nicola hardy

Honestly, the worst thing ever about being a wrestling fan is knowing that they can take one bad bump and that’s it. They won’t be able to wrestle anymore and that’s honestly heartbreaking.

Know what? I honestly can’t blame Roman at all for kicking Enzo off of the tour bus. Not one bit. Ever since it was leaked about it happening I’ve been keeping an eye on interviews and that because I was curious as anything because I know it probably takes a lot to piss Roman off because so much people have said he’s such a chill person in real life.

I just listened to the podcast that Roman recently done and he said, “My whole goal is to leave this place better than how I found it and I mean it. This business runs, people can say whatever they want about me, but I was born into this business. This business runs through my veins, if you cut my arm it’s WWE that will leak out of that. I was fed since I can remember from my dad and if my dad wasn’t there, than another man in our family would step up and he was likely making the money through this business. So I’ve experienced a lot of hardships, a lot of great moments through out my life because of this business. But the bottom line is, it fed me my entire life. I don’t care who you are, you will not disrespect it. Not in front of me. Not today, not any day I am alive.”

It’s been obvious since day one that Roman truly cares about WWE and that he wants to make it a better place. Apparently Enzo was bragging about how much money he makes and pretty much ripping the business and being obnoxiously loud whilst doing so and had taken people into their locker room and that’s a major no go zone, what made it worse was that person was apparently taken photographs in the locker room as well.

But Roman and other men have mentioned that Roman will step up without being asked and knows the right way to deal with stuff and that’s why he became a locker room leader.

But just imagine how pissed off and hurt Roman must’ve been, him and the usos knew how much their fathers and families gave up to be in the business and how much they gave up as children for their family to be out in the WWE and how it’s hard on the whole family unit, yet they still do it because its became part of their family. I imagine that this was the RAW face bus, so you also have Dean on the bus as well, and every one knows that wrestling has always been the only thing Dean has been able to rely on his whole entire life, whether that was him as a young child trying to escape his bad reality of a life, to the person he is today where it has bought him a family in the other superstars particularly Seth and Roman, who have became one of the few constants in Deans life. I could only imagine the rage and anger that Dean mustve been feeling at that moment.
There’s Seth as well, who started wrestling at a young age, set up matches in his back yard at 14, left home at 18 to pursue wrestling,became the first NXT champion,tore his ACL,MCL And meniscus and was absoluetly heartbroken because this is what he loved and was petrified that he wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. He set up his and Mereks wrestling school and spends as much of his freetime as he can being there with the students to teach them the safe and proper way to wrestle so they have the best chance out in the wrestling world. He even has a house where his students can live in so they don’t have to spend their lives living out of a car like he had to do.
Then you have The Hardys, two men who lost their mother at just 9 and 12. They loved wrestling from an early age and used it as a coping method when their mother passed, they set up a wrestling company for them and their friends to try and get in the business and would only make less than $50 a night travelling in and around north carolina before they got signed to the WWF/WWE at the age of 16&19 and would do all the jobs nobody else would to prove how much they wanted to be in this business and have been doing it professionally for the past 23 years, Matt was the one who went up to Vince and came up with the idea of the TLC match(so you can thank him for that, considering theres now a PPV based off of TLC)

No wonder Roman would be so angry that he refused to have Enzo be on the bus for any longer, those 4 guys are his best friends in the business and it probably did not help him knowing the hardships they faced getting to the WWE and what they’ve done to change the business and you have someone like Enzo shitting on it. If i was in Romans position i would’ve wanted to beat the living daylights out of Amore for it.

Just a rant about people bashing on Ambrollins and me taking out pure facts.

Seth and Deans betrayal in the wwe was nothing compared to the feud Jeff and Matt Hardy had in ‘09.
Matt (kayfabe) set Jeff’s home on fire,causing the death of Jeff’s dog Jack. (Side note Jeff did actually loose his dog and home in an electrical fault fire but WWE brought it into storyline) Matt ran Jeff and his girlfriend Beth(now wife) off the road. Matt attacked Jeff in a stairwell causing Jeff to not be able to preform in his match that night. Matt caused the pyro to hit Jeff during his entrance. Matt attacked Jeff with a steel chair in a middle of a match causing Jeff to loose the WWE Championship to Edge. Causing them to feud from the start of the year to Wrestlemania for the Hardy name were Matt beat Jeff by giving him a twist of fate in a steel chair and pushing him up the ramp in a stretcher. Honestly that match was brutal as hell, they used every single weapon which was aloud in WWE at that time. They then went to backlash and had an I quit match were Jeff ended up breaking Matts hand during the match.(in real life lmao they still joke about that)The rivalry literally started because of how over Jeff was, how Jeff had became heavyweight champion and WWE Champion and was the #2 merch seller just falling slightly behind Cena. Matt literally said at one point he wanted to end Jeff’s career. Their feud lasted 8 months in the WWE and only stopped during the Jeff and CM Punk feud when Punk attacked Jeff after a 2-1 handicap match, John Morrison then came out to help Jeff but when it was too much for him Matt came out and saved them, therefor ending the Hardy feud.

