nicola jaar

from Space Is Only Noise
by Nicolas Jaar

In French :

“Espérez! Plus d'espérance!
Trois jours, leur dit Colomb,
En montrant le ciel immense,
Le fond de l'horizon.Trois jours et je vous donne un monde,
A vous qui n'avez plus d'espoir.
Sur l'immensité profonde,
Ses yeux s'ouvraient pour le voir.”

English translation :

“Hope! more hope !
Three days, Columbus told them,
Showing the immense sky,
The depth of the horizon.Three days and I will give you a world,
To you who have no more hope.
On the deep immensity,
His eyes opened to see”


Edson’s Infinite Playlist | 2016 | Album

1. The Colour In Anything, James Blake

2. 22, A Million, Bon Iver

3. Sirens, Nicolas Jaar

4. A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead

5. Ology, Gallant

6. Untitled Unmastered., Kendrick Lamar

7. How to Be A Human Being, Glass Animals

8. Lemonade, Beyoncé

9. Awaken, My Love!, Childish Gambino

10. Blonde, Frank Ocean

11. Cleopatra, The Lumineers

12. Friends, White Lies

13. A Seat at the Table, Solange

14. Malibu, Anderson .Paak

15. American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, Kevin Abstract

16. Ecume, Thomas Vaquié

17. The Headspace Traveler, Sol

18. Run the Jewels 3, Run the Jewels

19. Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande

20. 99.9%, Kaytranada

get//sleep - get some rest pal [listen on spotify]

Babe | Evenings

Inhale Exhale | NAO

Sleep Sound | Jamie xx

Holdin On | Flume

Mirror Maru | Cashmere Cat

The Wheel | SOHN

Glassbeadgames | Martyn, Four Tet

Colomb | Nicolas Jaar

Angel Echoes | Four Tet

Instant Need | FKJ

Un Vingt | Throwing Snow

Carbonated | Mount Kimbie

Looped | Kiasmos

Fitness & Workout PLAYLIST💪 🔥

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Nicolas Jaar is good cause he makes great music but he also looks like the sort of prick that would like, post motivational quotes on fb and comment on girl’s posts being like ‘you deserve better’


The Best Albums of 2016 // Part 1

Mark Pritchard - Under The Sun  // Warp Records // Mai 2016
Nicolas Jaar - Sirens // Other People // Okt 2016
Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP // Warp Records // Jul 2016
Floating Points - Kuiper EP // Pluto / Luaka Bop // Jul 2016
Zombie - Ultra // Hyperdub // Sep 2016
Jessy Lanza - Oh No // Hyperdub // Mai 2016
Carla Dal Forno - You Know What It’s Like // Blackest Ever Black // Nov 2016
Ital Tek - Hollowed // Planet Mu // Mar 2016
Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) // Proibito // Dez 2016
Loscil - Monument Builders // Kranky // Nov 2016

​My October playlist is finished, please enjoy it. From 14 minute 70s acoustic guitar instrumentals, Armand Van Helden bangers and Christian music I’ve had a lot of feelings about this playlist has it all in four hours.

