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i. the ghost song jim morrison/ ii. back to black amy winehouse/ iii. all along the watchtower jimi hendrix/ iv. light my fire the doors/ v. valerie amy winehouse/ vi. let’s get it on marvin gaye/ vii. me and bobby mcgee janis joplin/ viii. stand by me john lennon/ ix. peace frog the doors/ x. space oddity david bowie/ xi. good old-fashioned lover boy queen/ xii. peggy sue buddy holly/ xiii. the ballad of john and yoko the beatles/ xiv. my way frank sinatra/ xv. these days nico/ xvi. say yes elliott smith/ xvii. pink moon nick drake/ xviii. sunday morning the velvet underground/ xix. life on mars? david bowie/ xx. imagine john lennon

I Can't Swwim
I Can't Swwim

This piece is titled, “I Can’t Swwim”

This is a fan song, dedicated to pre-Sgrub Eridan <> Feferi. This was pretty much inspired by this very sad theory I read about Eridan- that he lives on land, above the water, because his gills are malformed and has a difficult time swimming.

The track art was created by the ever so talented Worthi. Thanks, man!

Music © Nicholanton

Track Art © Worthikids

EDIT: Here is the download

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For the cuddling prompt, 14 please ;__;

14. In public

The air is a little warmer in the evenings, now, but it’s still chilly. Nico stares at the flames, deep in thought, and barely even registers the others around him singing and roasting s’mores. He’s gotten better at taking part in camp activities, but it still takes a lot of coaxing from Will (and, when visiting, from Jason and Hazel) to get him to join in camp fire. Usually he comes for a while, sits there and looks at the flames, half-heartedly searching for a flicker of Hestia, and ignores most of the people.

Austin is playing his guitar as the rest of the camp sings along to some obnoxious tune that Nico is sure will get stuck in his head for days. He tries to mute the people around him, disappear in his own little bubble, but it’s hard when you’ve promised to your boyfriend you’d at least try to look like you’re having fun. With a sigh that he tries to cover as a yawn, Nico picks up a pebble and rolls it around in his hands.

“Hey”, he hears Will’s voice from his side, and turns to see him with two s’mores in hand and a blanket tucked under his arm, smiling way too cheerily and happily and beautifully. It’s unfair. “I brought you a s’more.”

Will sits next to Nico and holds out one of the s’mores. Nico takes it and flashes a quick and tiny smile to Will, then takes a bite of the dainty. It melts on his tongue and makes his fingers annoyingly sticky, but he doesn’t say anything about that when he looks over to Will and sees him smirk at him and shove the whole s’more in his mouth.

“Disgusting”, Nico mutters instead and pokes Will between the ribs, causing him to yelp, and Nico laughs a little before eating the rest of his s’more.

The obnoxious song ends, and Austin starts strumming to some country song Nico has heard a thousand times before because Will says it’s his mother’s favorite and plays it all the time. Kayla takes the lead on singing, and Will hums along quietly even if he has a terrible singing voice. 

Nico feels Will drape the blanket on both of their shoulders, hiding them partially from the rest of the world. He feels warmer already, and Will’s arm doesn’t retreat, but instead lower itself on Nico’s waist to subtly pull him closer. They’re thigh to thigh, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, and Nico drops the boring pebble to the ground to carefully thread their fingers together. Will squeezes his hand and presses gently against him.

Nico knows some people are watching. Someone is always watching, usually Cecil and Lou Ellen or maybe the gossip mills from the Aphrodite cabin; watching and smirking and whispering behind their hands, saying they’re cute and relationship goals and a thousand other things Nico wishes he’d never heard but has to deal with anyway. But even if a year ago he might have been downright terrified, he’s learned not to care so much, and instead rests his head on Will’s shoulder and ignores the dreamy sigh behind him.

“Still wishing you were back in your cabin? Alone and cold and miserable?”

Deciding not to mention that the cabin would probably be warmer than night air in late February, Nico just shrugs and closes his eyes for a moment. He knows Will’s words are mostly a joke, but truthfully, in that exact moment, there’s no place he’d rather be than right where he is.

