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The few times I’ve met Eva O'Neill, she’s always had a smile on her face and is a social professional. For example:

One time we ran into each other by chance together in Central Stockholm. Eva was in the company of Madeleine, Leonore and Nicolas. This was just days after Nicolas had come into the world and the first outdoor walk for Madeleine since the birth of the baby.

We stood for a while and talked about the weather and of course the little newborn prince:

- I am the proudest grandmother, said Eva.

Suddenly she pointed to my right hand. In my hand, I had by coincidence two copies of the biography of Princess Madeleine as I wrote in connection with the wedding in 2013.

This day I was on my way to a meeting and would hand over the books. Chance made me ran into the book’s protagonist and her mother in law. The odds on it?

- It is a book about your daughter, I said when Eva asked. Here you get your own signed copy, I said and wrote in the book to Chris’s mother.

- But I can not speak Swedish, said Eva a bit apologetic.

Then Madeleine chimed in:

- It does not matter. I can read the book together with you!

—  Johan T Lindwall, author of a autobiography about Princess Madeleine when asked of Chris O’Neill’s mother, Eva, and when he ran into Eva, Madeleine and the kids shortly after Nicolas’ birth in 2015 when speaking with Svenskdam.





Like literally, this FUCKING CINNAMON ROLL.


Grown up, or just a lil bby, Nic is adorable af. Worick’s cool too. But Nic is BAE.

[Says the person who is cosplaying as Worick in three days.]

cheerleader — nicola peltz.

“You’re the girl who wanted help on her audition, right?” Nicola asks me, and I nod. She offers me a friendly smile, swinging her car keys in her hand. 

“C’mon, you’re going home with me. I’ll teach you.” I’m surprised by how quickly she welcomes me. I was new to the school, and back at my old school, I’d always wanted to be a cheerleader. When I found out they were holding auditions as one of them had gotten injured, I instantly signed up. 

The car ride was mostly just small talk, things about my classes, my old school, why I moved, similar things. I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely beautiful she was. 

When we got to her enormous mansion, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She only laughed, pulling me inside. Her room was ginormous, but I didn’t have much time to marvel at it as she instantly wanted to start working on the routine. 

“5, 6, 7.. No, no, your form is off.” She stands behind me, adjusting my body. First, she pushed my back straight. Then, her fixes my arms, putting them in the right position. Finally, her hands slide down my body, between my legs, pushing them apart. I accidentally elicit a a small moan as she does that last one, which causes her to jump away from me. 

“Did you just–?” She questions, eyes wide. I bite my lip, nodding in shame. 

“I’m so sorry.. I-” She cuts me off as she presses her lips to mine, taking me off guard. After a few seconds of the two of us kissing, she pulls away, looking at me with a smirk. 

“I’m not a stupid cheerleader, you know. I saw you staring at me in the car.” She purrs, lightly nibbling on my bottom lip. “I think you’re hot, too, and you look like you could fuck me better than any dumb jock could.” She raises a brow, daring me to stop her. Since I don’t have any opposition to her offer, I nod my head again, this time in agreement to her statement. 

“Good.” She simply states, puling her underwear down her toned legs. Turning her back to me, Nicola bends over her desk, giving me the perfect view of her pretty little pussy. She dips her fingers in her mouth before running them along her already dripping cunt, looking at me over her shoulder. 

I move to stand behind her, replacing her fingers with mine. She lets out a mewl of pleasure, her eyes closing as she lets me take control. I flip her skirt up to get a view of her ass, lightly smacking the tanned skin. I run my fingers along her slit, teasing the wet folds with curious caution. My fingers find her clit, rubbing the little nub before spanking it. 

“You’re such a slut.” I mutter, giving her pussy another smack, which earns a moan from her. 

“So eager, so quick to bend over for me,” I continue, getting on my knees in front of her glorious core and spreading her legs apart further. “So wet just from me cheerleading. I bet so many people have tasted this sweet little pussy of yours.” To prove my point, I dart my tongue out, running one long lick against her cunt. Nicola moans out, pressing her hips into my mouth. 

Spreading her ass cheeks to get a view of those pink lips of hers, I repeat my action again, this time shaking my tongue a little to add a little something. Before long, I’m switching between kitten licks and long ones, occasionally sucking on her clit, which she particularly appreciates by letting out a long moan, my name rolling off her tongue with ease. 

I add a couple digits into her tight pussy, feeling it stretch around me. She lets out a string of curse words, rocking herself back and forth onto my digits. 

“Oh, baby, fuck me with those fingers, I’m such a dirty slut, I need to be pounded into tomorrow.” She moans out, biting on her bottom lip every once in a while as I slowly became rougher with each pump of my fingers. My tongue ran over her puckered hole to test the waters before running to her pussy, sucking on that little bundle of nerves again as I added a third finger. 

I watched as she stretched over me, and curled the three fingers upwards to hit her sweet spot continuously. Her hands were balled into fists as I pounded into her, groaning loudly. 

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck, I’m gonna cum all over your fingers.” She cries out, her back arching as she orgasms, her legs shaking. I lap up all her cum as it runs over my fingers, the sweet taste filling my mouth. Pulling out my digits, I suck them clean as she recovers from her high, turning around to face me while she adjusted her cheer skirt. 

“That’s a surefire way to get on the cheerleading squad.” 


A/N: Hey, guys! Hope you enjoyed this smut, Nicola is so cute and I thought she would be perfect for the cheerleader prompt!