Love Love Love - The Mountain Goats: Posting on the web about Mountain Goats songs you’ve had a moment with is about as universal as it gets, so here’s mine for this month. I woke up one morning with the line about Sonny Liston in my head one day after not listening to this song in years. John Darnielle is perhaps the only person on earth I’d trust to write a song about Kurt Cobain’s suicide and he does a very simple and beautiful job of it here.
Ben’s My Friend - Sun Kil Moon: I discovered Sun Kil Moon way after I probably should have via that guy who was doing parody songs of him last year. This song is fantastic because it takes so long to make its point, and like so much good art is just some middle aged guy recounting his every thought and movement for four minutes.
You Were Meant For Me - Jewel: I was trying to remember how Dreams by Fleetwood Mac went and all I could think of was this song, and settled on singing it to myself instead.
Sober - Lorde: Sorry to be a normie but listening to Lorde break down this song on an episode of Song Exploder was incredibly good and it definitely made me appreciate the way the brass sounds a lot more. Melodrama really does get better and better as a cohesive whole the more I listen to it.
Night Moves - Bob Seger: We as a society need to bring back Power Voice I think. I’ve been obsessed with this song for months now and as far as I can tell Bob Seger has precisely zero other good songs, which is unfortunate because this one is so good. This also is another song about getting the Lamenting Night Hornies because you heard a thunderstorm that reminded you of the times in your youth that you Fucked and it’s, in my opinion, very beautiful.
Cairo - San Fermin: This is on the list not only because it’s a good song but also unfortunately because of Podasts. San Fermin guested on an episode of Improv4humans and got absolutely roasted about this song so I highly recommend the ep.
UFO - Sneaky Sound System: It’s unfortunate that Sneaky Sound System’s highest played song according to Spotify is the Nicolas Jaar remix of Big (an all time top ten piece of music) because it’s really overshadowed the rest of their incredibly good singles. Do you remember 2006? What a time to be alive.
UFO (Van She Tech Remix) - Sneaky Sound System: This is my absolute pick of the month and I have been raving to everyone who’ll listen but nobody cares, I cannot get enough of it. Do you remember when Justice came from France to bless us all with the secret of bass and we betrayed them by inventing Skrillex not three years later? Van She remember.
Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph - Duck Sauce: I believe there is a real argument to be made that any song that doesn’t refer to the listeners collectively as Party People is absolutely worthless. Duck Sauce’s album is a completely underrated classic in my opinion, it’s a go-to mood elevator from beginning to end and for some reason has a subplot thoughout about aliens transmitting coded messages to influence human evolution, which is a big thumbs up from me.
I Took Your Picture - Cults: Guess what Cults are still really really good. I haven’t given this album enough time yet but this bassline has invaded my dreams so that’s a good sign.
Pavement - City Calm Down: The way this layers and builds into and through the chorus is so satisfying. I love this sort of thick synth production and the contrast between the different registers of his voice is so satisfying as the chorus comes back again.
Pogo - Digitalism: Australian electronic music had a real moment around 2007 between Digitalism, Van She, The Presets, Midnight Juggernauts, Cut Copy and all them and I’m realising retrospectively that it was very, very good.
Semicircle Song - The Go! Team: The world’s best band are back and their new album isn’t out until fucking January! This song features big horns and a bridge that’s just a montage of children telling you their star sign so that’s how you know it’s good.
The Garden’s All Nighters - The Number Twelve Looks Like You: It’s a real shame that #12 broke up after this album because it feels like they were really on the edge of something. Over 4 albums they morphed from a straight ahead grind band into some sort of math-prog thing approaching it from a whole different direction to everyone else. I love the idea of writing such an expansive, complex song seemingly just about living in New Jersey. The way it transitions into the groovy latin part is so nice and the solo is just beautiful; and unlike other bands in the same sort of sector they never make a joke of genre switches either, they just keep moving forward with a smile.