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Nico's music taste

•despite popular belief, Nico doesnt like punk music
•Nico likes jazz
•Nico likes stuff from the 30’s and 40’s
•The Andrew Sisters are his jam
•He can’t stand elevator music
•He occasionally listens to Italian opera
•He and Hazel do old dances sometimes
•he’ll listen to classic show tunes with Will

Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas

It was rather terrifying to be in a new state. Nico had no relatives nearby, no friends. By some wonderful miracle, however, he found out that his father’s old coworker- a man Nico had never met- lived in the city as well. He was younger than his father, but much older than Nico.

The man had recognized Nico because he apparently looked almost identical to his father. Nico simply had a slightly darker tone to his skin. Of course, Nico had asked his father to verify. The last thing he needed was some random man trying to kidnap him.

It was nice to get out of the university. After a week and a couple days of being so far from home, it was nice to get out and see the small city. He had been feeling so stuck and so homesick, he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to survive another week, much less the next few months.

Again though, it was a miracle that Nico had run into this man. He had light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a childish smile. He had a beard which varied between blond and brown hair. “Yeah, it was pretty hard for me when I came down here,” he was telling Nico as they ate breakfast at a diner. Breakfast at a diner. That had to be a paradox if Nico ever heard one.

Nico chided himself for tuning the man, Lester, out. He focused again. “-so lonely. I’d get lost. Thankfully though I’ve been here a handful of years. I know the layout. I can drive you around.”

“Thanks. It means a lot,” Nico answered with a smile.

“Have you made any friends?” Nico looked up from his waffles and arched an eyebrow. “Ah, that was a dumb question.” Nico smiled and rolled his eyes and continued to eat. “You know who you’d really get along with?” he suddenly said excitedly.

“Um… no?” Nico answered, wincing.

“My son! He’s about your age, maybe a year older.” Nico hesitated, unsure of whether he really wanted to bother trying to make friends. He was never really good at it. His dad would tell him it would change when he got to college, that there would be a whole new variety of people, and some of them would be like Nico. So far, though, no such luck.

He chewed carefully, trying to figure out to explain. “I don’t… really get along with people my age.”

Lester was scrolling through his phone. “Trust me, Will gets along with everyone. He’s a good kid. Works hard, smiles a bunch, pretty smart.”

“Are you trying to help me make a friend or get a boyfriend?” Nico joked.

Lester however shrugged. “I mean, if you go that way, that could work too.” Nico started choking on his waffle and Lester glanced at him. “Was that inappropriate?” he questioned as Nico coughed away. Lester pushed his orange juice toward him and Nico drank from it, half choking. “You look red. Did I hit a nerve?”

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There’s a song stuck in Will’s head, and he’s sure he’s never heard it before. The dude’s voice is just the slightest bit raspy, and his range is absolutely phenomenal. The words are about meadows and flowers and being with someone you love, and Will closes his eyes, lowering his camera.

He’s known for a while now that his soulmate is a singer, mostly because he searched the lyrics of one of the songs a while back and nothing came up at all. Either his soulmate was into really hard to find music, or he was a singer who hadn’t debuted. Will liked to think he was a singer.

The song in his mind faded away, and Will opened his eyes once more, lifting his camera once more and snapping a picture of the sunset over the water.


Nico had a song stuck in his head that he was sure he’d heard one too many times. It was the stupid jingle from that one gum commercial. He massaged his temples, muttering curses under his breath. Sure, a soulmate was a soulmate, but that didn’t mean his soulmate didn’t annoy him out of his freaking mind with commercial jingles and overrated pop songs.

He took a deep breath and picked up his guitar again, strumming the opening chords to the song he’d been working on for a while. Instead of singing his song, he just practiced the chords, listening to his soulmate radio switch between commercial jingles and the latest pop song.

Finally, he opened his mouth and sang. “Please stop singing stupid shit,” he sang to the tune of his song, then repeated the line over and over again.


“Please stop singing stupid shit,” sang Will’s soulmate’s voice over and over again to a melody he recognized, and Will almost died laughing.

He got a few strange looks from the people in his photography class, but he waved them off, stifling his laughter behind his hand. He excused himself from class, taking his bag and camera with him.

Of course, now that he knew what his soulmate thought of his idle singing, Will was determined to annoy him further because that’s the type of person he was. He skipped down the hallway, singing a catchy pop tune.


