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George with John & little Nicola (Nikki Hale) on the Magical Mystery Tour bus - September 1967 Photo Sources: Pinterest Gif: original

Courtesy of ‘Meet The Beatles For Real" comes this excerpt from the fanzine, 'Strawberry Field Forever’ issue number 51

'Little Nicola wasn’t specifically chosen, or cast, to go on the bus. She only went along because her second cousin was given the job of recruiting the passengers for the trip and the first one she picked was Nicola’s grandmother, Amy Smedley. A little nepotism goes a long way; Amy brought along her daughter, Pam Hale, Nicola’s mom, and since Nicola was only four she certainly couldn’t stay at home alone … so, as one of the Magicians said, “back on the bus!”

“I have a vivid memory of fighting with Paul McCartney on the floor of a hotel,” she relates, “and playing table football with John Lennon and Ringo Starr. I remember John Lennon asking my mother for sixpence. There was a party; the whole family dressed up real weird as witches and wizards. Everybody there was dressed up in Superman costumes and stuff and I felt kind of out of place. I remember Ringo played soccer with me and he bought me a little African drum. And I remember being spoiled a lot!

Her father remembers it a bit differently, as might be expected. "Nikki was more interested in the cameras than the Beatles!” But he also goes on to say that “My mother-in-law expected the Beatles to be strange and weird. But the Beatles were always nice and polite. In the evenings, John or Paul played piano and led everyone in sing-songs. And John hadn’t brought enough underpants so my mother-in-law bought him some.”


Sometimes you kind of have to wonder if Malcolm is waiting with the rest of us to see exactly where his little digressions will take him – because I’m pretty sure he does very occasionally start down a particular metaphorical road with *no idea* where he’s actually going.

But forget that – what I really want to know is WHY the strangely specific burning resentment against Paul McCartney?

My best guesses:

1. They TOLD him he’d be sitting next to Stephen Fry

2. They took away Malcolm’s salmon mousse with caviar that he’d really been looking forward to and made him eat vegan food instead

3. Malcolm doesn’t care if they’re the band the Beatles could have been, he still fucking HATES Wings

4. Malcolm will never forgive Paul for annoying the living hell out of Grumpy George Harrison (and his sticky-tape mustache) and then just walking away


10 Trickiest Trompe L’oeils in Summer Gallery Shows

The practice of tricking viewers to think an artwork is something else dates back to antiquity, but it never gets old. Indeed it’s one of the top trends of the summer art season, judging by the number of gallery shows featuring objects that flaunt mad technical skills–and a deadpan sense of humor–to make you do that double-take. See if you can guess the materials of these trompe l’oeil works currently on view in Chelsea and the Lower East Side.

From top: David Adamo, “Untitled (orange peel),” 2014, bronze, at Kai Matsumiya; Nicolas Party Blackam, “Stone (orange),“ 2012, acrylic on stone, at Salon 94 Bowery; Hannah Cole, "Safety Fence,” 2015, acrylic on canvas, at The Lodge Gallery; Bill Adams, “Balls,” 2015, clay, acrylic, and marker, at Kerry Schuss; Matthias Merkel Hess, 3 of his “5 Gallon Bucket,” 2015, stoneware, at Salon 94 Freemans; Martha Friedman, “Loaf 1,” 2010, cast rubber, at The Hole; Leslie Wayne, “Paint Rag 57 (Adinkra),” 2015, oil on panel, at Mixed Greens; Lauren Seiden, “Cloaked,” 2015, graphite on paper, at Louis B. James; Bertozzi and Casoni, “Cestino della discordia,” 2012, glazed ceramic, at Sperone Westwater; Sarah Harrison, “Rug 13,” 2015, oil on panel, at Mixed Greens.