nicola bryant

Companions panel at ReGenerationWho

Sophie Aldred: comes up to panel microphone Has anyone seen Nicola?Asks several other people.  I’ll find her!  Bounds off stage and bounces to the door, where she finds Nicola and brings her back.

Moderator: Introduce yourselves.

Deb Watling: I’m Deborah Watling and I played Victoria Waterfield

Sophie Aldred: I’m Louise Jameson and I played Leela.

Nicola Bryant: I’m Sophie Aldred and I played, and am Ace.

Moderator: Tell us a little bit about your characters

Deb Watling: The clue is in the name really, Victoria Waterfield was a Victorian young lady, goes on to tell a little more about Victoria

Sophie Aldred: Well, my character was like this:

Climbs on table and yells “Professor!”

Jumps off table and runs down length of room, takes Ace jacket from fan, puts it on.

Runs back up room and takes question mark handle umbrella from fan, yells, “Who are you calling small?” and pretends to bash another fan around the head.

Runs back up behind table, grabs water bottle, climbs under table, jumps up, throws water bottle like a can of nitro-9, yells “Boom!”

Nicola Bryant:… … … There’s nothing I can really say after that.  What are you on, Sophie?

Sophie Aldred: Jet lag.