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rougebalor  asked:

So I was wondering do all your ocs exist in different worlds from each other or do they all exist in the same world or even universe just live in different parts if it. The reason i ask is I'm curious how they would react to meeting eachother. Like Moo meeting Thak or like Naru or something. I love your ocs so i was just curiuos lol.

Omgggg honestly most of them are just everywhere???

Thak and herb are in the same world.

David is his own world i guess. But he is able to visit herb’s shop since it is magical.

Naru, darrius, axel nicolas, raval, abraham, jo and sly are in the same world. Its crazy lmao

Moo lives primarily in space with boba visiting everyso often at his home on an obscure planet.

I doodle interaction comics all the time but never post them cause i feel liek no one will understand them lmao

Dear TSA employee that had to inspect my luggage at the airport,

I would like to sincerely apologize if I had startled you when you chose to open my luggage, only to get a full dose of my Nic Cage head. It was careless of me to place him there and I feel responsible for any discomfort you may have had 😔 ….but know that I have been cracking up about for the past hour 😂
Thank you,


Winter Skyline by Nicola Abraham


Rugged by Nicola Abraham


Cornwall by Nicola Abraham


White Cliffs by Nicola Abraham


Queenstown by Nicola Abraham via Flickr
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