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Robert Sugden + The Nicola King Face™

what about a sugar baby plot where she used to be stripper/call girl that is given the opportunity to drop that job in order to be full time for her high paying client. she goes from living pay check to pay check to going on vacations in exotic places and drinking the finest of champagne. the lifestyle is almost addicting to her so when he asks her to be his girlfriend she doesn’t think twice?? it isn’t until other girls flirt with him that she realize that feelings might be involved!

I remember your laugh, and how you tilted your head back. I remember the way your eyes lit up when I said something you thought was funny. I remember the way you walked down the hallway. I remember the way you wore my t-shirt on your back. I remember how you sang when you got drunk. I remember how you liked your coffee, three creamers, or just straight black. I remember your favorite song. I remember your favorite color. I remember how much you fucking despise your first name. I remember how much my heart raced when you grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. I still taste the fireball on your lips. I remember your vows. I remember your drunk text messages, proclaiming your love for me was all a lie, and you love him. I remember the burning in my throat. I remember how many pieces my heart broke into when I read that. I remember how much I loved you. But, hey, remembering you? I guess that’s nothing new.