Paris/Orly - Deux: I forget how I first came across this album but it’s easily the wankiest thing I absolutely love. An 80s French synthpop duo that only ever released a cassette and some singles that got reissued by a label called Minimal Wave a few years ago. It is absolutely the best. New wave mixed with Kraftwerk and synthpop except incredibly french and cool as well. I constantly have their song Game And Performance in my head but this one was my obsession this month.
Walking Into Sunshine (Larry Levan 12" Mix) - Central Line: There’s something very authentic about disco songs that are lyrically all about working all week all day every day, and desperately needing a break to perhaps, dance your worries away in a new york discotheque.
Cradle In The Crater - The Number Twelve Looks Like You: This is maybe my favourite #12 song because it appears to be about some kind of super child who came from space and perhaps wrought havoc on the citizens of earth, but told in a very real and emotional way like it’s a story about someone they really knew. It reminds me of Mother 3 and the good times I had as a teen playing that game with my best friend, so that’s an added bonus.
Under The Ice (Extended Version) - Topo & Roby: Italo disco forever. This song is a duet between a woman and a robot where they relay the story of him coming from a distant planet in a spaceship and crashing on the north pole then getting trapped under the titular ice where he waits to I think murder me. Now that I think of it it’s world similar to Cradle In The Crater. It sounds so good, far better than a novelty song like this has any right to. There’s also a video with someone’s 80s mum dancing with an incredibly shit robot on youtube if you’re interested.
Outta The Woodwork - Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett: I really love the covers they chose for this album because they both really make it their own. Outta The Woodwork really sounds like a Kurt song now and I love the strong piano giving the song the harder edge the lyrics deserve and Kurt just lazily soloing to hell any chance he gets
Peepin’ Tom - Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett: I think I almost like this version more than the original, making it just an acoustic thing but still keeping all the dynamics of the original is so nice. I love specifically the deep bass voice of ‘peepin’ to the high ‘tom’. It satisfies something weird in my brain.
Mercury (12" Version) - Bloc Party: I can’t believe i’ve lived this long without ever knowing that there was a 12” version of Mercury out there. The song I always felt was way too short to contain the amount of energy it has has a 7 minute version that well and truly lays it out into a slow intense burn instead.
Electric Feel (Justice Remix) - MGMT: Just to get my 2007 opinions straight Electric Feel is not a good song. Kids is a good song but Electric Feel isn’t. That said: this remix comes damn close to making it good. Justice figured out the secret sound and we’re all the better for it.
Comin’ Apart - Gary Wright: There’s no greater joy than tracking down a sample and finding out that the original song is also a banger. This pairs extremely well with My My My as a sort of extended intro.
My My My - Armand Van Helden: I posted that playlist a couple weeks ago of songs mid-2000s bangers with extremely horny videos and this is a highlight from that. I’m always amazed with how much mileage great producers can get out of a relatively straightforward sample because this hums along for almost 7 minutes and only gets better.
Laser Life - The Blood Brothers: The Blood Brothers are one of the few bands that scratch the brain itch I have for totally bonkers Mars Volta markov chain lyrics phrases like ‘Oh dream machine I’m a pound of flesh inside a drum machine dream’. They’re also the only band I think that can get away with having this sort of cabaret swing feel in a song with a lot of screaming and not have it be absolutely unbearable.
Camouflage, Camouflage - The Blood Brothers: Where a lot of The Blood Brothers early songs were just chaotic bursts, they have a few songs that spread out into a long multi movement ideas culminating in very good final lines like 'I couldn’t see the love and affection it was camouflaged as a jungle of erections, and I couldn’t see the skeletal lightning it was camouflaged as a young machete’
16 Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford: The mistake people make in covering this song is trying to match the extremely grim lyrics to the music, but this version succeeds exactly because it’s on some upbeat Frank Sinatra shit with the clarinet refrain sounding like a children’s song while still being very much about dying face down in the dirt from arsenic poisoning.
Take This Hammer - Leadbelly: On the other hand you have a song like Take This Hammer from a guy who really worked on a chain gang complete with involuntary WAH sounds to time your hammer strikes to, and it’s still so much more upbeat and positive musically than it has any right to be looking at the lyrics.