Honestly, that was a lot worse in my opinion than the Seth and Deans because it was always Matt attacking Jeff and Jeff didn’t want to hurt Matt because it was his brother. Matt and Jeff had been in the WWE together for 10 years(if you don’t include Jeff leaving from 2002-2006) It was honestly so much more heartbreaking to watch because they’re actual brothers. In this case though with Seth and Dean, Seth did make the first move by attacking Roman and Dean. I’m not saying Seth is an angel, he’s far from it. But neither is Dean, Dean constantly attacked Seth from behind were Seth was literally afraid to walk past hogans presents because he thought he was going to get attacked which he did. He put Deans head through the cinderblocks, but then Dean came out and put the fear into Seth by threatening to do the same to him. Roman ended up throwing one straight for Seths head, but because Seth moved out of the way it hut the steel post. Dean cashed in his contract and took the WWE title away from Seth after Seth had won it at money in the bank. If I remember correctly, Dean attacked Seth at every single opportunity he could get,backstage, during matches, in the parking lot and during promos. They destroyed each other in matches for years, both of them giving it all they could in their matches which made the feud worth watching.
Dean isn’t innocent either, Dean and Roman didn’t deserve Seth selling out and attacking them and Seth is in the wrong for doing so. But it’s honestly not the first time WWE have done a feud like this before, they’ve been doing it for years. But we’ve never gotten a full explanation from Seth of why he did what he did. Seth has been trying since the start of this year to try and make things right, he started off with Triple H, hitting it right were it began. “My mistakes, my transgressions, my sins. I don’t ignore them because they are the scars that have made me the man who I am today.” Seth is fully aware of the mistakes that he’s made and he’s beginning to acknowledge them.
“You Know what I learned about me? I liked myself before I met you.” “Side by side we accomplished a lot but at what cost? What did I give up for that?"Seth literally can’t stand who he became because of HHH. It’s totally obvious, whilst he was in the shield and the authority he was one of the cockiest and most arrogate person in the WWE. Now look at him, actually look at his facial expressions every time he looks at Dean he looks lost, broken, hurt because Dean was his brother. In that industry, it means a lot to actually have friends let alone someone you’d class as family. That’s why he’s trying so hard with Dean because he’s all too aware of what he’s lost. There’s so much more of what Seth has said recently, that just truly explains more of what him and Dean have been through together. Seth knows he may not fully, if ever regain Deans trust but he’s trying to. As for his apology? Do you literally know how hard it is for a guy to admit that he was in the wrong? I’ve grown up with 5 brothers and there stubborn as shit. Seth saying,"you know what?! I’m sorry!"The way Seth literally looks away from Dean because he knows that Dean doesn’t believe him, he looks so lost because that’s not how he’d expected it to come out. He was just so done in that particular moment, that it just came out because he is sorry, has been sorry for as long as he can remember. "I’ve never said that before, but I’ll say it again I’m sorry.” He knows Dean, knows that just shouting at him doesn’t work, so he tries again looking Dean straight in the eye and when he still doesn’t respond, Seth is honestly so done by this point that he does the last thing that might build the bond back with Dean by literally screaming at him to hit him in the back with the steel chair because what more does Dean need? He’s helped him when no one else would *cough* Roman *cough* literally Roman does love and care for Dean but he’s caught up in the title picture and been lacking in the friendship department since Dean has came back to Raw. (Don’t come at me for shitting on Roman because I’m literally trash for Roman, just pointing the facts) But Seths been there for Dean and he’s god damn trying. I think the reason for Dean not hitting Seth with the steel chair is because he’s never stopped caring about Seth. He was just so angry and hurt by Seths actions that he had to act out on his emotions because it just hurt him more because he may not trust Seth but he’s still the guy that Dean classed as his family, his brother, his home. If he did stop caring for Seth he wouldn’t have saved Seth from the Miz, wouldn’t have helped Seth out in the tag match and calling spots for him when other guys had entered the ring. Wouldn’t have hugged Seth straight after the win, wouldn’t have bumped his fists on Seths chest and hyped Seth up as well, wouldn’t let Seth initiate the second hug. The only thing that ever got too much with Dean was Seth calling him brother, which Seth apologised for and Seth hoping so badly for Dean to fist bump him, but it was too soon for Dean to deal with because to everyone else it’s just a fist bump, but to Dean, Seth and Roman it’s a unity and family that was broken from the inside out, which may never be 100% whole but Seth will try his hardest to get it to that point. Because he needs it to be okay with the three of them because he can’t forgive or like himself unless he’s made it up to Roman and Dean especially.

Don’t shit on other people getting excited over this storyline, because it’s a way of redemption, forgiveness and brotherhood. Colby and Jon are doing this storyline justice and honestly, Colby and Jon are probably excited to finally not have to hide their friendship anymore. Imagine being friends with someone for 6 years and not aloud to be seen in public with them? It would fucking suck. Seth didn’t only loose Roman and Dean in the feud. Colby lost the chance to hang out with Joe and Jon in public, his two best friends. Just be glad that WWE isn’t forgetting about their past and actually working it into their storylines because without this storyline, Dean and Seth would still be stuck in boring feuds that honestly doesn’t make sense which can loose fans interests and ruin a superstars career.

If you have any negativity towards this storyline, leave it out of the Seth Rollins and Ambrollins tags because it frustrates the fans who are enjoying the story arc they’ve wanted for years.