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United Kingdom Snap Election June 8

Let’s make this a real snap election.
By snapping the United Kingdom apart.
Vote Scottish National Party.
Vote Sinn Féin.
Vote Plaid Cymru.
Vote Mebyon Kernow.
Hell, those are all lefty! Righties, worried we left you out?
Vote English Democrats!
Let’s use this election to fix the whole United Kingdom; by making it unwhole. English and Celtic identities should be what the people of the United Kingdom take pride in, not the lie of Britishness. Let’s make this election the one that makes everyone happy, the one that solidifies our many cultures into their own nations, and the one that succeeds Brexit in the future by giving true independence to the many cultures of the United Kingdom. Brexit may have been the United Kingdom’s independence day, but June 8 will be what allows Ireland to reunite and for England, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall to have their own independence days. Now you just have to make independence happen! The door is open and we must vote in the best interests of our cultures and solidify our traditions, languages, and borders into their own separate nations. Good luck!

Leader's debate- Summary
  • Nigel Farage: Immigrants Immigrants Immigrants
  • Nicola Sturgen: Fuck austerity and fuck you *plays bagpipes*
  • David Cameron: What the fuck, Nick
  • Nick Clegg: What the fuck, Dave
  • Leanne Wood: Fuck austerity and fuck you *plays Tom Jones*
  • Ed Miliband: Please leave me alone

STRANGERS, the second short film anthology from Late Night Work Club will be released on November 28th!

British Politicians + the first reaction gif Tumblr suggests for their name

David Cameron

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Nick Clegg

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George Osborne

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Theresa May

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Michael Gove

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Nicola Sturgeon

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Jeremy Corbyn

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Phillip Hammond

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Leanne Wood

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(yes, I´m bored, in case you´re wondering)


The UK 2015 General Election, Hearthstone style.

Note: The class colours on the cards are (mostly) for aesthetic, rather than anything else. No way is Ed Miliband a warrior, or Leanne Wood much of a rogue, for that matter.

EDIT: um. Clearly I made Leanne Wood too powerful at that cost. Ah well.

attention lolitics fandom,

I present to you, my new phone case.

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Something tells me someone at sky news has seen some of this blog’s confessions….