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When have Liam's sisters blown the beards cover

NOTE: This ask refers to this post about Ziam and their families.

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On a few occasions Liam’s sisters have accidentally contradicted the beards’ official narrative, or have inadvertently dropped hints that the official narrative is not as it seems, highlighting deliberate deception by 1DHQ.  The following are two well-known examples:

The Payzer Puppy

Pretending that the boys and their beards have pets together is one of M!M’s established tactics to make fakelationships look real.  What’s funny is that no one seems to be able to get the official story straight.  For example, Zayn frequently forgets how many pets he and Perrie are supposed to have, and on 1D Day accidentally revealed that he and Liam have dogs together:

Enter Ruth and Nicola, Liam’s sisters.  Liam has a dog named Loki, who was officially presented as his and his first beard’s, Danielle’s, jointly owned puppy:

Loki randomly appeared in the other boys’, their friends’ and their crew members’ pictures before Liam and Danielle officially revealed him as the “Payzer puppy.”  For example, Liam’s friend Andy Samuels posted a video about Loki well before he became the “Payzer puppy”:

Also, fans noticed he was far too big to be as young as the official “Payzer puppy” narrative suggests.  In general, details about Loki are totally unclear.

After Danielle and Liam “broke up” (read: Danielle was replaced by Sophia), Loki’s ownership remained nebulous.  Liam said several times that Loki lives with his family because it is hard to take him on tour.  A 1D Twitter update account asked Ruth if Danielle still sees Loki, and she replied:

LOL.  We see you Ruth.  Keep doing what you do, girl.

Ruth either forgot or was unaware of the official Payzer narrative and essentially debunked the “Payzer puppy” story, confirming that it is fake.

On a side note, since Loki’s age is unclear, and Ruth stated that Liam was “single” (note that what she means is uncertain; Ruth might be trying to be extra careful to not hint at Ziam, since Liam was officially single between Payzer 1.0 and 2.0 but actually with Zayn) when he got Loki, some speculate that Loki is now, or possibly always was, one of the several dogs Zayn and Liam have together that Zayn alluded to.

The Payne (Plus Zayn?) Family Vacation

This is more a case of blowing the cover by hinting and omission.  For extensive documentation and explanation, see twistericecream’s superb masterpost.

To start, two events notably coincided:

  • Zayn did not show up to the British Asian Trust on February 5, 2014, which he was expected to attend.
  • Liam went on vacation with his family sometime around February 4–9, 2014.

While vacationing, in a few tweets Liam loudly tweeted at Scott Mills and mentioned Sophia’s full name—which is weird since she is not famous and ostensibly “private” so her full name is unnecessary, especially from someone who should be as close to her as her “boyfriend” (note that Liam has done this many times, likely to subtly undermine the official narrative), suggesting the tweets were not organic and doubled as Sophiam no homo promo as well as promo for Mills.  (In fact, Liam named Mills more than he did Sophia.)  Notably, Sophia is absent from the photos:

Despite Liam mentioning Sophia, she never turned up in any other posts or photos that he or the Paynes added to social media after the vacation ended.  In fact, Liam’s sisters tweeted about everything—except Sophia.  It is strange that no one had a picture of Sophia (especially of one with Liam) or mentioned her beyond Liam’s obvious promo, since Ruth and Nicola were not shy about sharing many other far more mundane things (or, depending on your perspective, far more important things because who gives a fuck about a damn beard), e.g. pictures of water and trees, pictures of food.

Essentially, Liam’s sisters left a “paper trail” of sorts: a roll of tweet receipts whose conspicuous omission of Sophia, combined with the shady circumstances, all suggest that Sophia wasn’t there.

Furthermore, right after the vacation ended, shady articles came out with heavy Sophiam promo, saying the flight Liam and his family boarded on route to the vacation was delayed and that Liam acted out because he wanted to see Sophia.  Liam’s sisters tweeted about the delays, so they indeed happened—and mentioned Sophia:

Ruth, notably, played along but was somewhat evasive and reluctant when asked by a fan if Sophia joined them:

That neither Ruth and Nicola, nor anyone else (e.g. Ruth and Nicola’s partners, the Payne siblings’ parents) there never mentioned Sophia during or shortly after the vacation, yet made it a point to namedrop her after the media ran the “Liam is pissed because he wants to see Sophia” story, all further indicates that Sophia never joined them on vacation, and that Ruth and Nicola’s namedrops of Sophia were retroactive backtracking to suit the official narrative.

Eventually a shady picture of Sophia “at the vacation” surfaced via update accounts, in December 2014:

The picture bears all the characteristics of photoshop: Sophia is inserted into the background where it is easy to edit her in, the picture is very low-res and wiped of EXIF data to hide traces of manipulation, and was circulated through 1D update accounts, which are well-established to be fed by M!M/HJPR to advance the official narrative.  The almost certainly fake picture virtually confirms that Sophia really did not join the Paynes and that Sophiam moments therefore had to be fabricated.  The fake picture also corroborates Ruth’s and Nicola’s initial total disregard for Sophia on social media.

Furthermore, Zayn’s unusual absence at the British Asian Trust, plus Zayn and Liam making shady jokes in public about “sleeping” (read: fucking) a lot on break, also suggests that Zayn joined Liam and his family on the vacation.  Again, refer to this excellent masterpost.