I used to believe that my identity is limited only by my imagination. I could be whoever I wanted to be. Later I learned that my identity is limited by the imagination of my friends, too. I create my identity by interacting with people who accept the person I imagine myself to be. Fortunately, I have great friends with boundless imaginations.

I was fourteen the first time someone called me a queer. I was in my forties the first time I called myself queer. It took thirty years for an inaccurate description of my sexual desire to become an accurate description of my gender identity. Thirty years for a noun that someone intended as offensive to become an adjective that I consider merely descriptive. Change comes slowly, but it comes.

We all modify our bodies every day. We do it with every decision, small or large, about what we’ll eat, whether we’ll exercise, how we’ll wear our hair. If we recognize that we’re all works in progress, it becomes easier to respect other people’s choices about their bodies. If you feel healthy, feel happy, I celebrate your choices.

shwaggy asked:

Where did you make your avatar? It's thrilling.

Thank you, shwaggy! I made the avatar in Second Life and took a photo of it there. (I first rezzed as Nico in SL and only recently migrated to Tumblr.)