Mafumafu and ‘Goodbye Liar’ Lyric Interpretation

Who is my favorite Nico Nico Douga utaite? This is easy. 

My favorite NND utaite is Mafumafu.

But not only because he is incredible at mixing his own music which are so top-tier that more than 7 companies have sought after him. Not only because he creates his own PVs which accompanies his songs almost as well as his lyrics do. Not only because his lyrics speaks volumes about who he is as a person, his values, goals, dreams and aspirations as an utaite.

But because he’s incredibly strong.

After listening to his cover of Goodbye Liar, I have a newfound respect for Mafumafu. Both as an musician and as a person who is fearless enough to walk the path of self-made artist, his voice conveys what words can’t. And it’s saying that “although the future is just full of unobtainable things”, he still continues this uncertain road, “because he wants to find the sun no matter what.”

Because the old Mafumafu has gone through a lot in life, “struggling regardless, avoiding feelings that can’t be thrown away.”

But he understands that those “emotions become the road sign” to the unobtainable things of the future. Good or bad, “if you can obtain it, any scars are worthwhile.”

The frustrations of reality. Income. Dreams. Stability. Passion. Health. Values. Happiness. Popularity. Aspirations. Depression. Motivation. Loneliness. Uncertainty. These are things that are on everyone’s minds once the music stops playing.

“You hate yourself even though you love yourself the most.”

Mafumafu doesn’t have to be under a well-known label to do what he loves. He doesn’t have to follow a schedule that cuts out time for his namahousous. He doesn’t have to give up time to spend with Soraru, Amatsuki and the rest of his friends. He doesn’t have to give up anything.

“To protect everything and gain everything, there’s no person like that anywhere.”

This world is not made of only bad endings or only happy endings. We have to sacrifice things in life, accept our selfishness, and we will inevitably experience everything that heals us and tears us down at the same time. 

But in order to move forward, we can’t live with closed eyes.

“You have to shout one thing. Goodbye to the liar’s heart.”

Moribito fight scene commentary

Eh… This time I’m translating something quite different this time. I came across a very interesting video in nico nico douga: link. And I was quite impressed by his commentary. Hopefully you can watch his slow motion scenes and read this alongside the video, but I’ll try to add in gifs and photos and much as possible. If you haven’t seen Seirei no Moribito yet…..  just go watch it please. Here’s a link to the fight scene if you haven’t seen it yet: link, then I hope you’ll enjoy my translation of Hikikai Kasena’s commentary of Balsa vs Hunter fight!


Wow! (゜▽゜;)

To say it simply, this was also really amazing. People who do kendo may already know this, but a real sword is way heavier than what a normal person would imagine. It’s also quite impossible for a normal Japanese citizen to move around freely like that ….. orz

When I watch this video, I believe that the spear is abnormally cool. Long weapons usually look very attractive, but with that aside, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it? It makes me want to take up martial arts.

And so that was the Short Spear vs. Yogo Sword (Fictional sword style) Battle.

Well then, before I get into my commentary, I must say I’m very sorry.

[Apologizes for not uploading another fight commentary on COWBOY BEPOP as he promised before]

Now then, let’s get on to this video.

Our main character is Balsa, also called “Balsa the Spear-Wielder”, who is a resourceful woman bodyguard. In this scene, she cross swords with the King’s operational unit known as “Hunters”.

There are some things that I want to look into from the original story. The first thing you should notice should be the weapon itself. What Balsa uses is the short spear (tansou) which is utilized a bit differently in battle than the long spear (chousou). The tansou’s length would be about the size of one’s body. It’s shorter than the chousou so you won’t be able to do an out-of-range attack, but you would be able to take sharper turns effectively while fighting.

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And I’m dead….

Amatsuki why?!



not bad, not bad!