San Francisco - Foxygen: There’s something about the chorus of this song, and they way the phrases of the two voices line up where if it gets stuck in your head it just goes around and around and around forever and it is absolutely maddening so I thought I’d share that with you all.
El Manana (Metronomy Remix) - Gorillaz: This remix reminds me of Studio to a degree with the way it just moves forward with no regard for regular structure. It’s gutsy to remix a song and somehow restructure it so the chorus doesn’t even sound like it’s the chorus anymore but just another small part in a slowly winding up machine.
Monkey Gone To Heaven - The Pixies: The way he’s screaming that GOD IS SEVEN in this song I feel like if Black Francis hadn’t made it in music he’d be running a very successful incomprehensible conspiracy website. This is a song I can get very lyrically involved in when I’m in certain moods, nodding my head like the creature in the sky DID get sucked in a hole and now there’s a hole in the sky, and we’re all in trouble because of it.
Cannonball - The Breeders: I like this song because it feels like everyone in the band is working on their own unique structure. The clean guitar especially just comes and goes at will through the whole song, the lyrics start whenever, the rhythm guitar just keeps strumming along. It all comes together for the chorus and then they just go their own separate ways until it’s chorus time again.
S.A.D. - Kirin J Callinan: The production on this song just amazes me, especially as it moves into the later choruses the sheer weight of the chords is just crazy. The barest suggestion of guitars chugging in the background but blending into the huge synths chords. Combined with the vocals it’s the most threatening pop song I’ve ever heard. Wrapped up in plastic thrown down the stairs feeling fantastic.
Water Coast Blues - Honeyboy Edwards: I feel like Honeyboy Edwards has gotten a raw deal from history. When he died most of his obitaries made a big point of how he was one of the last living people to know Robert Johnson personally. Which is an important detail but it overshadows Edwards contributions in his own right as a guitarist and songwriter who had a 70 year career. The album this recording’s from is a really good compilation that gives an overview of his whole career, mixed with interviews with Edwards and Alan Lomax that are just amazing. Anyway just listen to the playing on this song because it is incredible. The bass figure he switches into when he says 'when I had money’? Phenomenal.
Another Leather Lung - The Sound Of Animals Fighting: The Sound Of Animals Fighting was a supergroup of a bunch of guys from RX Bandits/Chiodos/Circa Survive and bands like that coming together in animal masks to make the most pretentious band possible at the time. There’s a lyrics on one of their other songs where he sings 'the artist! the true manifestation of struggle!’ which is quite good. But outside of that they did make some very good music and the second half of this song where it takesoff is really something.
Bone Machine - The Pixies: It’s amazing Black Francis hasn’t been linked to a string of murders in the mid 80s honestly. This whole song feels like evidence. Also the way he says 'I was talking to peachy peach about kissy kiss.. [incredibly long, awkward silence] … he bought me a soda. he bought me a soda and he tried to molest me in the parking lot hep hep hep hep’ is perhaps the most amazing verse ever.
Stomping Tonight On The Pennsylvania/Alabama Border - John Fahey: This is John Fahey’s best song and I’ve listened to it probably 4 times a week for the last 4 years. It is quite honestly an eternal mood.
Ares - Bloc Party: War! War! War! War! I love the guitar in this, because it’s just textural noisemaking more than anything else and mixed with the vocal manipulations in the chorus it’s just absolute chaos. It’s such a shame that everyone in Bloc Party either left the band or had their brain removed after this album because between this, Mercury and Talons it was truly an incredible moment.
Special Rider Blues - John Fahey: I can’t believe I only found out this month about John Fahey covering Skip James, and even that it took me this long for me to listen to the full version of his America album.
Mark 1:15 - John Fahey: I also learned that on account of cds only holding 80 minutes of music, this 14 minute reissue version of Mark 1:15 is 2 minutes shorter than the original vinyl version and I’m completely riled up about it and demanding a second, definitive reissue to restore them. Regardless, this song is an absolute masterpiece and when it switches into the portion of When The Springtime Comes again about three quarters of the way through it’s just amazing.