Nico was sure he hated his soulmate.

Even though he had specifically asked his soulmate to stop singing stupid shit, his soulmate had been an asshole and sung stupid shit for hours with little breaks in between. It was quite possibly the worst day of Nico’s life.

In the late hours of the night, after his soulmate had already gone to sleep (or at least stopped singing), Nico lay awake, staring at his ceiling. He knew the possibility of his dream coming true was near impossible, which was why he was still going to school like any other college student and studying to get a psychology degree in the hopes of becoming a counselor as a fall back plan.

But, damn, he wanted to sing so bad.

He lifted his arm and started tracing shapes in the air, like he was pointing out stars on the ceiling. His soulmate radio switched on, and he closed his eyes preparing for the worst.

Instead, he heard his own voice echoed back to him, and he nearly got whiplash from how fast he sat up.

His song. His soulmate was singing his song.

Nico wiped his eyes with his hands, a warm feeling spreading through his body. A smile tugged at his lips, and he laid back down.

He should get some sleep.


Will wandered the streets of New York, camera in hand. He wanted to take some candids for a project, and he couldn’t think of a better place. His soulmate’s original song drifted through the back of his mind.

At the end of the block, there was a guy about his age sitting on the curb, playing a guitar and singing. A guitar case was open beside him, and there was a couple of bills and coins thrown in it.

The perfect shot. Will lifted his camera and zoomed in, unfocusing it just the slightest so that the guy’s features were blurry enough for no recognition. He snapped the picture, then walked closer, figuring he’d ask if he could take a candid closer up and use the picture for his project.

When he was close enough to hear the music, he stopped abruptly, instantly recognizing the slightly raspy and lilting voice, the lyrics of meadows and flowers and being with a person you love.

He walked closer, but he couldn’t feel his feet moving. He felt like he was floating.

His soulmate finished the singing, his fingers still lightly strumming the closing chords. People stopped and praised him, dropping bills and coins into the guitar case. Will stood stock still.

Finally, his soulmate looked up, brushing the jet black hair out of his face and tucking it behind his ear, staring at Will with large brown, almost black, eyes. His thin lips parted. “Can I help you?”


Nico stared at the blonde guy standing in front of him. The guy’s mouth was dropped open, and he was staring at Nico with the bluest eyes Nico had ever seen. His hair was pulled up into a messy bun, and, as he watched, the wind blew golden wisps around the guy’s face. Nico could easily write a song about the boy.

“Um, sir?” Nico asked when the guy still hadn’t answered him.

The guy squatted down in front of Nico, still staring with that open-mouthed expression. “It’s you,” he finally said.

“Excuse me?”

He finally seemed to get himself together. “I’m sorry, my name’s Will,” he said, offering Nico a hand.

Nico was sure the guy was the slightest bit crazy, but he shook his hand anyway. “Nico.”

“Nico,” Will said, rolling the name in his mouth like it was the best candy he’d ever tasted. “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

The last time Nico had checked, he wasn’t famous (yet) and had never heard of this guy before.

“I don’t follow.”

Will bit his lip, seemingly biting back a smile. And then he sang in a slightly off-key voice, to the tune of Nico’s song, “please stop singing stupid shit.” He sang it over and over again, and Nico finally realized why this guy was so happy.

“Holy shit,” Nico breathed, setting his guitar aside. “You’re the one who’s been bothering me with dumb commercial jingles and pop songs.”

“In the flesh,” Will responded. “Hey, soulmate, I love your voice.”

Some Ghosts We Carry Within Us

a solangelo mix

A mix for two boys who carry their ghosts beneath their ribs, and need each other to heal. Because Nico di Angelo is not the only one haunted by his dead, and Will Solace is much more than his light.

1. Nowhere / Bloodlines pt. 1 (Sir Sly) // 2. Dead Hearts (Stars) // 3. Empty Space (The Narrative) // 4. Smother (Daughter) // 5. Collapse (Vancouver Sleep Clinic) // 6. Protection (Future of Forestry) // 7. Kids in the Dark (All Time Low) // 8. Someone Anyone (Anberlin) // 9. Sleeping With Ghosts (Placebo) // 10. Face Up (Lights) // 11. You Are The Moon (The Hush Sound) // 12. You Are Enough (Sleeping At Last)


It Was Always You

This is dedicated to @exaketededly​ as a part of @pjosecretsanta2016

I decided to go with Solangelo fluff because I will never be tired of writing that. I hope you like it and happy holidays!

“And… done!” Will said as he hung the final ornament on the Christmas tree. He took several steps back and admired his handiwork. The tree was wrapped in several strings of blinking Christmas lights and its branches sagged under the weight of the all the ornaments. Several messily wrapped presents surrounded the base, while a star was placed precariously at the top.

“I think it’s perfect,” Nico said, leaning against Will. Nico wasn’t the biggest fan of Christmas, but watching Will’s eyes light up as he covered their apartment with lights and belted the lyrics to “Jingle Bells” while he helped with dinner never ceased to make Nico happy. Will draped his arm across Nico’s shoulders and pulled him closer. Nico buried his face in Will’s side, taking in the aroma of cinnamon and pine needles that permeated his sweater.

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Lost, Found & Gain Something

Solangelo first meeting featuring adorable little Hazel

Also, what are titles?

“Hey, guys I think that kid’s lost” Jake pointed out towards a girl of about seven walking aimlessly with a teddy bear in her hand and fear in her eyes.

“Come on, let’s try and see if we can help” Will lead the rest of their group towards the young girl who by now was frantically trying to look pass the onslaught of people around her.

“Hi there, are you lost?”

The girl, to her credit frowned at them and tried to threaten them with the plush toy she was holding.

“No back off! meanie strangers!”

Will stepped back to make the young girl feel safe and comfortable. The rest following his actions “We’re not the bad guys, okay. I promise you, we just wanted to help”

“Nico says I shouldn’t talk to strangers” The girl frowned at Will before her eyes widened in realization and fear “I talked to a stranger! Oh no! Nico would be sad”

“And he is right, on most circumstances you shouldn’t be talking to strangers but I think your father-’

"Nico is not my father. He’s my older brother and he is the coolest big brother ever, ever!”

Will smiled at that “Okay, big brother, sorry. I think your brother is really worried now and we’re here to help you find him. That good?”

“I don’t know, mister” The girl said still unsure. “I don’t know you”

“Okay, how about I introduce myself?. Hi, I’m Will and these guys are my friends” The rest started introducing themselves one by one.

“My name is Hazel and I’m seven and this is Barry he’s two” The young girl introduced herself and the bear she was holding. The teens said hi to Hazel and waved at the bear “Are you really going to help me find Nico?”

“Yes, we are” Kayla knelt down in front of the young girl “Let’s see, do you perhaps know your big brother’s number?”

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PKaaCTT: Preview

“So…” Jason approached Nico cautiously, “Necromancy…”

“You say that word like it’s a curse, Lord Grace.” Nico didn’t turn to face him, his shoulders tense, hand grasping and letting go of his sword apprehensively. Jason made sure to keep his guard up. 

“Not Lord, not anymore. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend-”
“Because you’re scared?” Nico’s voice was chilly. Jason couldn’t help but flinch.

“Because…I considered you my friend. Why did you lie to me?” Although, Jason was scared of the boy now. Not that he hadn’t been menacing before, with his cold sword and dangerous reputation. Still though, magic…dark magic, no less, was the stuff of Roman nightmares. 

“Why do you think? The Romans paid well, I didn’t want to lose an empire worth of jobs.”
“I wouldn’t have-”
“What?” Nico snapped, finally turning on his heel and jabbing his finger into Jason’s chest. He could feel Jason’s heart rush under his hand, his fear under his tan, calloused skin, “What, Grace? Sold me out? Turned me in? Killed my yourself? Or maybe have me locked away in iron shackles to die in the dark? I can feel your fear, Jason Grace, I have seen your eyes grow anxious at the mention of chaos and magic. I heard your breath stop when Percy mentioned necromancy.”

“But what shall you do with me here, my lord, out in the old waters where there is no Pact of Jupiter? Will you face me? Will you try to repress me, or deny me? Here I stand, son of Rome, I dare you.”