civilians, the mere vestige of protest, doesn’t matter if it’is peaceful.

In Valencia are deploying tanks (also in Zulia state, we have seen many, but smaller, as assault vehicles):

CNE Barcelona:

At Venezuela, democratically won:
Henrrique Capriles Radonski

And boxes keep appearing, one after the other,

They are going to swear Nicolas Maduro, as President, BEFORE the total counting of all the boxes, of every vote!

This woman has lied to the whole country, and has not made another appearance from the very brief announcement yesterday.

The CNE has even refused to mention discontent over half of the country. Just at this time, makes no mention of the protests or accountable for the votes manually (what must be), and Capriles is giving a press conference, and only one channel (Globovision, the only TV channel of expression freedom that remains) WHICH iS ISSUING, others cut him a few minutes after starting.  

Tibisay Lucena Ramírez talk less than one minute on air yesterday night, where she didn’t say all that pertains to the election results, apparently forgetting:

• Making the National Tv Transmission
• To show the percents state by state
• Which was the abstention
• Show the votes of Maria Bolivar and the other candidates
• Of the invalid votes
• Of the foreign votes
• To show the map reddy red

Henrique Capriles Radonski was the real elected president of Venezuela, NOT MADURO: