“I believe in strong women. I believe in woman who is able to stand up for herself, who doesn’t need to hide behind her husband’s back. I believe that if you have a problem, as a woman you deal with them, you don’t play victim, you don’t make yourself look pitiful, you don’t point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart.” 🌸🙏🏽💕

Very grateful that I had a chance to meet such an inspiring woman like Kristen :) 😊”

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In the picture from L to R: Julia Pelc, Nandy Malaïka Nicodème and Kristen Stewart.

BTW, both Julia and Nandy are very young (17 & 18) and unmarried. Who doesn’t need to hide behind her husband’s back and is inspiring to Julia? I could be reading too much into it, but damn it is nice to project every once in a while.