Someone took the dialogue from kyou kara maoh (probably a seiyuu event?) and matched it to SIH and JR. Takano is Misaki’s older brother, and he explains what a tsundere is to him (even to the point of imitating one). It’s great.

I'm the type of person to over-analyze music and lyrics, so just ignore me here.

But ever since I started listening to Mafumafu, I noticed that his lyrics are really sad. I know sometimes the melody of the song will call for a sad story to go along with, but…it’s consistent in many of the songs he writes. Sometimes I’ll listen to the song while reading the English translation and genuinely feel hurt or a sense of longing. And on tumblr, I found a lot of tweets or parts of random namahousous where he hints that he struggles with talking to people and has negative thoughts about the person he is. I really don’t mean to make his personal life a big topic, but…I really can’t help but worry. If you guys listen to the last track of Mafu’s crossfade, you’ll understand what I mean.

Mafu is an extremely hard worker. He creates his own music, his own instrumentals, mixes his own material, prints out his own cd’s, stays up insane hours to meet deadlines and I just wish there was somehow a way to let him know that we’re here for him whenever he feels that all he does isn’t enough. I’m really glad he has friends like Soraru, Amatsuki, Kashitaro, Kony, and the rest of the gang to cheer him up and to take care of him whenever his health isn’t in good shape.

I just want Mafumafu to be happy. His work inspires me every single day and it hurts me a lot to think that he doesn’t see himself the way I, and many others, do.

I really hope 2015 is an amazing year for Mafu. I hope he is surrounded by people who love him and everywhere he goes is lively and noisy enough to keep the bad thoughts away. I hope he sells a crazy amount of cd’s and merchandise. I hope he finds the courage to do a couple lives and if he doesn’t want to, I hope he continues to upload even more of his amazing covers onto NND. I hope his health improves and his sleeping hours become a little more tolerable because I know he gets vivid nightmares when he’s lacking sleep and a full stomach. I hope his career takes off in many directions and that the outcome for each will lead him to happiness. I hope this year he will learn to love himself and realize that he is a precious angel that has graced this world with his voice and talent and adorable personality and I couldn’t have asked for a better role model than Mafumafu.


there isn’t a single thing in this video that i don’t love tbh


Amatsuki made a cameo in the final episode of the drama he sang the theme song for, “ My Little Lover - Minami Kun No Koibito” !
The clip he was in is in this video, good luck trying to spot him!

Since I’m on a kage/pro & nico nico douga playlist here’s a list of ideas/AUs from songs I might draw in the future:

>Clean Freak (Mogami)
>Ayanos theory of happiness (Reigen & ESP squad)
>Inokori Sensei (Touichirou & Shou)
>Shounen Brave (Reigen)
>Rolling Girl (Mob)
>Yuukei Yesterday (Ritsu & Shou)
>Outer Science (Mogami arc)
>Lost Time Memory (Ritsu)
>Otsukimi Recital (Teru & Ritsu)
>Imagination Forest (Mob)
>Kagerou days (Mob & Teru or Mob & Ritsu) (This one is terrible nevermind)
>A Promise that Doesn’t need words (Ritsu & Shou)
>Hana no Uta (Teru to Mob)

Might add more if I find more///