Hồi mới thất tình chị thảm như con tâm thần luôn. Xong chị đặt hai tấm hình lên bàn, một là Britney Spears, hai là Nicole Kidman. Một đứa thất tình xong lang chạ có bầu với hết thằng này đến thằng khác, thân tàn ma dại. Một đứa chia tay xong càng ngày càng đẹp rạng ngời. Chị tự hỏi coi mình muốn giống ai. Rồi chị chọn Nicole Kidman và cải thiện bản thân mình như bây giờ.

¿Hay que sentir pena por los obesos que deciden voluntariamente serlo?

Esta rubia intenta dar respuesta a esa pregunta, y de paso se convierte en el foco del odio de miles de obesos.


The Summer of No One Gets What They Want

By Nicol Hay

Europe is enjoying a heat wave, the Confederations Cup was the greatest summer tournament since records began, and every club is spending money like Kanye in Mothercare. So why is the major theme of this transfer window one of crushing disappointment? 

All winter long, football fans yearn for the irritating formality of men kicking balls around pitches to get itself over with so the real business of paper talk, In The Know intrigue and opinion pieces on the inevitable economic collapse of football if something isn’t done about these bloated transfer fees can begin. All those boring Saturday afternoons spent wistfully staring past your inept right back’s attempts to play a pass and remember which colour his teammates are wearing at the same time are just counting down to the moment when the June-August bonanza drops a steaming dose of moneyed potential into your life.

And this summer, it’s been all for naught. Every major club made their careful plans, only to see them dashed.

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So basically, Christine’s Star Princess mask is just too tempting to steal…

  1. Charise Renouf (?) and Sierra Boggess, Royal Albert Hall,
  2. Unknown, Japan,
  3. Charise Renouf (?) and Sierra Boggess, Royal Albert Hall,
  4. Olivia Brereton and Nicole Scherzinger, West End,
  5. Simon Thomas, West End,
  6. Lyndsay Gardiner, West End,
  7. John Owen-Jones, West End,
  8. Jeremy Hays, Broadway.