Swim - Nicolas Jaar: Here’s another quite long and involved piece of music from the other side of the spectrum. It has a very similar feeling to Mark 1:15 really, so if you liked that persevere through this. It’s taken me such a long time to get around to listening to Nymphs for some reason but I’m glad I finally gave it a shot because this song especially is a real masterwork.
Crimes - The Blood Brothers: A third Blood Brothers song for you, If you didn’t like the other two there’s a chance you’ll like this one because it’s much more sedate. This song is also a good first Blood Brothers song because the way the second vocalist sounds when he finally turns up is really funny if you’re not expecting it. This is another on the long list of songs I seem to just always have in my head and sing to myself when I’m walking around.
NRG - Duck Sauce: Are you ready for the most powerful 12 minutes of your life? It’s the entirety of the NRG single by Duck Sauce. I like to think of it as a purposeful multi-movement work rather than a song and two remixes because that’s what it feels like. Starting out we have the original, incredible instant power of NRG.
NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix) - Duck Sauce: and next we have the absolute peak of the work, the fever pitch. See if you can guess which part Skrillex was responsible for. I love the addition of miscellaneous woos and yeahs among the already busy main riff, I absolutely love the bass which sounds like some kind of steel drum pulled down four octaves. I love the distortion on the vocals in the second half as it slowly gives you time to catch your breath.
NRG (Hudson Mohawk Remix) - Duck Sauce: The we move into the comedown, the HudMo contribution where the drums somehow sound like they’re coming from next door like the party has passed you by and moved on to enliven your neighbours. I love the snare building and then splitting into triplets like it’s going to drop before the peace of the synth gives way to the rolling thunder drums hafway in.
On The Other Hand Baby - Etta Baker: I don’t know what to say about Etta Baker. She’s incredible and it’s an absolute shame that she didn’t really get recorded until she was about 70. This album was recorded when she was about 92 and her playing is still amazing.
Crucible - Sleigh Bells: You have to give Sleigh Bells credit for still going strong four albums in if nothing else. Somewhere along the line they adopted this sort of corny rock chick thing that wasn’t really there in their first album and I think it works against them but I really can’t get enough of the instrumental of this song. The distorted brass and string amongst everything else especially. I feel like there’s a much better song buried in here somewhere but I’ll take what I can get.
Pirate Blues - As Cities Burn: As Cites Burn are another good example of a metalcore band absolutely mellowing out into a indie rock band over the course of three albums, and the result Hell Or High Water has turned out to be one if my favourites of all time. This song especially is an obsession, and I love a band having the sense to no longer make metalcore, but learning enough from it to take a song to a a huge crescendo when they need to like this one does.
Timothy - As Cities Burn: Between As Cities Burn, mewithoutYou and a couple of other christian bands I was very nearly converted in highschool and it still informs a lot of my uh theistic thought in a strangely unembarrassing way. This song, from their second album where they were sort of caught between their metalcore origins and the full fleshed indie rock of Hell Or High Water is one of their best. Yelling at god about your dead friend is a massive thing to write a song about but it’s done so well and it builds and builds before dissolving into a sparse, thoughtful solo for a good six minutes into a beautiful ending.

listen here

Müzikli Asansör, Neptun Set vol14.
- Deep House/Ambient/Electronic -

David August - A Golden Rush w Nelia Kit
Anitek - Rooftop Serenade
Akın Sevgör - Vanity Corner
Lulu Rouge - Welcome To My Dream (feat Tuco)
Massive Attack - Better Things
Slackwax - Far away from home
Massive Attack - Spying Glass
Nina Simone - Feeling good (Nicolas Jaar edit)
Hugo Kant - The Chord Cracker
Slackwax - Flying High
Slackwax - Happy Soul
Nicolas Jaar - Fight
Tawk - Wake me up
Valentin Stip - You Sleep In My House
Slackwax - Midnight
Tawk - Feel Good
Ah! Kosmos - Stay
A Forest Mighty Black - Duel with a Soul

gece yarısı seti. 

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Nicolas Jaar is a pretty big powerhouse. Florence And The Machine is, well, Florence And The Machine. Together??? Unstoppable! Check out the former’s remix of What Kind Of Man.

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